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Iya Osun receives deliverance among other testimonies at the 2024 GOMERM’S Covenant Day

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Dr. James Akanbi has re-emphasized the significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; saying with the two biblical events, Jesus has paid the price to break all forms of evil covenants.

The lovely general overseer of God’s Mercy Revival Ministries (GOMERM) said this at this year’s 2024 Covenant Day of the ministry held at its massive Mercy Campground at Ofada, Ogun state, during the last Easter Sunday.

Dr. Akanbi, during his deliverance ministration at the programme, activated the power in the death and resurrection of Christ to break evil covenants, which saw many participants at the meeting, including an Iya Osun (a marine priestess), received instant deliverance from diverse cases of evil covenants.

The general overseer, while ministering to the thousands of people from all walks of life, spotted among  the congregation a particular marine priestess yoked by evil covenant.

Immediately the middle-age woman fell under the anointing and she was led by some ministers to the altar where Akanbi ministered deliverance to her and she was saved. This awesome testimony opened the floodgate of the breaking of other cases of evil covenants, including those whose rooms of glory had been locked by evil covenants. Those who also experienced divine deliverance from the yoke of evil covenants at the one-day meeting include many who hitherto suffered from fatherhood or motherhood evil covenants.

Dr. Akanbi explains the significance of the GOMERM’S annual Covenant Day on every year Easter Sunday. He disclosed how he cut a covenant with God on January 21, 1999 for the breaking of evil covenants in the lives of people.

“After the cutting of the covenant with God that January 21, 1999, the Lord said to me, ‘warfare, powers and spirits will hear your voice and you will release the people from the yoke of evil covenants.’ Jesus has paid the price to break all evil covenants,” he assures

The cleric further explains; “Today is a day of covenant. It is not a day of regular service. It is a day of the strength of the covenant. It is a day lives and destinies shall hear the word and they shall receive deliverance. I cut the covenant on January 21, 1999 from the covenant of Christ that takes one from one level to another. This is a day the filthy garment will be taken off from many people at this meeting . It is a season of hope for the hopeless. Those who hope against hope solution will show up for them at this  meeting.

“There is a covenant behind the affliction of some people. There is a covenant behind the oppression and sickness of some people. The land was cursed upon some people to live a hopeless life. The ground is shaking for such people. There is covenant that has locked up the rooms of glory of many people.  Some people or power must go for some people to progress in life.

“This ground (Mercy Campground) you are standing is a covenant ground. It came out of a covenant with God. How the ground happened is between God and me. Before it came, I was coming there for seven days to dedicate it,’ he disclosed.

The powerful preacher, thorough-bred evangelist, sound teacher, widely traveled apostle of Jesus Christ and amiable general overseer of about 100 branches of God’s Mercy Revival Ministries globally spoke extensively on the power and significance of covenant.

He says, “Covenant makes us unequal. Covenant is terrible. That is why God warned the children of Israel from making covenant when they get to the Promised Land. God knows that a moment a covenant is cut it is forever. If you are in the wrong side of covenant you can be there for life. Convent can wreck a life.

“Covenant takes you to the same level with God. God cannot walk out on you because he respects the covenant between you and Him. Whatever prayer and fasting cannot do, vow or covenant can do it. You cannot violate covenant and scot-free. Only one encounter is enough for a lifetime. Just one encounter solves many problems. You will get the grace the moment you enter into encounter with God.” Akanbi assures.

An official statement by the church media department reads; “Easter Sunday, March 31st, 2024, will be an unforgettable day for God’s Mercy Revival Ministries (GOMERM) family in general, and one that will always be gloriously remembered by every member of the congregation in particular. It was a day that God of Mercy made a new covenant with His people at the Mercy Campground, located on Km. 4 Papalanto Road, off Sagamu-Ibadan Expressway, Ofada, Ogun state.”The well-attended one-day programme, which attracted thousands of people and brought together members, new comers and invitees from various parts of Lagos, Ogun, Oyo and other states, was themed: “New Garment for New World: Breaking free from stronghold. As early as 7am, people had started arriving at the campground in the BRT and other buses that conveyed them from different towns and cities to the covenant place of the Mercy Campground. It was an opportunity to have a unique spiritual encounter with the covenant power of the Almighty.

Earlier before the ministration at the Covenant Day service by the Apostle and general overseer of the GOMERM Commission, Dr. James Akanbi, the church choir, the Zion Voices, had led the people of God in mighty praise to appreciate God for his mercies and faithfulness after the call to worship and opening prayers.

However, the praise session was taken to a whole higher dimension when a popular gospel singer, Evangelist Bukola Bekes, powerfully ministered in songs to the huge and excited congregation. Both the young and the old, sang to God and even ecstatically danced to the altar joyfully as they offered their bodies, souls and spirits in worshipping God, especially for the redemption of their lives through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ as the entire world celebrated Easter.

Aside power prayer sessions during the service, testimonies of the barren receiving their babies after years of waiting and miscarriages were shared. There were also testimonies of divine favour through international trips and scholarships.
At exactly 12:04pm, when Dr. Akanbi mounted the altar for his ministration, the Holy Spirit was mightily at work to deliver those who were hoping against hope or under one form of bondage or the other. There were diverse deliverances as many people fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and were carried to the altar where they were anointed by the ministry’s senior pastors.

A major highlight of the Covenant Day service was when Dr. Akanbi asked everyone in the service to lie flat before the Lord on the hallowed ground of the camp and make a covenant with God concerning their prayer requests and what they would do for God after He answered their requests. This was after the man of God had given an explosive exposition on how powerful a covenant can be.

The general overseer explains: “Covenant is a ranker. It ranks people. It takes you from one level of life to the other. Covenant makes you a smooth-rider in life. Although redemption is equal to all born-again children of God, covenant is what takes us to different levels in life just like the Bible makes it clear that stars also differ in glory.. Whatever prayer and fasting cannot do, covenant, vows and pledges will do it. When you discover all else has failed, enter into a covenant with God. Even during economic turmoil, covenant carriers will thrive financially,” Dr. Akanbi said.

The powerfully anointed GOMERM apostle of countering the devil’s tactics in this End-time, thereafter poured three bottles of anointing oil before the altar as he released prophetic blessings upon the people from the covenant which God cut with him on January 21st, 1999, and the grace released upon his life when he called into ministry Aside the spiritual impartation at the service, there was also much for God’s people to eat and drink. Even at the special tents provided for children where they were able to follow the service under the protective care of their teachers, the kids were also provided with refreshments to aid their concentration while the powerful and unforgettable service lasted.



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