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WCCM: Preparing pastors for total evangelism and humanitarian service

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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 WCCM: A Bible college exclusively for practicing men & women of God


West African College For Christian Missions (WACCM) is a specialized independent institution dedicated to preparing men and women for ministry and service to the church of Jesus Christ.

The Christian college is a distinctive educational ministry destined by God to set a standard of excellence in theological education. WACCM is to broaden your knowledge, views, speculations, opinions and talents vis-a-vis the scriptures as you have efforts to solidify your relationship with God. It is a known fact that accomplished individuals with well informed and flexible minds require an educational instructor that is exclusively for practicing men and women of God.

West African College for Christian Mission is the divinely ordained authority to pioneer missionary activities within the sub-region and to help churches develop their vision management and spiritual discipline for world evangelism and mission.


WACCM programs are designed to meet the educational and spiritual needs of West African sub-region and Africa in general. While remaining committed to this purpose, the college will continue to offer comprehensive service to a diverse body of traditional students with a broad range of academic preparation and skills.

In recognition of its mission and its adherence to an open admission policy, the Christian college is committed to providing quality education and living/learning opportunities that are unique and beneficial to the church professionals. To this end, the college is dedicated to offering a variety of undergraduate programs, which are built upon Christ centered knowledge, that prepare students for success in ministerial careers and lifelong learning.

Consistent with the heritage and with the demand of an emerging global society, the college recognizes that effective education combines with both curricular and extra-curricular activities designed to foster development of the total person.

Moreover, WACCM is committed to instilling in its students the desire to learn; to increase the knowledge of their cultural and spiritual responsibilities; to develop an appreciation for and understanding for the art of a missions and theology; to cultivate their abilities to think logically and critically, to prepare then effectively and confidently in the areas of their callings and ministries; and to develop their respect for individual differences and a prerequisite for prospering in a pluralistic society.


While preserving its history and heritage, West African College for Christian Missions (WACCM) continue to grow and develop and will forefront of providing missionary focused educational opportunities. The college through its educational programs aims at:

  1. Advancing sense of missionary commitment in the sub-region especially in the rural areas while building upon the strength and contributions of all individuals and groups.
  2. Developing a number of key academic areas of excellence while remaining responsive to the educational and spiritual needs of the Christian and secular population. The areas designated as centers of excellence will be central to the educational demands of sub-region and will have demonstrated academic excellence and integrity.
  3. Increasingly reflecting the emerging global society. This will be accomplished through continued updating of the curriculum to reflect this trend.
  4. Continually assessing the general educational program to ensure its relevance to current and future educational need of the Christian community in the sub-region.
  5. Utilizing alternative modes of instructional delivery that include distant learning and emerging technologies, such as multi-media options, and computer-assisting learning process. (Website/ internet programmes).


West African College for Christian Missions is a focused Christian missionary educational institution with the ultimate aim of providing higher quality education within a defined premise of Christian values, with emphasis on higher academic standards to enviable spiritual development and meaningful practical application in life. Below is a summary of our policy as it relates to Applications, Admission, Examination, Results and Graduation.


A condensed confession from our Article of faith

The following statements summarize the theological guidelines for individuals within the seminary community. We find this expression of theology as meaningful perspective to guide our walk with God, to inform our dialogue with other Christians, and to shape our ministry to the world in need.


The Bible is the word of God, the divinely inspired, inherent, infallible rule of faith and practice for the church and its individual members.

The Trinity

The one true God exists eternally as the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, each with personality and deity co-equal, co-existence and co-eternal.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of a virgin lived a sinless life, died on Calvary, rose from the grave and ascended into Heaven to intercede for all men.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit keeps believers current with Christ, assuring them of personal salvation, producing the fruit of God’s character, and empowering for Christian witness.


Men and Women are created in God’s image but, because of sin, are tragically lost apart from God’s redeeming grace.


