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Sir Ige Olumide eulogized as Faith Bible College celebrates Founder’s day

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Rev. Dr. Sir Olatunbosun Ige Olumide, founding president/rector, Faith Christian Theological Seminary (Faith Bible College) Sango-Ota, Ogun state, has been described as a caring father, concerned mentor, humble minister of God and astute administrator as the famous seminary celebrates its Founder’s day on July 15th, 2023.

Dr. Dolapo Olayinka Ige-Olumide, one of the daughters of the highly respected theologian led the pack of the encomium showers on the multiple-honors educationist by some of the past and current students and management staff of the popular Sango-Ota, Ogun state-based leading theological seminary.Rev. Sir. Olatunbosun Ige Olumide: Founding President/Rector, Faith Christian Theological Seminary (Faith Bible College), Sango Ota, Ogun state Nigeria.

In an interview with Christian Benefits, Dr. Dolapo Ige-Olumide recalled with fond memories the transition of the multi-skilled and talented theologian and educationist 15 years ago. “I’m one of the daughters of our dear father, Rev. Dr. Sir. Olatunbosun Ige Olumide. It’s been 15 year since our beloved father passed on. My father was a very caring man. He was so interested and concerned with the personal matters of his children that merely looking at us he knew our needs and challenges,” Dolapo shares.

Recounting to Christian Benefits how their father passed on and the fears that greeted his passage, Dolapo, now the college’s administrative director, recalls: “We were at the hospital when he passed on. The first thing someone said after my father’s death was announced was Faith is Gone! And truly all of us felt Faith (the Bible college) is gone with the death of its founding president/rector, Rev. Dr. Sir. Ige Olumide, because we didn’t know how to move the college forward. It wasn’t easy, but God took control,” Dolapo said while commending her mother, Rev. Dr. Mrs. E.O Ige Olumide, for stepping into the shoes to continue the work.Rev. Mrs. E.O Ige-Olumide: President, Faith Christian Theological Seminary (Faith Bible School) Sango Ota, Ogun state.

“I commend my dear mother, Rev. Dr. Mrs. E.O Ige Olumide for quickly putting herself together to ensure the school does not die with its founder as some people feared. She wasn’t prepared for the task at all. She wasn’t into the college at all as at the time my dad died because my dad never ran the school as a family thing. But when he passed on my mother quickly adjusted to keep the school going with the support of some of my dad’s close associates. Fifteen years on, she has done marvelously well as President of Faith Christian Theological Seminary with the encouragement of the school management and the Alumni,” Dolapo finally commends.Dr. Dolapo Olayinka Ige-Olumide: Administrative Director, Faith Christian Theological Seminary (Faith Bible School) Sango Ota, Ogun state.

Dr. Mrs. Florence Abass in her own tributes to her late former teacher; Olumide, says, “The founder (Rev. Sir Ige Olumide) of this great college was a man of dignity whose life served as a yardstick to the students. He had a spirit of humility and he demonstrated this in the way and manner he related with his students. So many students had scholarship through him. He depicted the Christ-like manner.

“Prior 2009, I was in a secular work but the spirit of God kept telling me that God wanted me to work for him. So, I enrolled from the diploma class of the college up to the doctorate class. I was appointed a lecturer in the college about four years ago. I was also the Lady prefect from the diploma class to the doctorate class.

Dr. Florence Abass also commented on Faith Christian Theology Seminary (Faith Bible School). “Faith Theological Seminary stands out as a place where students are taught practical Part of the college’s anthem states Faith Bible College Stands to teach everything according to the word of God; to teach the mind of God. There is no controversy in this great college about Jesus Christ as the Lord,” Abass rates the college highly.

Rev. Dr. Glory Alabi said she didn’t meet the founding president of the college, Olumide when she joined the college in 2009 but she sees his successors building on his great legacies. “I didn’t meet the founder when I enrolled in the college in 2009, just a year after he passed on but I see his legacies that his successors are building on, particularly the incumbent president, Rev. Dr. Mrs. E.O Ige Olumide. I call her mummy because she brings motherly influence into the system the way a mother behaves in the house. When she disciplines you she will still draw you back.”

“I joined Faith Bible College as student in 2009. I finished my theological studies in the college in 5 years. I did my EDD for two years and graduated as Doctor of Education with Christian Education. This means I graduated with two doctorate degrees from Faith Christian Theological Seminary (Faith Bible School). The school is excellent and wonderful. They are doing a great job,” Alabi remarks.

One of the doctorate students of the college, and the class representative, Rev Abraham, says Rev. Dr. Sir Ige Olumide’s life was great among men of God. He described the esteemed theologian as a caring, loving and humble person. His words: I started at Faith Bible College from certificate class in 1992. I did my diploma in 1993 1994; suspected my studies in the college for a while and later returned for my doctorate studies.

“The life of my father in the Lord and founding president/rector of Faith Christian Theological Seminary (Faith Bible College), Rev. Dr. Sir Ige Olumide was great among the men of God that I have seen and many of whom he impacted. He stood his ground firmly in the Christian faith. He was humble, loving and caring. Some of his students were high calibres in the society like Dr. Y.Y Kure, Gen Oladidupo Diya and Dr. Chris Chukwumerijie among others at Faith Bible College. Baba Ige Olumide created such a comradeship among his students that one could hardly identify the high class from the middle or low class. Fifteen years on after his transition, we still feel the impacts of the great legacies that he left behind,” Abraham remarks.



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