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Praying in any other name aside Jesus name is an error- Bishop Olaleye

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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Ever Increasing Anointing Ministries, Igando, Lagos, on Tuesday September, 28, 2021 held a ministers’ conference on Kingdom Alignment as part of its 26th anniversary celebration held at its international headquarters, in Igando, Lagos.

Speaking as guest speaker on the anniversary’s theme, Kingdom Alignment, at the conference, Bishop Abraham Olaleye said agreement by the body of Christ on a common cause is necessary for the unity of the Church. He however noted that that agreement must be based on the right teachings by the preachers of the gospel in order for the body of Christ to properly achieve kingdom alignment.

Bishop Olaleye, Presiding Bishop of Pentecostal Congregation, Lagos, defined kingdom as a spiritual sovereignty of God. He adds: “Kingdom is the domain over which the authority of God extends in heaven and on earth. Alignment is the state of agreement or cooperation among a people with a common cause.”

The bishop therefore called for agreement among the preachers of the gospel on the cause of the gospel for the purpose of the alignment in the kingdom of God. He said irrespective of the divergent knowledge of God among the members of the body of Christ, the Church must agree on the common cause of the gospel. “Theology is the knowledge of God but people’s knowledge of God is diverse. The body of Christ is called to align with the kingdom of God to fall on track. God is looking for alignment; proper adjustment in the body of Christ,” he said

Olaleye then advised preachers of the gospel to desist from what he called bad preaching. Instead, he urged them to align their messages with the gospel in the bid for kingdom alignment. “A bad preaching is a preaching that does not align with the gospel. Pentecostal has the tendency to quote scriptures out of context. Ability to quote the scriptures is not knowledge of sound preaching. Ability to quote the scriptures is a gift. There is nothing like a walking Bible. The Bible does not move. It is the word of God inside of you that moves,” he explained.

Bishop Olaleye, who is also a council member of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) at the national body also described praying with any other name aside the name of Jesus Christ as another error in the body of Christ. He recalled that, according to the scripture, God has given Jesus as the name that is above all names, and he therefore advised people to always pray in the name of Jesus alone.

The revered preachers also advised people to be careful of following results, and also of misusing anointing. He pointed that many results that people see and celebrate are errors. “The gospel ushers us into the kingdom of God, and not into the kingdom of men. The kingdom of God is a person; and that person is Jesus. I will rather pray in the name of Jesus and not in the name of men. There are errors in most results people celebrate. As ministers of the gospel, be careful in the use of your anointing. Moses was anointed, but he was not born again otherwise he would have dealt with the spirit of anger in his life. Elijah was anointed, but he was not born again; otherwise he wouldn’t have called down fire to consume people. If you are going to align with the kingdom of God, Jesus must be your brand ambassador,” Bishop Olaleye finally admonished.

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