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C&S Mountain of Joy & Glory wrought miracles without rituals -Agannanoh

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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MSA Agannanoh Mathew Nugboyon had served in some C&S churches where he took his exit upon founding the ministers wanting before then Apostle/Prophet Solomon Olabisi Ogabi, by God’s direction, invited him to pioneer with him a new work; C&S Church of Christ (The Worshippers) Mountain of Joy& Glory; another C&S offshoot but with a difference of not performing spiritual rituals (eto) for people. Agannanoh shares in the below interview with Christian Benefits how he lost his mother at three months old, adopted by his paternal uncle, his exit from the C&S churches over the misconducts of their ministers until he found fulfillment at C&S Church of Christ (The Worshippers) Mountain of Joy& Glory as the deputy minister. Excerpts.

Please, tell us about you.

My name is Agannanoh Mathew Nugboyon (JP.); deputy minister, C&S Church of Christ (The Worshippers) Mountain of Joy& Glory Parish, Egan Igando, Lagos. I hail from Ikoga Zebbe in Badagry Local government area of Lagos state.

Can we have a look at your background, including your salvation encounter?

I am from a polygamous family. I lost my mother at the age of three months. I was adopted and taken care of by my father’s uncle, Senior Apostle Isaiah Oke Akolegi and his wife, Mother in Israel Felicia Akolegi, both are now late. My biological father is the late Agannanoh Peter Seton, and mother, the late Agannanoh Maria.

 How long have you been walking with the Lord?

My adopted parents were founding members of The Praying Band C&S church Ogo Oluwa Kitan, Madime Ikoga Zebbe Badagry. That was where my spiritual journey and growth began. I was trained in fasting and prayer, vigil and wilderness prayers (mountain prayer). These are the grace that I enjoyed being trained by my adopted parents now of blessed memories. The foundation is what I am building upon, and that has brought me to this present level of my Christian life and journey.

Tell us your ministerial profile and experience before joining C&S Church of Christ (The Worshippers) Mountain of Joy& Glory Parish, Egan Igando.

I was an active member of my first church (The Praying Band C&S church Ogo Oluwa Kitan, Badagry) right from childhood. I was a member/coordinator of the choir, church secretary/ treasurer for several years and a young service leader for years. I represented my church at various church functions including the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) programmes at my tender age. On getting admitted to the college for a higher education I joined a church (C&S Church of Christ) Iwaya, founded by late Pastor Ogunbiyi. I was appointed the church evangelist/ secretary for years before I left the church for some reasons.  After my graduation, I returned to my former church at Ikoga Zebbe and continued my activities in the church. Later I joined another church at Igando, Lagos, while I was living with my maternal uncle, Gandonu Ezekiel Seide. I was appointed one of the church leaders before left the church due to some irregularities in the lives of the minister of the church and the members. I was introduced to another church where I also enjoyed the grace of God as a leader in the church until God decided to bring me out of the church when I began receiving revelations that the minister in charge there too was also found wanting. So, I decided to hide under a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) programme to stay away from the church. It was during this period that I received a spiritual direction that God would send someone to me and I should accept to work with that person to establish a church. It was while I was praying about this spiritual direction that Supt Apt Pro. Dr Solomon Olabisi Ogabi (JP) walked into my life on God’s direction for him to invite me as his deputy minister. Immediately we both agreed to journey together in the Lord successfully till now to the glory of God.This was as a result of the pre-knowledge of our union through spiritual revelations received by both of us separately at different areas and times.

How will you describe God’s and power at C&S Church of Christ (The Worshippers) Mountain of Joy& Glory Parish, Egan Igando, Lagos?

The move and the power of God C&S Church of Christ (The Worshippers) Mountain of Joy& Glory Parish, Egan Igando, Lagos, cannot be measured. I can say it confidently everywhere that our God in this assembly is a powerful and fulfilling God. I could remember when I had issues as regards my marriage and child birth a prophet said my wife would never conceive because I used to pray against witches and wizards. He said to me, “A ki ri Ipa ejo Lori apata.” I told him boldly that he is not in charge of my life, that he would live to celebrate my child’s naming and I would feed him with food and palm wine. And this came to pass when the Almighty Jehovah God answered my prayer with a bouncing baby girl in 2009. All the other promises God made for me were fulfilled one after the other.

What are some of the church programmes where God miracles and wonders in the life of people.

We hold the following programmes where God impart lives with testimonies of wonders; a monthly Night of Success & Glory, 21 days annual covenant retreat every June, revivals and annual 72 hours in God’s presence every December at C&S Church of Christ (The Worshippers) Mountain of Joy& Glory Parish, Egan Igando, Lagos, and concurrently at the branch, C&S Church of Christ (The Worshippers) Mountain of Joy & Glory Parish House of Testimony (Itedo Eri) Atan Ota, Ogun state. We also hold intercessory prayer programme, Shiloh service and Mercy service every Wednesday at both the Egan Igando and the Atan Ota assemblies.

Please, share with us some testimonies from these programmes

We have several testimonies. Starting from my life, God told me through my father in the Lord, Supt Apt Pro. Dr Solomon Olabisi Ogabi (JP) in one of our annual covenant retreat that God would surprise me in my work place and career. And this promise came to pass as a miracle over a barrier that had existed for over 50 years in respect of progressions to the officer cadres at my work place. I was among the first seven staff considered for lateral conversion and promoted the following year as God promised. I was promoted to the Directorate cadre. Aside my personal testimonies in many instances, there are several other wonderful  testimonies of several other members of the church such as fruitfulness without rituals after many years of waiting, travelling visas to overseas, healing and deliverance of the sick and the afflicted by prayers alone without rituals etc.Supt Apt Pro. Dr Solomon Olabisi Ogabi (JP): Founder, C&S Church of Christ (The Worshippers) Mountain of Joy& Glory Parish



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