Home Issue Still on the issue of Divorce and Separation  by Apostle Dele Johnson

Still on the issue of Divorce and Separation  by Apostle Dele Johnson

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We must learn to maintain the Balance. How did we get here in the first instance?

We have preached for years that God hates divorce. This is very true indeed but we did not balance it with the fact that God also hates oppression and bondage in marriage.

Now we are all preaching …don’t die in that toxic marriage.”

However, this may give rise to couples attempting to break their marriage vows at the slightest provocation (It is human nature to take a mile when you give an inch)

We see this in Europe and the USA where the sacredness of marriage institution is nothing to write about.

It is a sign of maturity when we seek to balance issues.

To have a blissful marriage, please do the following:

1) See your wife as God’s gift and favor to you and treat her as such.

2) See your husband as your king and treat him as such.

3) Be patient with one another.

4) Compliment and don’t compete with each other because you are One, you are a team.

5) Always forgive one another.

6) Genuinely befriend each other.

7) Pray together always and you will stay together.

8) Help one another to fulfill God’s purposes for your lives.

9) Honor and Respect each other in private and public.

10) Where you notice uncontrollable anger, please submit yourself to therapy and counseling.

When we notice abuse in a marriage:

We need to counsel them to separate for a while they both undergo therapy and counseling.

When there is genuine remorse and positive change then they can come together again.

Apostle Oladele Johnson is the Founder and General Overseer of Jesus Liberation Ministry, Lagos.



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