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Many area boys, drugs addicts out there are God’s prophets – Mosaku

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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Kolawole Mosaku was bedridden for a year with pores oozing profusely from his fractured leg which ended his ambition of becoming a professional footballer.

Born into a Christian home where his father was a popular printer and an elder in Christ Apostolic Church (C.A.C), Mosaku shares with Christian Benefits how he suffered affliction of disobedience to God’s calling, his eventual acceptance of the calling as President of The Zionic Seal Ministries and why he does not run a church despite the throng of people to his Altar mercy camp in Ogun state and prayer office in Lagos for prayer and counseling session.

The prophet also laments the plight of lots of area boys and drug addicts on the streets, whom he says have God’s callings upon their lives awaiting discovery.  Excerpts.

Please, can we meet you sir?

My name is Prophet Dr. Kolawole Mosaku, President, The Zionic Seal Ministries (Prophetic Chamber), Ogun state. God called me to restore families. Before the call I had health issues and fought the battles of life. Whoever is destined for glory in life will fight battles. Glory and battles go together. If you want to be king in life you will fight battles before you can be enthroned. In my case, I fought a battle of a horrible bone fracture on my right leg that resulted in operation. I was raised in a Christian home. My father was an elder in Christ Apostolic Church (CAC). Many people often told him “your son is a prophet,’ referring to me. But I never wanted to serve God, not to talk of being a prophet. I was a very good footballer. My ambition was to be a professional footballer, which I pursued until I suffered a terrible bone fracture on my right leg that ended my ambition. I worked briefly with Nigeria Telecommunication (NITEL) before I came into ministry.

Please, tell us more about your growing up before your call to ministry

My father was a successful and popular printer at Ebute Metta, Lagos. He printed for churches, particularly C.A.C assemblies, for their crusades. While growing up with my siblings my father often invited men of God to our house to pray for him. Also, on every January 1, he would invite men of God to our house for prayers and host lots of people, including family members from our village to a New Year feast in our house. My father served the Lord under the now late Apostle T.O. Obadare. He was a blessing to the renowned prophet who often prophesied he would rise in his family and in the ministry. So, I grew up in this Christian family environment where we were acquainted with many senior pastors in C.A.C. I grew up seeing visions from childhood but I didn’t  understand them until it was revealed that I’m a prophet. It took awhile before I started hearing (the voice) from God. When I started hearing from God I thought I had been initiated into a cult because it was strange to me. When I’m sleeping, I will hear the voice. When I’m bathing, I will hear the voice. I shared this experience with my pastor, and he said, omo elder you have started walking with some people. From here I started getting closer to God; attending crusade and revival programmes until I eventually surrendered my life to Christ at a crusade organized by Baba Obadare at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos.

How will you describe your lifestyle before you received Christ?

Of course, as a child of an elder in C.A.C I attended church but was not a Christian (born again). I played drums in the church but my lifestyle didn’t align with the gospel because I smoke and drink alcohol to be active as a footballer. I drank gin to fight cold and to enhance my performance as a footballer. In the course of this lifestyle I became sick from a fractured leg. This ended my aim to be a professional footballer. I was so terribly sick that I couldn’t go out for a year. I was treated at Motolani Medical Centre. The sickness was so bad that I couldn’t talk through out. Pores oozed profusely from my fractured leg from the first operation conducted on me. Despite all the special medical attention given to me, I had no relief until it was revealed that my disobedience to God’s calling was the cause of the sickness. Unfortunately, I didn’t know of any calling upon my life. A lot of young areas boys and girls out there smoking Indian hemp and other hard drugs have God’s callings upon their lives awaiting who will discover their callings for them. I commend Pastor Tony Rapu for helping areas boys and girls to discover their callings. Most afflictions are not from enemies. Many are caused by disobedience to God’s callings. It was my elder brother who worships at the Latter Rain Assembly that first traced the cause of my sickness to God’s calling. He said to me, “Kola, you have a calling. This is not the hand of enemy. It is God’s calling upon your life to serve Him. Aside him, I thank God for my spiritual father, now late, who discovered and trained me in the area of my calling as a prophet. I don’t run a church. I’m a prophet. Prophet running churches are sheep stealers. Prophets are not pastors who are the ones God called to feed the sheep. The lady I was dating had deserted me because of the pores from my leg. I emaciated to bones and laid in bed in a room where the youth group, the women group and other groups in the church visited and prayed for me yet no relief.  At a point my mother asked me to confess if I had joined a cult or did ritual for money or fame.The pain was so much that some people said I had overstepped boundaries. In 2009, I had a relief but still didn’t have the strength to go out. I was weak and pale living on medication but always listening to Baba Obadare’s messages.

