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Apostle Sediq Moses: Stepping into the shoes of Prophet T.B Joshua

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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The sudden death of Prophet T.B Joshua, the founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, last June 5, 2021, was one death that shocked the whole world because of the esoteric aura that surrounded the man and his ministry.

Several questions were raised by people across the globe on the transition of the man at the Synagogue as the late Prophet T.B Joshua was fondly called. Some of the questions were borne out of inquisitive, and most out of deep curiosity. Among the questions raised by sympathizers on the death of the popular Nigerian preacher is who will step into the big shoes of the late Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua?

Apart from Joshua’s wife and the largely unknown “wise-men” that worked with the late global televangelist at The Synagogue, one name that sprang up in the minds of many people, particularly in Ikotun-Egbe, as one likely prophet that will suitably fit into the shoes of the late Prophet T.B Joshua is Apostle Sediq Moses.

Apostle Sediq X. Moses is the General Overseer of Christ Holy Mountain House of All People also based in the same location with The Synagogue Church of All Nations in Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos. The proximity between the Synagogue Church of All Nations and Christ Holy Mountain House of All People is a stone thrown.

Apostle Sediq is one protégé and avowed disciple of the late Prophet T.B Joshua who patterns his ministry in similitude with the Prophet T.B Joshua’s ministry. The Sokoto state-born Apostle Sediq, as fondly called, passed through the tutelage and mentorship of the late Prophet T.B Joshua in his course of seeking experience and guidance in the healing and deliverance ministry. Although Sediq had a brief training, but with awesome impartation from Prophet Joshua at The Synagogue he is a carbon copy of the late global evangelist both in mannerism and operation.

Just like Prophet T.B Joshua, the deliverance/healing anointing on Apostle Sediq is literally out of this world. A throng of deliverance/healing seekers from all walks of life visit Christ Holy Mountain of All People of Apostle Sediq for their divine deliverance and healing of sickness and diseases from the mild to the terminal. There are regular testimonies of miraculous deliverance and healing at the church.

Even while Joshua was alive a lots of deliverance/healing seekers from different nations who could not access the prophet at The Synagogue, often visited Christ Holy Mountain of All People as alternative to get their deliverance/healing under the anointed ministration of Apostle Sediq in the manner of Prophet T.B Joshua.

So, it is no surprise when Prophet T.B Joshua passed on, a lot of people, especially deliverance/healing seekers turn to Christ Holy Mountain of All People as the new home of divine deliverance/healing in Ikotun-Egbe. Most of them see the amiable Apostle Sediq stepping into the shoes that the late Prophet T.B Joshua left behind. How does Apostle Sediq Moses feel about people seeing him stepping into the late Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua’s large shoes? In an interview with Christian Benefits, Sediq says it is an honour to step into the shoes of Prophet T.B Joshua, but humbly acknowledges that T.B Joshua’s shoes are too big for him to step into now despite that he carries a similar grace and anointing with the late preacher.

“Of course it will be an honor for anyone to step into the shoes of Senior Prophet T.B Joshua. Prophet T.B Joshua’s shoes are too big for me now to wear. I’m still learning and growing in ministry. To the glory of God, I may carry a similar grace and anointing with my father Prophet T.B Joshua, but like our Master Jesus Christ said, my time has not yet come. There are still many fathers ahead of us in the deliverance and healing ministry. So, I will bid my time,” Sediq humbly submitted.

Apostle Sediq Moses also shares with the magazine how his path crossed with the Prophet T.B Joshua and the impartation of the man at the Synagogue upon him. “I knew Prophet T.B Joshua by divine revelation long before I met him physically when I came from Kano to Lagos in my quest for experience and mentorship in the deliverance and healing ministry. By revelation, the Lord told me in 2005 that there was somebody he would like me to meet when the time comes.  And when the time came in 2008, I met Prophet T.B Joshua and some prophets of old in a spiritual encounter on a Prayer Mountain in Kaduna. I had never met him before then.

