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How God raised Anointed University from one room to ten nations – Prof. Kate Aladeoba

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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South Africa-based Nigerian scholars and founders of Anointed University Worldwide, Prof. George and Prof. Kate Aladeoba recently celebrated the 25th anniversary/convocation ceremonies of the global institution at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka, Lagos.

Prof. Kate Aladeoba, the deputy president of the university, shares with Christian Benefits, how the battles of life pursued her and her husband out of Lagos to start a new life in Akure; both in Nigeria, leading them to establishing the university from a humble beginning of one room apartment, but now with massive structures in South Africa and vibrant campuses in ten nations. Excerpts.

 Please, can we meet you?

My names are Professor Kate Oluremi Aladeoba, the deputy president of Anointed University (ANUCITY) Worldwide with headquarters and main campus in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Briefly, share with us about your upbringing and background

I came from a very strict and practically hopeless background. I never knew my father because he had died before I was born. My mother got married to another man who became my stepfather. My mother came from an average wealthy family that saw me as a child that was not supposed to have been born at all. But, today I thank God for proving Himself in my life. Those who never believed I could be somebody in life are amazed seeing me happy with God’s goodness in my life. I give God all the glory.

How does it feel seeing Anointed University Worldwide clocked 25 this year 2023?

The vision of Anointed University is a mystery nobody can decode, including us the vision bearers. Anointed University exists here on earth but its foundation is God’s kingdom. That is why it cannot be uprooted. The more people try to pull the university down the more it spreads across the world. From the onset, I believe what God said about Anointed University when He gave its vision to my husband on October 5, 1997 that it would be planted in 28 nations. The university is presently in ten nations including South Africa, Brazil, U.K, U.S, Egypt, Australia and Nigeria.

Can you recall how your husband received the vision of the university 25 years ago?

My husband, Prof. George Kunle Aladeoba, received the vision of the university from God on his birthday, October 5, 1997. On this particular day we had nothing to eat to celebrate his birthday. He just woke up in the morning of that day, and said to me, honey, I had a vision today. God gave me a revelation of a university, and said it would be planted in 28 nations. I was excited and believed the vision despite that we had no mattress then to sleep on. In fact at that period we were facing severe battles of life in ministry, which pursued us out of Lagos to Akure, Ondo state. We abandoned and dashed out all our belongings in Lagos to start a new life in Akure and served under another ministry headed by a particular woman of God. The situation was so bad that it was that woman of God that gave us mattress to sleep on. Nevertheless, we were happy in that horrible condition we had found ourselves back then because we know we have a great future.Prof. George & Prof. Kate Aladeoba, founders, Anointed University (ANUCITY) Worldwide

In that horrible condition how were you able to raise the funds to start the university?

This was one challenge that we faced and God worked it out. After the Lord gave the vision the next was how to start it. My husband said we should first search for a building to start the university tuition-free, according to God’s instruction. When we got a room in one building, its owner asked us to pay N20,000. At that period too, we were waiting for the fruit of the womb. So, I went to my mum, told her I was pregnant and need N20,000 for hospital charges. She was excited but could only afford N8,000. I went to my brother now of blessed memory and told him God has done what we were looking for. I’m pregnant and need N20,000. Maami had given me N8,000. He was was happy too but could only afford N10,000. I returned to maami, told her my brother had supported me with N10,000 and she added N5,000. That was how we raised that N20,000 to rent a room in the building  to start the university in 1997. After three months my mother visited to see how I was faring.  When she asked me about the pregnancy I told her the pregnancy was actually a vision God gave to my husband and which we needed N20,000 to birth. Instantly, she was so furious that she raised her voice and said all sorts of things to me. I begged her to calm down assuring her that the baby would come in no distant time. And true to my confession, not to long after we started the university, I got pregnant and God blessed us with our first fruit of the womb. Anointed University is a mystery beyond human understanding. So, I’m not surprised at what is happening to us and the university today because of the way the Lord revealed its vision to my husband 25 years ago. He said in that vision he saw very clearly the flag of the university in 28 nations and I believed him.

Share with us how your paths crossed with your husband

I met my husband as a young shepherd and crowd puller in one assembly of Christ Apostolic Church (C.A.C) at Ilasamaja, Mushin before he later joined Mama Bishop Margret Bola Odeleke’s Power Pentecostal Mission (Kiibati) Okota, Lagos, where I was a member. He was a raw prophet and preacher with no simulations. A lot of people passionately love him and his powerful ministrations that often attracted lots of unbelievers, including Alhajas. When we were newly married, one day he returned home from an outing, and I asked him if he saw everything I did at home while he was away. Then I thought men of God see everything people do in their absence. He said no, I am a human being like you. From that point I believe whatever he says or sees. So, when he told me he saw a vision of the university in 28 nations; I had no reasons to doubt him because I always believe whatever he says or sees.

How will you describe the impact of the university these past 25 years?

Anointed University has made great impacts in the lives of thousands of people across nations. Personally, the university has made an indelible impact in my life making me to understand that with God nothing is impossible and His words are real. Anyone who steps his/her feet into Anointed University, and is truly committed will experience positive changes in his/her life. A lot of people, including many ministers of God, despised us when we started the university. They queried us and the vision. The mocked us; saying George Aladeoba starting a university? But they all missed it. But those who embraced the vision with us and saw it as God’s vision their lives are full of awesome testimonies. The university has raised thousands of highly skilled and successful manpower working in various top corporate organizations and government offices and parastatals all over the world. We were nobody God has raised to become somebody impacting lives with skills and knowledge across the globe. Back then as Jesus Christ University in 2001 a particular man who didn’t know how to read, write, or speak English registered as a student in our university. I was like how are we going to handle this; with me that my Yoruba is not even sound, lecturing this man. Nevertheless, we started teaching him English from A for Apple! B for Ball! C for cat! Along the line that man started speaking English to our amazement. My husband asked him how he came about speaking English. He narrated how while he was asleep, an angel visited him and coached him how to speak English. He said the angel opened his brain and planted English Bible there. When he woke up he picked an English Bible and started reading it. In my prayers God told me Anointed University is an Ark of the End-time that anyone that runs into it must make heaven. The university has brought so many peoples’ lives to reality.  Anointed University has been a blessing to many people and will continue till Jesus comes.  We don’t discriminate here. In fact, the chairman of the governing council of Anointed University is a Muslim. There are lots of Muslims that really believe in Christ. Anointed University makes people to know who Christ is, and believes in Him. Anointed University is open to the black, the white and the grey. For more enqury on Anointed University Worldwide, please visit our website: www.anointeduniversityedu.com. We are presently in South Africa, U.K,  U.S. Egypt, Australia and  Nigeria etc. Our students can study any course of their choice online from any part of the world. We have sound online lecturers for all our online courses. Many of our students from different parts of the world study and complete their courses online. They write their examinations online.SOME PICTURES OF ANOINTED UNIVERSITY 25TH ANNIVERSARY/CONVOCATION CEREMONIES ON NOVEMBER 9, 2023 AT THE UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS (UNILAG), AKOKA, LAGOS, NIGERIA.








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