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My father put his house in order before he passed on- Apostle Taiwo Akinsola  

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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Ace broadcaster of the early morning popular newspapers review programme, Koko Inu Iwe Iroyi on radio, Apostle Taiwo Akinsola has described himself a very lucky person for his seamless appointment as successor of his late father as General Overseer of The Sacred Order of Alpha El Omega Church. He reveals to Christian Benefits how his father appointed him as his successor before he passed on.

Sir, you are a household name. How will you like to be formally introduced?

I am Apostle Taiwo Akinsola Omo Baba Woli ni Ilasamaja. I am the General Overseer of The Sacred Order of Alpha El Omega Aladura church worldwide.

Briefly share with how and when the church was founded 

The church was founded in 1952 by my late father. He was called into Cherubim & Seraphim (C&S) in 1935 and served the C&S for many years until he started his own ministry in 1952 at Gbongan He later came to Lagos and continued preaching from one church to another until he finally established the church assembly here at Ilasamaja, Mushin, Lagos, in 1973 and worked for God till he passed on in 2010.

How would you describe the life & times of the late church founder, your father?

He was a very great man of God. He was an advocate of purity and holiness. He nurtured all of us his children to love and serve God in purity and holiness. He detested and stoutly preached against occult and ritual practices in white garment churches. When he was about to die in 2010 Baba called all of us his children and sternly warned us not to get involved in occult and ritual practices in the church. By the grace of God since he passed on we have never resorted to ritual practices like burning candles and incense, killing rams and other forms of ritual practices in the church. We only use the biblical legacy of water and oil that he bequeathed to us. If you visit Baba just to say hello to him he would sit you down and discuss the scriptures with you; sometimes for as long as three hours and you won’t be bored.

.What is the cardinal belief of The Sacred Order of Alpha El Omega Church?

The cardinal belief of The Sacred Order of Alpha El Omega Church is the word of God and prayers. We use olive oil and water. Both are biblical. The C&S of Baba Akinsola is sound in the word of God. That is what has been keeping us moving.  When he was about to die on July 15, 2010 he warned us not to deviate from the foundation of the word of God. We have been keeping faith to that warning.

Can you recall vividly how Baba passed on that July 15, 2010?

That day he died was Wednesday shortly after the evening service. At that period too we were preparing for our annual anniversary which holds every August. After the evening service Baba called me and said Taiwo I may not attend the coming anniversary. I asked him why? He said he would be preaching away from the church during the anniversary. He then said he wanted to see the anniversary invitation card. At that period Baba had lost his sight due to old age. But amazingly when we gave the card to him Baba remarked about his picture on the card. We wondered how he saw his picture but not knowing he was going to die that day. All his children were around him that day he passed on.  Before he passed on he asked my sister to read Psalms 121. While my sister was reading that Psalm we noticed he was not responding. My sister shouted baba, baba, but low and behold Baba had passed on. He was not sick. Baba passed on at a very old age of 110 years.

How did the church arrive at your selection as his successor after he died?

I will consider myself very lucky for my selection as his successor. Long before he died Baba had prepared me as his successor. He had given my siblings and me a very strong foundation such that any of us could have successfully succeeded him. He had practically put us in charge of the church administration since 2000 and was just guiding us till he died in 2010. Baba had successfully put his house in order 10 years before he passed away. So, we experienced no opposition or leadership succession crisis in the church after he passed away. Beside me other of my siblings are also in charge of various arms of the church.  For instance, one of my younger brothers is in charge of the church Ori Oke (Prayer Mountain). Another person is in charge of the church instruments and all that. In addition some key members of the church are also in the council of the church administration. So, by the grace of God there was no leadership tussle in the church after Baba died. Daddy taught us and gave us the guidelines on how to run the church. He bonded together as one. That is why people can see the rapid growth and development of the church long after the demise of daddy. I thank for God for my siblings. I’m the third child of Baba. I have two seniors before me in the family of seven children.

It’s been 10 years since you took over the mantle leaders of the church. How will you describe your experiences as the church leaders this past 10 years?

God has been very faithful. We have increased spiritually and numerically.







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