“In that encounter I asked him who he was. And he said I am Prophet T.B Joshua of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, Lagos. Thereafter, I came to Lagos on July 20, 2008 and joined The Synagogue Church of All Nations. Unfortunately, for weeks it wasn’t easy for me to meet him personally. However, I was opportune to meet his wife, Prophetess Evelyn Joshua three times. I joined the first timer group in the church. There are groups like Abraham, David, Stephen and Andrew among other groups at The Synagogue. After I had my pass of salvation at The Synagogue I noticed that everything about me became unique. Along the line, a man walked up to me and said he had a revelation that the man of God said I should be given an entrance permit to be going to The Synagogue Prayer Mountain at Agodo Egbe, Lagos.

“In one of my visits to that prayer mountain I saw God in a higher dimension and received more revelations from him about Prophet T.B Joshua. Anytime I was on the mountain the man of God would just pass me bye. I would also not talk to him despite my need to meet him personally. On the eleventh months of my going to the prayer mountain, the man of God sent someone to call me. This was a breakthrough for me to finally meet the man of God personally. He took me in his car to the church. When we got to the church he held my hand and took me round the church. He later told me to sit at the church supermarket,” Sediq recalled. The breakthrough opened the flood gate for the young Sediq to submit to Prophet T.B Joshua for mentoring. Before this breakthrough, Sediq had received God’s call into ministry in Kano while growing up in the Christian faith from Islamic background.

Sediq continues, “After a while, the man of God sent someone again to call me. Meanwhile, before we left the mountain for the church he asked me how I came about the glory that is upon me. He said he knew about me before I came to The Synagogue. I told him the Lord directed me to meet him and instructed me not to start ministry until I meet him to put me through. And he said, you need someone to guide you, okay; then come on Tuesday. He then drove to the church with me.” The young Sediq continued worshiping at The Synagogue just as a member though whenever the Lord revealed things to him he shared them with the man of God. And this gave him unfettered access to Prophet T.B Joshua until the Lord told him to start his own ministry, and which he first started as a counseling ministry in 2009, and eventually birthed Christ Holy Mountain of All People in 2012.

Apostle Sediq Moses described the late Prophet T.B Joshua as a great servant of God who had and enjoyed a close relationship with God and humanity, especially the down trodden till be breath his last on June 6, 2021. “Prophet T.B Joshua lived in the pattern of Jesus Christ. Jesus watched the relationship between him and his twelve disciples closely. There was no where he laid hands on them. Impartation is what you receive from God alone. When Prophet Joshua touched me that was all I needed to connect to the Almighty God. Genuine anointing that will make you do like Christ comes directly from God. Imitators of the flesh suffer,” Sediq remarked.

He also pointed that he was never disturbed neither was the late Prophet T.B Joshua when deliverance and healing seekers migrate from The Synagogue to his church to receive their deliverance and healing after futile efforts to see the man at The Synagogue due to the huge crowd from many nations that he attended to daily. “If I am for Christ he wouldn’t be against me because we are one house. If he had stopped people from coming here then we are divided against each other. The other religions exploit the disunity among Christians against the body of Christ. The same grace that flowed in Prophet T.B Joshua is the same grace that flows in me. We shouldn’t have crisis over the movement people from one church to another as long as we are truly one body in Christ irrespective of different doctrines. I feel disappointed when pastors are fighting over members where there are billions of souls still outside that have not known Christ and waiting to be church members.” The humble Apostle of Christ Holy Mountain of All People, Ikotun Egbe, also appeals to fellow servants of God to pray for Nigeria and her leaders instead of raising curses on the leaders. He noted that servants of God are God’s mouthpiece to the nations and the leaders for spiritual counsel, guidance and direction.

“God gave us prophets as his mouthpiece to the nations and the leaders for spiritual counsel, guidance and direction to the nations and the leaders. The world is not in the dark. It is people that are in the dark. People have turned their back on God. One great revelation I got from God is to prepare people for rapture. One thing the church must know and prepare for is the anti-christ. It will begin not too long from now. It will come like a mystery, and people will begin to ask many questions. In fact, it is already here with us across the world. Its first picture is what is called COVID-19. If you don’t have the mark you can’t go to mosque, church or other any place. At this point you should know that rapture is at the door. Whoever takes the mark won’t be a part of the kingdom of Jesus Christ,” the apostle warned.


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