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All prophets whether of the Old or New Testaments are “defenders of the people”. When Ahab killed Naboth and took possession of his vineyard, Elijah the prophet showed up. The prophet who never prophesied against Ahab is not a prophet of God. Ahab attested: Micaiah never prophesied good concerning me (1Kings 22:8)

When David killed Uriah the Hittite, Nathan the prophet showed up. A prophet is called a defender of the people, a defender of the weak and the powerless. Whenever you see someone who is bitter against injustices meted on the people as a bear robbed of her whelps, and then you have seen a major prophet.

There are major and there are minor prophets. All major prophets carry a “sorrowful spirit” when the people are oppressed. Any government whose policies are repressive can never be a friend of a true prophet. To “mourn” is cardinal to a prophets ministry and whenever you see a man given to wild parties and who is not bothered at the plight of the common man, he is not a prophet of God.

The last eight years of the Buharis administration is the most oppressive government in the history of Nigeria and where were the prophets? The prophet who never saw anything wrong with obnoxious decrees and practices of the ruling government can never be a spokesperson for the people. The word prophet is translated navi, a spokesperson and so how will a man who was mute when the people wails rise up to speak for them during election? Many of the prophecies you hear from emergency prophets of election time are sensual, permutations and figments of their imagination. The quest for popularity and fame is driving many people crazy.

Prophets never play to the gallery. The word “certain” was used for prophets in the New Testament. They enjoyed hiding more than the open. Many may call them sadists; recluse, legalists but the people know who a prophet is. You cannot easily burst into them because they will not allow you to do so. The rulers rarely identify with a prophet in the open but go to them in the night. Their “Facebook” is empty but their “Messenger” is full. There are fewer prophets than there are teachers, there are fewer prophets than there are pastors, there are fewer prophets than there are evangelists.

John the Beloved is the most visible prophet of the New Testament and the book of revelation the only book of the prophet in the New Testament. His prophecies of the nations and kingdoms are worth studying.

You never spoke against the evil practices of the ruling government and you are prophesying election results, you are not serious. Forth- telling comes before fore-telling in the school of the prophets. It is as you forth tell that the grace to foretell is maximized.

Why are Pentecostal pastors in Nigeria never learn from US election predictions? Emergency prophets trooped out during the US elections, exhibiting their foolishness and they failed woefully and brought untold shame to the name of the Lord. Popular preachers assume the role of prophets, as spokesmen for the church in the US elections, the same now in Nigeria. You are not a prophet because you own a jet, not because you own a glass church, you are one because you are called so by Christ.

Let your large auditorium suffice you, maintain your lane and stop jumping the queue. You can’t be here and there. The people who criticized the prophetic ministry severely are the ones who came out to prophesy. They wore their tennis and show their body build as a show of shame, while the true prophets left the stage for them to stumble and to falter.

Paul wished all believers to prophesy, not all believers a prophet. Now, your Presidents name is in the Bible? Continue. Now that Saul has come, let’s wait for David to come.

[And Micaiah said, behold thou shall see in that day when thou shall go into an inner chamber to hide thyself (kings 22:25)

# Pastor Demola Fajimi is the set-man of Royal Bible Church, Ajah, Lagos

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