All people live under God’s mandate of repentance and through Christ are invited to be delivered from the guilt and power of sin and by faith restored to fellowship with him.

Victorious Living

All believers have the subsequent possibility and invitation to be wholly and entirely sanctified by the Holy Spirit and definitely empowered for victorious living in today’s world.


All believers have the ability of keeping faith with God no matter the situation you may be passing through until the second coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


The Church is the visible body of Christ, apostolic and universal, carrying out actions of love and redemption to the world in compassionate servitude according to the commandments of Christ.

Second coming

At the appointed time, Christ will actually return to gather His Church, to judge the world and to rule over all in righteousness.

Eternal Rewards

Those who have lived in Christ will live in heaven, while eternal pain and separation from God awaits those who have rejected Christ.

Christian Obligation

All believers through consecrated and joyful obedience reach out in ethical love to minister the saving workof Christ to the total person, and spiritually.



WACCM does not compromise on the seriousness of the spiritual life of the applicants for training. So, the admission requirements for all programs necessary include considerations of one’s integrity and spiritual maturity as well as one’s compatibility, acceptance and dedication to the statements of faith of the college.

The applicant must genuinely testify to their personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. This is a very crucial for anyone who wants to serve the Lord. He/she must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the admission committee in its judgement, that his/her integrity and spiritual  maturity meet the standards expected  of applicants called by God to undertake studying a serious institute such as WACCM. It is also required of the applicant to submit a letter of recommendation from his\her church leader before his admission can be processed.

  • Diploma
  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Doctorate

West African College for Christian Mission (WACCM) is a missionary training institute established for teaching Mission and Bible related courses. It is a body of indigenous Missionary institute with the ultimate aim of initiating and perfecting a practical training ground for missionaries to west African in particular and African general. It serves also as a research center for non- Africans. It focus is to cover the entire west African countries and carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached parts of the continent and the world at large.

PROF. C.I Ohiku: President, West African College for Christian Missions (WCCM)

What is today known as “West African College for Christian Mission Inc. is dated back in 1979 when Revd. Dr. C.I. Ohiku received from God the call to the great commission “Go ye therefore and teach all nations…” (Matthew 28:19). Since the command to Go is directed to the whole church, he took the challenges with the college which commenced lecture on the 12th  of January, 1995 with an absolute faith in God’s ability to promote growth in all Christian ministries. This challenges is based on personal conviction that the gospel of our Lord should be taken to the rural areas across the globe.

He was told to consider how the white men came all the way from Ireland with the gospel to Nigeria and as far as Calabar. But here we are today; Nigeria and West African rural areas are still being unevangelised; still groping in darkness of ignorance, cosmetic, and artificial gospel and Christopaganistic approach to the true gospel which was once delivered to the saint.

Statistic has shown that the seminaries are training men for the citywide crusade. Hence, the birth of West African College for Christian Missions to search for the lost sheep, and the lost coin “until we find it.”

Christian missions have been neglected and forgotten and many Christians are into what we may call show business. The questions we all need to answer is what is the fate of the orphans, the prisoners, those in the hospitals and the vulnerable? (Matthew 25:31-46)


West African College for Christian Mission is a specialized International, Interdenominational college for training and formation of missionaries across West African countries to invade the rest of Africa and the world at large with the mission alternative which will enable scholars and missionaries checkmate the heresies of this age.

The founder of WACCM believes that the call to ministry is a call for adequate preparation and we should not fail in our duty to educate the whole world that Biblical and Theological studies are foundational towards the growth and the maturing of every Christian especially those who are called into the mission field.

WACCM is to broaden your knowledge, views, speculations, opinions and talents vis-a-vis the scriptures as you have efforts to solidify your relationship with God. it is also aware that accomplished individuals with well informed and inflexible minds require an educational structure that is designed exclusively for practicing men and women of God.

