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My commission as police officer is a call to service-Odigbo

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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Bishop Dr. Samuel Chukwuemeka Odigbo, the Presiding Bishop of Land of Grace Healing Ministry, Ikotun, Lagos, was recently commissioned as an officer of the Nigeria Police Force. In this interview with Christian Benefits, the prophet explains that his commission as a police officer is an extension of his calling by God to serve humanity. He also speaks on other sundry issues including the death of Prophet T.B Joshua and his legacies to the body of Christ. Excerpts.

Please, can we meet you sir?

I am Bishop Dr. Samuel Chukwuemeka Odigbo, the Presiding Bishop of Land of Grace Healing Ministry (a.k.a Cry No More), off Igando Road, Ikotun Lagos.

How will you describe the move of God at Land of Grace so far in 2021?

God has been faithful to us.  We have recorded numerous testimonies this year. Several souls have received salvation at Land of Grace Healing Ministry this year. God has greatly moved us forward this year beyond our expectations.

Share with us some testimonies the church has recorded this year 2021?

As I said, we have recorded numerous testimonies in the church this year that I cannot recall all. Nevertheless, sleeping and waking peacefully everyday is a great testimony. Towards the end of our recent prophetic meeting, God spoke to me that He wants to release those who are in bondage. So, I told the congregation that whoever is in prison or in bondage should place their hands on their chests. One particular woman placed her hand on her chest in the gap for her in-law whom she said had been in police cell for 8 months. We prayed for the release of her in-law from cell. Later, the woman came back to the church and testified that her in-law had been released from the police cell.  There is a testimony of another woman who runs a boutique at Trade fair in Lagos. She was said to have ran mad and taken to several places for healing to no avail. One of her cousins advised that she should be brought to Land of Grace for divine healing. When she was brought to Land of Grace, God revealed the source of her attack and the solution. I prayed for the woman, and five days later she regained her sanity. We have countless miracles at Land of Grace. Land of Grace is a church where when people come in tears they return home in joy. That is why we say at Land of Grace, Cry no more!

To what will you attribute the speedy growth of the church in less than 12 years of existence?

It is God’s faithfulness. If you are rooted in God your growth will be speedy. If God is your source no storm will drown you. Land of Grace was orchestrated by God as a ministry where people divinely worship Him. Every day is a plus at Land of Grace. We thank God for the speedy growth of the church in short time.

Share with us how the church was able to keep its members during the lockdown of churches last year 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

God remained our main sustenance during the COVID-19 lock down in 2020. Whenever God blesses me I share the blessings with our church members. During the lockdown we shared palliatives to our church members. We lacked nothing during the COVID-19 lock down because God our sustenance is never locked down. Psalm 23 it says “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

What is your recent commission as an officer of the Nigeria Police Force all about?

It’s all about service to humanity. I love serving people and my community. For instance, I serve in putting things in order in my community. I protect people, particularly the hapless ones from intimidation. I assist people to handle their matters with the police in as much they are not capital offence matters. Service to humanity is the core of my calling. So, my commission as a police officer by the Nigeria Police Force is an extension of my ministry of service to humanity.

How do you see the death of one of Nigeria’s popular preachers, Prophet T.B Joshua this year, June 5, 2021?

God knows the best about the shocking passage of Senior Prophet T.B Joshua. His death is a reminder that one day we shall die. It is a reminder that we are all on transit on earth and that death is inevitable. The death of Senior Prophet T.B Joshua indeed shocked the entire world. One lesson we should learn from his life and times, particularly fellow preachers, is that we should be upright in our dealings with God and humanity. Prophet T.B Joshua left a legacy of love and uprightness in his dealings with God and humanity till his passage. By his death we should always keep in mind eternal life either in heaven or hell hereafter.

What are his worthy attributes that fellow preachers should emulate?

As I said above, Prophet T.B Joshua left an enviable legacy of love, uprightness and selfless service to humanity. This is one legacy fellow preachers should emulate from the life and times of Prophet T.B Joshua as a worthy attribute. He preached and showed love to all and sundry till death. He openly practiced love. As preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ we ought to love one another. Despite the assaults, humiliation and persecutions that he suffered from most of the church fathers in Nigeria, he was never wary in showing love to all. I don’t think I know of any other pastor in Nigeria that suffered so much hatred from church fathers in Nigeria the way Prophet T.B Joshua suffered. They talked him down and ostracized him like a leper, yet he remained focused till death.

Lastly, what more should people expect from Land of Grace Healing Ministry (a.k.a Cry no more) before the end of this year 2021?

People should expect more explosion of the word with miracles, signs and wonders following in their lives because this is the season of Land of Grace Healing Ministry. We expect numerical expansion and increasing grace and power for greater exploits to the glory of God before year 2021 expires. Land of Grace will get to its peak of destiny because it is a church that has come to stay.



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