How did you eventually accept the call?

I responded to the call in 1998. I needed spiritual guidance but nobody picked me up until I had a contact with one blind prophet in a church at Dopemu where my mother worshiped then while I worshiped in the Redeemed. The prophet told me I’m a prophet but I’m disobeying God. It was here God finally arrested me. My mother, the late Elder Florence Adunola Mosaku, joined and served as an elder in the Redeemed Christian Church God (RCCG Lagos Province 10), Agege, Lagos. She was buried by the RCCG when she died. My father, Elder Jacob Olalekan Mosaku also joined the RCCG and served as an elder in the church. He attended the RCCG Deliverance School. He was also buried by the RCCG when he died over 20 years ago. I served briefly as prayer coordinator in the ministry of my elder brother, who first revealed the call of God upon my life, Rev. Olanrewaju Abiodun Mosaku, at The New Fountain of the Word Ministry, Alimosho, Lagos. He hosts a programme for ministers. I served in his ministry for a while before the prophet on the mountain, Prophet Dr. Samuel Adeniyi Adebayo (Woli Apata), discovered me and I proceeded to his mountain for tutelage, training and mentorship under him for 10 years before he released me for the ministry in 2012. I served as head of prayer coordinators of my brother’s ministers’ network, The Elisha in the Ministry, where I related closely with Rev. Kayode Akinde in the prophetic in the early 2000. My brother is the visioneer/coordinator of The Elisha in the Ministry; a network of ministers praying and interceding for fellow ministers and churches. Rev. Akinde was the deputy coordinator. I was the prophet and head of prayer coordinators before Rev. Dr. Samuel Adeniyi Adebayo discovered me and I proceeded to his mountain for my ministerial training as a prophet for 10 years.Late Rev. Dr. Samuel Adeniyi Adebayo (Woli Apata )Founder, C.AC Ori Oke Agbara Jesu wasibe, IbadanWhat is the exact mandate of your calling?

The mandate is to restore families. I accepted and started the call as an outreach in 2000;  reaching out to people and holding programmes for families before I went for 10 years training and mentorship under my now late spiritual father in Ibadan, Prophet Dr. Samuel Adeniyi Adebayo (Woli Apata) of C.A.C Ori Oke Agbara Jesu wasibe.

What are the gifts God endowed for the ministry?

I have the gift of hearing and seeing very well. I was discovered and mentored by Prophet Dr. Samuel Adebayo. He commissioned and released me as a prophet to families. He had picked me out in a congregation and told me you are a prophet of God. You needed to be trained. I submitted myself for training and mentorship under him for 10 years till he officially commissioned and released me in 2012 as a prophet to families.

What are the major family issues you have been handling in the ministry over the years?

The major issues I have been handling are marital issues. I attend to marital issues every Tuesday 1pm-5pm at our Lagos prayer office,  Ipaja, Lagos. Here I pray for people with marital issues and counsel them. I write their issues in notebooks, take them to our Mercy Altar in Ogun state for intercessory prayers and return with good results and testimonies for them. I have been holding this Tuesday prayer/counseling session for people who have marital issues seven years now. We also hold a special programme, The Hand of God on Families every third Saturday at our Lagos prayer office, Essence Academy Hall, No. I. Owoyele street, Majiyagbe, Layout, Church bus stop, Ipaja, Lagos. These two programmes in Lagos are moments of mercy for all families.

Please share with us some testimonies from these two programmes

We have testimonies of restoration of families and homes. We have testimonies of reconciliation of estranged couples, including some cases outside the country. For instance, I have a spiritual daughter whose husband had left for many years. We interceded in prayer for her and God intervened. She has recently traveled outside the country with her husband. We have testimonies of restored peace in families.  We have restored several broken marriages. We pray for those who  are going into business and they prosper in their businesses. We pray for those who are laying the foundation for their houses and they successfully complete their buildings.The Zionic Seal Ministries is located at Essence Academy Hall, No. 1, Owoyele Street. Majiyagbe Layout, Church Bus stop, Ipaja, Lagos. Mercy Altar: Ayepe Akirikan, Gudugba Bus stop, Ewekoro Local Government, Ogun State: Telephone: 08034275827

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