To meet the demands and challenge of this present generation, especially in the hospital, prison, the vulnerable, and the rural populace missionaries need to be more prepared than ever. Courses for missionaries in the WACCM Curriculum are therefore geared towards allowing the following:

  1. To sharpen and enhance the existing missionary skills by strengthening area of weakness and expanding the students thinking horizons in areas concerning the core aim of the college tagged H.O.P.E.
  2. To create immediate integration of new learning for church planting through the distinctive at- a- distance structure programme.


West African College of Christian Missions is a Christian missionary educational/ institution with the ultimate aim of preparing men for TOTAL evangelism and humanitarian service within the context of Christian values, with the emphasis on higher academic standards, practical applications and spiritual development.


As a mission oriented college, WACCM goals are two folds:

  1. To encourage each student grow and mature in Jesus Christ.
  2. To motivate and equip missionaries to serve God as full time minister with secular careers in rural areas, vocational and social work.

To meet the goals WACCM has instituted a comprehensive palace of studies from certificate to Diploma programmes which are designed to give students firm Biblical foundation towards missions and promote a Christian attitude in all facts of the student lives.

This course of study is designed to influence their view points of the world and produce the attribute knowledge and skills stated in the following objectives.


In order to ascertain their cognitive development, the student will be expected. To demonstrate a commitment to doctrinal integrity, the fundamental of faith, world evangelism and missions and missions.

To demonstrate the intellectual capacities needed to think, evaluate research and solve real problem in contemporary ministry and life

To effectively use the tools and skills necessary for in depth study of the Bible and its integration with the other disciplines.


In order to encourage effectively development, student will be expected

To have a servant attitude that facilitates leadership and team building in mission field.

To be committed to excellence, effectiveness, and efficiency in ministry.

To be committed to applying scriptural teaching to the issues of life and society.


In order to gain confidence in ministry skills the student will be expected:

To have the ability to independently pursue questions and issues arising from Biblical and missionary research.

To demonstrate proficiency in using sound hermeneutical principles for Bible exposition in preaching and teaching.

To demonstrate leadership skills in guiding a group, discussing an issue, establishing a programme and motivating others.


In other to promote their spiritual growth and development student will be encouraged.

To develop a growing relationship with God which is demonstrated in love for him and the word, a meaningful devotional life, and by manifesting the fruit of the spirit in daily living.

To submit to the Lord Jesus Christ and demonstrate a willingness to know and do his will consistently.

To obey the great commission by becoming involved in witnessing the mission through word and deed.

To nurture a consistent work in the spirit distinguished by obedience to scripture, moral integrity, self discipline faith and victory.

To develop mental discipline and effectively study/work habit.


Our admission policy is based purely on evidence that the applicant possesses the qualities needed for satisfactory achievements in terms of academic foundation, Christian character, spiritual goals, purpose and vision. However the satisfaction of the academic board requirement poicy is essential e.g. GCE/WASC/SSCE/OND/ or certificate from a recognized Bible College. Ability to speak any West African language (Lingual Franca) will be an added advantage for university graduates.

Candidates for any level of course intended for study are to:

  1. Obtain an application form (from the registrar’s office)
  2. Pay a non-refundable application fee as may be determined from time to time.
  3. Obtain an official transcript sent directly from all college, universities, and other institution of higher learning previously attended to WACCM registrar.
  4. Submit a handwritten personal statement of educational and spiritual goals and purpose.
  5. Pass WACCM qualifying examination and interview.
  6. Submit a letter of recommendation from his/her Christian Leader.
  7. Please note that the above items must be received in the office of registrar-General at least 21 days prior to the semester in which the applicant plans to enroll.

Upon receipt of the application form, the WACCM admission committee reviews it to determine they meet all minimum requirements for admission. Students are notified by letter of the decision of the admission committee, shortly  after all application materials have been received.

For further Enquiries:  WCCM, Watchman Layout, Off Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Ijako Bus stop, Isorosi, Ijako, Ogun state. Telephone:  Dean: 08051666657, Registrar: 08035752047



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