Home Issue There’s no crisis in Lagos PFN; Toyin Kehinde will re-emerge state chairman – Apostle Dave Odi

There’s no crisis in Lagos PFN; Toyin Kehinde will re-emerge state chairman – Apostle Dave Odi

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Apostle Dr. David Odi, Senior Pastor, Agape Worship Centre, Ojodu, Lagos, has expressed the support of most Pentecostal pastors in Lagos state for Rev. Toyin Kehinde becoming the next chairman of the state Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) despite the controversy over his annulled election as Lagos PFN new chairman.

According to media reports, Rev. Toyin Kehinde, Senior Pastor, Agape Christian International Church, Maryland, Lagos, was recently elected the next chairman of Lagos PFN by the members. However, some stakeholders in the PFN were said to have disagreed with Kehinde’s election as Lagos PFN new leader, querying the electoral process  by which the former Lagos PFN secretary emerged the state chairman.

Due to the disagreement over Toyin Kehinde’s emergence as Lagos PFN leader, the PFN national president, Bishop Francis Wale Oke, was said to have annulled the election, and that annulment to some observers, is currently brewing a potential crisis in Lagos PFN, especially with the alleged involvement of the Lagos state chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Bishop Stephen Adegbite, in the annulment.

Bishop Dr. P.J Edoro Ighalo, Convener, All Pentecostal Stakeholders, speaking at the press conference

At a press conference held recently in Lagos by All Pentecostal Stakeholders on the annulment of the election by the PFN national president, Bishop Francis Wale Oke, the leader of the group, Bishop Dr. P.J Edoro Ighalo, described the controversial annulment as the hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob and advised the Lagos state CAN chairman, Bishop Stephen Adegbite, to stay clear of the PFN leadership affairs.

“We see the kite being flown by some elements in the annulment of the Lagos PFN election. We see the hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob. We see elements that seem to want to fracture, dismember or disorganize the sanctity of the administration of the PFN in Lagos state. The cause of the matters is politics. The CAN and the PFN have been infiltrated by the Nigerian factor and Nigerian politics.

He continues: The CAN have no rights over the PFN leadership affairs. Bishop Adegbite is an interloper in the PFN leadership affairs, and this is unacceptable to us. All the people and their sponsors trying to destabilize the PFN should stop it. We know how to handle our leaders if they go wrong. So, Adegbite should leave PFN alone to handle her problems. Annulment is solely rested and vested in the PFN president. It is out of place to bring the world politics into church politics.”

“My advice to Bishop Adegbite is he should stay on his own side of the line. We cannot allow destabilization to be the order in the kingdom business. We also cannot bring ethnicity to play in it. We cannot use the word ‘Lagos is for us.’ The kingdom is for us all. Inciting statements are not acceptable to the body of Christ. If CAN is an overriding body he shouldn’t do that on the pages of newspapers.

“I advise him not to condescend so low in attending to issues. He should be able to consult and discuss with other people. It is out of place for him to begin to create problem or crisis in Lagos PFN,” Ighalo warned the Lagos state CAN chairman.

But for Apostle Dave Odi there was no crisis in Lagos PFN over the controversial Lagos PFN election and the annulment of the election by the PFN national leadership. However, the apostle said there are some individuals who, according to him, are deliberately fomenting trouble in Lagos PFN for pecuniary interests.

In his comment at the press conference, Apostle Dave Odi posits: “Lagos state is one of the most organized states in Nigeria in terms of economy and leadership. Those behind the perceived storm or crisis that doesn’t exist are doing so for the purpose of making Rev. Toyin Kehinde feel they helped him elected the next Lagos PFN chairman. There is no fight; no battle in Lagos PFN. I don’t know other interested candidates for that position. The sitting Lagos PFN chairman before the annulled election is on his way out. He is not attempting to drag the position with anyone,”  Odi pointed

Despite the annulment of Rev. Kehinde’s election as Lagos PFN leader, Apostle Odi expressed confidence that the erstwhile Lagos PFN secretary, Kehinde, would still emerge the winner if the election is rescheduled. He said most Pentecostal pastors in Lagos state are in full support of Rev. Kehinde becoming the next Lagos PFN chairman because of his humility and excellent performance when he served as the state secretary.

“If another election is conducted, Rev. Toyin Kehinde will still emerge the winner. Those who have finished their terms are on the way out. The people fomenting the trouble have pecuniary interests. They are being driven by hunger for money and political recognition. They want to manipulate Rev. Kehinde to believe they fought to bring him in as the state chairman. I attended meetings where he (Kehinde) was to be announced as our new leader even without election. Those behind the trouble also want to give Lagos indigenes the impression that they fought for their own to become the next Lagos state PFN chairman,” Odi disclosed.

The apostle acknowledged the PFN national president, Bishop Francis Wale Oke, as the stabilizing factor. “The PFN national president, Bishop Francis Wale Oke  is the stabilizing factor. He is using his wisdom and connections to ensure nothing goes wrong. Those issuing press statements are trying to divide the body of Christ which is bigger than their schism. The Bible is against divisions in the body of Christ. Nobody can shake Christianity in Lagos state. There is no crisis in Lagos PFN. Bishop Francis Wale Oke is a man of integrity. He cannot sit and watch anyone creating a crisis where it doesn’t exist. Lagos PFN is one. People will always try to use religious and tribal sentiments to divide us. God trusts us to raise a generation of leaders that will help stir up the people towards unity and oneness and to help de-tribalize Nigerians,” Apostle Odi finally submitted.









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