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Understanding Holyland International Church By Apostle Temitope Olowu (General Overseer)

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The name: The name Holyland International Church is inspired of God and has deep spiritual and doctrinal significance. To look at Holyland strictly in the context of prime destination for religious pilgrimages for Christians, Muslims, and Jews is simply erroneous

Holyland has a profound biblical origin and at various times called the Lord’s land (Hosea 9:3), the land (Lev. 26:42), land of Israel (1 Sam 13:19), Matt 2:20), land of Judah, (Isaiah 26:1), land of promise (Heb. 11:9), land of Emmanuel (Isaiah 8:8) pleasant land (Psalm 106:24, Daniel 8:9), good land (Dan. 11:16).

Holyland is extremely fruitful and abounded in minerals, which explains the Grace of prosperity upon this commission (see Exodus 3:8, Num. 13:27, Deut 8:7-9, Deut. 11:12, Deut 33:25).

Holyland stands for purity, sanctification, righteousness, spiritual clearing and passionate abhorrence sin and the like (Exodus 19:6, Leviticus 11:45, Leviticus 19:2, 1 Chronicle 16:29, Luke 1:74, Luke 1:175, 2Co. 7:1, Eph. 4:24, Heb. 12:14, 1 Peter 1:16, 2 Peter 3:11). Our passion for Global reach and fellowship with the body of Christ is reflected in our name.

Our unique identity

Every church has a unique identity which is formed by the interaction of theology, philosophy and practice. It starts with theology from a church understanding of God and His scriptures. This theology affects the philosophy of ministry which each church operates by and within. Finally, this philosophy affects the overall practical outworking of church. We continue to pray and work that our practice aligns with what we believe, preach and stand for.

 Holyland International church is driven by a deep-rooted understanding that the church consists not of a building and not merely of preaching and singing, but in the body of Christ in sharing life together. We continually seek to create a community of believers and true worshippers in which men and women, single and married, young and no so young, gather together to contribute to the advancement of the gospel. Our hope to the create unity in diversity, as people of different backgrounds, orientation and gifting interact with those who are perhaps a little unlike themselves.

Our vision, our mission

Holy Land International church exists to love God and mankind. The mission of the church of Jesus Christ has been the same since her inception. The message is the same, but the methods are contemporary. The call is consistent, but the context is dynamic and ever-changing. Our mission statement secretly describes our heart. We are God-centered, we exist to love God and bring glory to Him. This is the chief aim and purpose of humility and of all creation.

Holyland as a church has always been about transforming the lives of ordinary people by the grace and power of extraordinary God who remains the supreme authority and architect of where we want to be and how to get there.The primary purpose of the church is the same as it was for God’s people from the beginning of time. Jesus clearly summed up all commandments of law and all the preaching of the prophets with a small but powerful word LOVE. This is the message that we preach and the theme repeat itself: Love God. Love people. Love for God will spill over into love for people. If we do not love people, should question our love for God.

With this in mind, our vision to love God and to love mankind and our ageless mission is to raise a community of Christian believers who have greater motivation, greater power and greater confidence to live a life of love. (Deut. 6:5, 10:12,11:1, Joshua 22:5, Ps. 31:37, Matt. 22:37, 2Thes. 3:5, Jude 1:21).

Our History

The foundation for Holy Land International Church was laid by the Holy Spirit and became physically manifest in July 2007 when the earthly foundation was laid at plot 39, Oghere Hammed Street, off Liasu Road (by St Francis Catholic church), Egbe-Idimu, Lagos. The first service at Holy Land international Church was held on the last Sunday in October 2007 and ever since the mighty hand of God has continued in propel the ministry.

Following another outpouring of God’s blessing upon the ministry, the Lord allowed us to acquire the property beside our auditorium at Plot 39, Oghere Hammed Street in June 2010 to accommodate the pastorate quarters and administrative office. This is in fulfillment of God’s divine promise to expand our territory beyond human comprehension.

Holyland is an independent church and completely autonomous. We are not subject to the hierarchical control of any control of any ecclesiastical or denominational body. Holyland International Church is self-governed and determines its own affairs, yet subject in entirely to the instruction of the Holy Spirit who teaches all things.

The pastorate and members of Holy land International Church continue to support the vision of the church as God continues to add chapter after chapter to our continuing history.

Some men and women remain parts of our cherished history and we recognize the contribution of our erstwhile Resident Pastor- Pastor Moses Adetunji Omogbehin and other co-laborers like Pastor Phillip Hilary, Pastor (Mrs.) Yemi Omogbehin, Evangelist Emtayo Adedayo and Sister Bolande Alabi to mention but a few, for their labour of the love and we pray that God will strengthen them as they pursue their earthly purpose and calling.

The leadership teams

Christ is the Head of church and He has graciously allowed Apostle Temitope Olowu to lead other co-labourers to feed, nourish and lead the sheep to be nourished and lead the sheep to be compassionate in love, excellent in service, Holy in living and passionate in worship. The Pastorate is the governing body of Holy land International Church that sets the moral and spiritual direction of the church in accordance with the Holy Scriptures. The pastorate is headed by Apostle Temitope Olowu and consists men and women of God, including Pastor (Mrs.) Rosannah Olowu

It is our desire that God will continue to raise from within our ministry; especially through our intensive discipleship programs, spiritual giant-mans, women, young and old alike such that add great value to the current Pastorate and further equip the body for the challenges of church administration.



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