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The Victory Singers Int’l set Ibadan aglow with sacrifice of thanksgiving

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In a blaze of glory, The Victory Singers Int’l, Ibadan, on Sunday July 16, 2023, led a battery of notable choirs from different churches and gospel singers in Ibadan in praise & worship to the Lord at its 2023 annual thanksgiving anniversary held at Apostolic Church of Christ (ACC) worldwide, Jagun, Ibadan, Oyo state.

According to its leader, Elder (Dr.) Olusumbo Sangogade (J.P), The Victory Singers Int’l annual thanksgiving anniversary was a yearly praise & worship special thanksgiving service to God in appreciation of His goodness in their lives. “The idea is to annually offer a special thanksgiving unto the Lord. As you know, our Lord eats no other food other than our thanksgiving. And one special and unique way of offering special thanksgiving service to the Lord is through praise & worship music,” the group leader explained to Christian Benefits.Elder (Dr.) Sunmbo Sangogade (J.P), Leader, The Victory Singers Int’l, Ibadan, Oyo state.

Elder Sangogade, who is also the music director of Apostolic Church of Christ (ACC) worldwide, highlighted the significance and the power of offering thanksgiving to the Lord, saying that in an  atmosphere of praise & worship thanksgiving to the Lord, the heavens usually open and God showers abundant blessings, salvation, healing, deliverance, awesome miracles, signs and wonders upon the people in such an atmosphere.The Victory Singer Int’l at their 2023 annual thanksgiving anniversary at ACC Ibadan, Oyo state

“This is exactly what we do, and experience at The Victory Singers Int’l annual thanksgiving anniversary. Through this God has helped us to overcome problems and challenges in our lives. In the journey of life there are lots of challenges. We thank God for the fact that we hold this event annually God has been helping us to overcome our challenges,” the amiable and talented music directed testified.

Some notable church choirs from different assemblies and gospel singers in Ibadan joined the Sangogade-led The Victory Singers Int’l and the huge congregation of Apostolic Church of Christ in over six hours of intense sacrifice of praise & worship songs to the Lord. The church choirs and gospel singers that ministered at the event are Second Coming choir, Wonderful Power for Jesus Choir, Christ Warriors Church choir, Awayin O C&S choir and some individual gospel singers like L/E Folashade Taiwo, L/E Toluwani Adewunmi, Bukky Sam, Bukky Voices, Yinka Glory, Festus WG and a juju music maestro, Idowu Santana (Arole Ayefele) among others.

The guest preacher, Prophet Nath Oroyimika of Central Mercy Church, Ibadan, in his exhortation on the anniversary theme “Sacrifice of Thanksgiving” explained that praises is the sacrifice of thanksgiving. He added that sacrifice and thanksgiving are the same.“When we talk about thanksgiving we are talking about sacrifice. Sacrifice is thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is sacrifice,” the prophet explained.

He however emphasized that sacrifice or thanksgiving is usually costly for anyone who desires to experience a supernatural encounter, provisions or intervention from God, citing the example of the king in the Bible who sacrificed his only son for a divine intervention to win a fierce battle. He therefore charged the congregation at the event to offer their best as a sacrifice of thanksgivings at the anniversary if they desire to experience God’s supernatural interventions, blessings, breakthrough, uplifting, deliverance and healing in their situations.

Prophet Nath Oroyimika also spoke on the present hardship in Nigeria and blamed the situation on Nigerian leaders whom he called the enemies of the country. Reading from 11 Kings 3:25-27, the blunt general overseer of Central Mercy Church, Ibadan says, “Nigeria is in the hands of her enemies, her leaders. See the hardship that the Nigeria’s president and state governors have placed on Nigerians. They have blocked all the streams of wealth that should be flowing to all Nigerians. They have cut off all the good trees. They have completely devoured our common wealth. Nigerians are now suffering like criminals. Our graduates have no job. The battles that rose against Syria, Samaria and Jericho have risen against Nigeria,” the cleric lamented.Prophet Nath Oroyimika; the guest speaker, during his exhortation of sacrifice of thanksgiving

Prophet Nath Oroyimika concluded his exhortation saying it is only God that can save Nigeria. “No individual, no power, no intelligence can save Nigeria except God. Politics, education, power or experience cannot save Nigeria. It is only God that can save Nigeria. Philippians 4:19 says I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. Nobody can solve Nigeria’s problems except God,” he concluded.

Aside the different church choirs and gospel singers that rendered praise & worship in songs unto the Lord at the awesome event, The Victory Singers Int’l 2023 annual thanksgiving anniversary also had in attendance some important dignitaries that include ACC president, Apostle (Dr.) K.O Sangogade, a former GOMAN national president, Prophet Kayode Afolabi, guest speaker, Prophet Nath Oroyimika, Prophet Dele Ojo (J.P), Prophet Debo Ojo (Omo Majemu), Apostle Funke Abiona, Apostle Mother Gbadebo, Rev. Titus Olayiwola (JP) and Rev. James Oyediran among others.

Some of the pictures at the 2023 Annual Thanksgiving of The Victory Int’l, in Ibadan, Oyo state.






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