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Nigerian scholars’ Anointed University Worldwide in nine nations

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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The South Africa-based Nigerians-owned Anointed University Worldwide is presently in nine nations of the 29 nations target that the Lord commissioned its President, Prof. Kunle George Aladeoba, to establish 25 years ago. The nine nations where the multi-racial and cross cultural Anointed University worldwide has its chapters include: South Africa, Brazil, UK, USA, Egypt, Australia and Nigeria. Prof. George & Prof. Kate Aladeoba, President & Deputy President, Anointed University Worldwide

Prof. George Aladeoba, the president of the university and his beautiful wife, Prof. Kate Aladeoba, the deputy president, presently in Nigeria, will welcome guests from all walks of life this weekend Saturday November 4, 2023 to the University of Lagos for the 25th year founder’s convocation ceremony of the global university.

The event will also feature a special conferment on the scholarly couple, Prof. George Aladeoba and Prof. Kate Aladeoba, the prestigious 2023 Benefits Awards for Missionary Excellence (BAME Awards) for (Excellent Christian Service) in recognition of their outstanding contributions to theological education worldwide as president and deputy president of Anointed University Worldwide respectively.

These eminent Nigerian theologians relocated from Nigeria to South Africa in 2007, back then as the Proprietor/Proprietress of Jesus University before the seminary metamorphosed to Anointed University Worldwide in South Africa.

Christian Benefits magazine conducted a thorough research and findings about these two respected Nigerian international theologians and their Anointed University Worldwide.

The magazine also interviewed the lovely couple before their nominations for the 2023 Benefits Awards for Missionary Excellence (BAME Awards). Below are the magazine’s findings about the couple and their Anointed University worldwideABOUT ANOINTED UNIVERSITY WORLDWIDE

Anointed University worldwide is a centre of excellence for the production of graduates who are worthy in learning and character as well as sound in mind, body and spirit for outstanding leadership for global impact.

The university offers








The vision of Anointed University Worldwide is to be a center of excellence for the production of graduates who are worthy in learning and character as well as sound in mind, body and spirit for outstanding leadership and global impact


Empower generational leaders for global impact

Promote and enhance the talents and skills of the people in selected fields of human endeavor. This is achieved

Equip our students with the knowledge of skills necessary for them to be able to participate at all levels in every aspect of the nation. These include theological, political, social, economic, and provide education for responsible and responsive leadership.

To promote research both for its role as a service to society in finding solutions to its problems, and as a mean of enhancing intellectual development and confidence.


Godliness 100%

Confidence 100%

Mental Empowerment 100%

Integrity 100%

Accountability 100%

Diligence & Resourcefulness 100%

Sense of Priority 100%

Synergy 100%



 All graduates of Anointed University will be equipped through training and education for creativity and self reliance. It is a paradigm shift from graduating job seekers to job creators with skills; a shift to raising quality leaders strong in wisdom, strong in character, priceless in integrity and excellence, who will be able to think for themselves and contribute to making the Nation and the world a better place.


Prof. Kate Oluremi Aladeoba and Prof. Kunle George Aladeoba are distinguished Nigerian scholars and dynamic gospel ministers.

They both earned Doctorate degrees and were appointed Professors at the University of California, USA. Together, they co-founded Anointed University Worldwide in South Africa.

Ordained pastors, they serve with devotion. They share a blessed marriage and are parents to wonderful children.

For more information and contact details call:

South Africa: +277114045108, +27735960500, +27737472009

Brazil: +5511992391413, +557192698995,

UK: +447376359002,

USA: + (470)9692032

Egypt Cairo: +201127398246

Australia: +61491660348

Nigeria: +2349031645934

Email: admin@anointeduniversityedu.com

Website: www.anointeduniversityedu.com

Read the details of Christian Benefits magazine special interview with Prof. George & Prof.  Kate Aladeoba Profs. George & Kate Aladeoba with Christian Benefits’ Dr. Wole Olarinde and Christianah Omofe after the interview with the President & Deputy President of Anointed University Worldwide

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