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I commit myself to prayers since I don’t belong to any occult group -Mary Ajisafe

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Archbishop Dr. Mary Ajisafe has encouraged believers to stay focused on Christ in the face of the prevailing situations of life. The amiable archbishop, prophetess and overseer of Peace of God Ministry, shares her journey with Jesus with the challenges and victories as she hosts the two front line Christian leaders in Lagos state, Bishop S.T.V Adegbite (Lagos CAN chairman) and Apostle Okwuonu (Lagos PFN chairman) among other eminent ministers, including a veteran gospel singer, Evangelist Funmi Aragbaiye and other guests at the 25th anniversary celebration of her prayerful Peace of God Ministry this Sunday October 8, 2023. Excerpts.

Please, can we meet you ma?

I am Prophetess (Dr.) Mary Oluwaseun Ajisafe, the Presiding Archbishop and Overseer of Peace of God Ministry; a prayer, prophetic and apostolic ministry, located at No. 1 Akobi crescent, Surulere, Lagos.

How does it feel seeing the church celebrating 25th anniversary this year?

We praise God that 25 years of Peace of God Ministry has just rolled bye, but for me I’m just beginning. I actually received the calling to ministry 33 years ago but established the church arm of the ministry 25 years ago. And over the years the Lord has been quite gracious to us.

Please, share with us some of the impacts of the church over the years?

The foremost impact is the thousands of lives that the church has touched unto salvation over the years. This is the greatest achievement of the ministry. I’m always conscious of the work God entrusted in my hands as a witness of His redemptive power to the world to save souls for Jesus Christ. And been conscious and aware of our focus on soul winning, our church members understand the importance of evangelism as the cardinal calling of Peace of God Ministry, and so commit themselves to a weekly evangelism; winning souls for Christ.

What informed the theme of this year’s anniversary, Bless His Holy Name?

It was informed by the fact that God deserves our praises because He manifests Himself greatly in our lives and ministry on a daily basis. He has been so faithful to us that He deserves a special day for special praises unto Him every year. And the special day we dedicate to praising Him specially is our anniversary thanksgiving day.

Tell us what is unique about Peace of God Ministry these past 25 years?

We strictly take directives from God, like many other churches also do. We don’t organize any programme in the church without God’s directives and command.

Briefly share with us your journey into the ministry precisely 33 years ago

My parents received a prophecy long before my birth that I would serve the Lord. So, from a very tender age God has been monitoring and directing my life. He instructed me that I shouldn’t marry outside my town. He instructed me to preach the gospel, and confirmed my calling into ministry through some prophets and my parents. My father, now late, was a renowned pastor in Christ Apostolic Church (C.A.C). From age seven God started revealing things to me till 33 years ago when He instructed me to start this ministry for Him. Before then, my parents had been grooming me in that direction to serve God as a preacher of the gospel of ChristHave you any regret working for the Lord these past 33 years?

I have no regrets working for the Lord despite the several times of challenges in these 33 years of working for Him. In all of these, victory is always sure. In fact it is too late for the devil to stop me from working for the Lord. No regrets whatsoever!

Share with us some of the challenges you have faced in the ministry these past 33 years

There have been lots of challenges and victories over those challenges. One major challenge was the difficulties that we faced acquiring our church land in Lagos state. It is a battle establishing church in Lagos state unlike some other states. A lot of preachers have been running churches in Lagos for years without acquiring a permanent place as their worship centre due to the challenge of land acquisition in Lagos state.

What is your experience running the church arm of the ministry these past 25 years?

My experience is one that demands I commit myself to regular prayers since I don’t belong to any occult group and God always answers my prayers. Satan is always out to attack us after every revival and deliverance programme I conduct as a prophetess and deliverance minister but we always overcome his various attacks.

Tell us some of your low moments in the ministry over the years

One of my low moments was when I was terribly sick, hospitalized and rumours went wide that I was dead. Another was the fire outbreak in my house. It was a very devastating incident but the Lord rescued me and my family.

Also, share with us your high moments in the ministry over the years

My highest moment in life generally was when I got married to my handsome, caring and loving husband, Dr. Isaac Ajisafe, the general overseer of Peace of God Ministry, and also when we had our first child. My other high moments were when I was awarded an honorary doctorate degree, and also received the prestigious Benefits Awards for Missionary Excellence (BAME awards) from Christian Benefits Media Ministry in 2007. The BAME award was my first award. It opened me up to several other awards of excellence and recognition locally and internationally. I have several other moments of joy including when I was consecrated an Archbishop.

What is your 25th anniversary message to Peace of God Ministry members?

My 25th anniversary message to the entire members of Peace of God Ministry home and abroad is that they should keep running the race till we meet Christ without looking back, no matter the prevailing situations of life.

What is your vision for Peace of God Ministry in the next five years when the church will clock 30 years, if Christ tarries?

My vision is to see Peace of God Ministry across the globe

 Thank you for your audience ma?

You are welcome. Please, say me well to your publisher, Pastor Wole Olarinde; and his amiable wife; my own adorable sister, Sister Funmi Olarinde.




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