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Churches have destroyed Christian student groups in varsities – Majasan

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Apostle David Majasan is a servant of Jesus Christ known for addressing on social media controversial issues and developments in Nigerian churches. Called by God since 1984 to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God with love, power and sound mind, the Ondo state-born pastor of Immortal Life Apostolic Centre, Lagos, shares his reservations about some Nigeria’s popular churches and their leaders whom he alleged of deceptions, hypocrisy and compromise of the faith and the gospel of the kingdom of God in this no hold-barred interview with Christian Benefits. Excerpts.

Please, who is Apostle David Majasan?

I’m simply a servant of Jesus Christ called to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God, which I feel is nowhere now. The problem is most people don’t understand the gospel. Most preachers don’t know what they are preaching. They don’t know the principles. By the grace of God, next year I will be forty years in the ministry.

Can we have a look at your upbringing and background before the ministry?

I’m from the educated Majasan family of Ondo state. I have Anglican background. I’m the first in the family to be saved. Pains and troubles led me to Christ. Nobody preached Christ to me. I grew up a very naughty boy living with my grandma and was exposed to the streets early in life. The present the Olowo of Owo Kingdom is my contemporary. We started primary school together in 1972 in Owo, Ondo state. But I completed my primary school at Methodist Primary School, Oshodi, Lagos.

Coming from Anglican background, how did you receive the call to ministry?

I received the call to ministry in 1984; barely a year after I got saved in 1983 after my secondary school. My call to ministry was dramatic. Back then, as a new convert you needed someone or a group to disciple you in the Christian faith. So, I was disciple by the Student Christian Mission (SCM). Today, many vibrant Christian student groups in higher institutions back then have been destroyed.

How has Christian student groups in the higher institutions been destroyed?

The influx of different churches into higher institutions, setting up the student fellowships of their own church members has polarized and divided the Church. Every church today wants to have their church’s student fellowship in universities, and this has not augured well for the unity of the body. Back then there was mainly the Scripture Union (S.U) in almost all Nigeria’s higher institutions of learning.

Tell us about the mandate of your call to ministry

My call to ministry is progressive just as how God led the Israel from one level to another until they settled down in the Promised Land. So, my life is a movement with God from level to level. My first mandate from God was to go and preach. He said to me, I have anointed you to go preach the gospel with love, power and sound mind. My first assignment at the SCM was to a “dead” school in Port Harcourt, Rivers state. In less than three months of my service in that school, it came alive functioning. In the course of my service I gained admission into the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University, O.A.U) to study computer engineering.

Probably, you knew Rev. Tony Akinyemi as a fellow computer engineering undergraduate of the then University of Ife (UNIFE)

Of course, I knew Bro. Tony very well at UNIFE. He was three years my senior at UNIFE. He was UIJCM chairman at UNIFE.  UIJCM is University of Ife Joint Christian Mission; an equivalent of Ibadan Varsity Christian Union (IVCU) of University of Ibadan (U.I).

You often address on Facebook controversial issues and developments in Nigerian churches. What is your view about the state of the Nigerian churches today?If I tell us that we don’t have Church in Nigeria, it will be like he has started again. We just have ministries of individuals. We have made ministries bigger than the Church. The Church is supposed to house ministries. Unfortunately, we have made ministries housing the Church. That is an anathema. It is not supposed to be. The problem is that most Nigerian church leaders don’t follow the order and structure of God. The fact that two or three Christians gather and clapping does not make that church. The religious people will call that  church but it is not. What the religious people call church are halls or fellowship centres where people gather. Church is the people. I started from religious angle but God raised me never to be religious. We don’t have Church yet and that is the reason we are not making impact. What we have all over are lively stones that we are structuring into habitations of God

What then exactly is Church?

Church is habitation of God, and it has to be according to the blueprint of God. Architectural design does not make church. Every church has what is called the angel of the church. The angel has the blueprint of the church. About the churches in Revelation 2:1-29, the blueprint of the church in Ephesus is different from the blueprint of the church in Smyrna and other churches in that Book of Revelation. The Christianity in Lagos is different from the Christianity in Kaduna. You can’t shape them in the same way. In every region there is what is called the principality of that region. The principality is the chief demon who architecturally designed the region. A principality is an architect who architecturally designs the people, their culture, their life, the way they live, the way they think among other characteristics.

Again, what then is the purpose of the Church on earth, amid the influence and control of these regional principalities you talked about?

The purpose of the Church on earth is to govern. The Church was born to govern the earth. The Church was born for politics. I always feel for Christ’s sake how I wish the bishop in Ota with so much money, massive wealth and resources at his disposal can fulfill the purpose of the Church on earth with his massive resources, if he understands the purpose of the Church. Church is about raising leaders. The Church exists to raise leaders. That is why the scripture says we are the light of the world; the government shall be upon his shoulders. We are called to be kings and priests. We shall reign on the earth. I wish our leaders understand what the Church is for. The Church is to equip sinners to become light structured in the template of the kingdom and potentially raised to rule the nations. Most children of God have no ideas that they are also called. They usually think that it is only the big named ministers like Bishop David Oyedepo, Bishop Wale Oke, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Kumuyin and Pastor Adefarasin among other top rated Nigerian preachers that are called. But that is untrue! The word Ecclesial means the called out ones. That is the meaning of Church. The Church means the called out ones.

What will you say is the major problem of the Church in Nigeria today?

The problem of the Church in Nigeria today is basically worldliness. And this is because we do not seek the gospel of the kingdom. When God calls a man, the template the man must work on is the kingdom. There are two types of templates; the kingdom and the world. Unfortunately, most of our fathers in the Lord do not seek the kingdom. They don’t even know the meaning of the kingdom. (Interview concluded next edition).



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