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COVID-19: A WARNING to the World to sit tight-Prophet Udoh

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COVID-19: A WARNING to the World to sit tight-Prophet Udoh

The need to pray without season should be the watchword for every true Christian. Having this in mind, the U.S based Prophet Frank Udoh, Presiding Pastor of Peace Ministries International, a Prophet of God to nations, who is so passionate about having a balanced prospective to God’s word and the equipping of the saints, has consistently been a voice in the Body of Christ, and also to the state where he resides in the U.S. He is one of the pastors making waves in the U.S due to his stupendous anointing. Prophet Udoh shares his experience in ministry and other issues in the below interview with Christian Benefits’ Clement Emmanuel.

How did you come to know the Lord?

I am the fifth child in the family of seven. I started prophesying at the age of 9, but I wasn’t saved. I was born with the gift of prophecy.  I could see and say things to come to pass even my dreams come through. Until the age of 14, I was invited to a crusade by the Assemblies of God Church. During the ministration at the crusade a song was sang which revealed Jesus Christ to me. I received Christ as my Lord and Saviour that day. I saw the need to surrender my life to Christ. Since then, my life has never been the same. I have been living a Christ like life working for Him.

How long have you been walking with God?

I have been working with God for over 20 years. I have been in the ministry for 22 years, but Christ Peace Ministries International is clocking 4 years soon this year.

Was there any mystery surrounding your birth or calling into ministry?

Like I said, I was born a Prophet by birth. According to my biological mother, I knew I was going to be a man of God, though I hated it. I never wanted to be a pastor because of the challenges of my family background. I came from a poor family background. Besides, all I could see around me then were poor pastors, poor ministers of God; people whose families were suffering and who could not afford a good life. So, I was afraid of admitting inwardly that ministry was good. That fear kept me from yielding to ministry. But after I encountered God, I had no choice. Each time ran away from God to go into ministry, though I’m a Christian, the more life got difficult for me. But anytime I surrendered to God I experienced favour. I eventually yielded to God and allowed Him have his will over my life.

Have you backslidden since you accepted Christ as your Lord and Saviour?

I have never backslidden but I had had times of weaknesses and discouragement. I had had times when people pushed me to a point of trying to give up on God. But I have never backslidden. Whenever I feel discouraged, by the grace of God, I’m able to conquer such moments of discouragement in my life and in the ministry.

 What is the vision and mandate of your ministry?

My vision is to bring people into the light of God’s truth. To unite people, and also to reveal the power that is in Jesus to them; giving hope to the hopeless, making people to realize who Jesus Christ is, and his sacrifice on the cross for mankind, as regards to salvation and walking in accordance with the Bible. Our mandate is preaching Jesus Christ and raising people into their God given purpose on earth.

How will you describe your walk with God over the years?

It’s been a journey. It’s like traveling on a road; encountering different experiences on both smooth and bumpy roads. I’ve been hurt a lot in the cause of this journey. It’s both bitter and sweeter, but to God be the glory I was able to weather the storm.


Do you believe in miracles?

Of course I believe in miracles. I am a product of miracle. I am where I am today by miracle. My ministry is a product of miracle. What has given my ministry a speed in America; considering the religious climate here is a proof miracle. When God speaks he performs.

As a prophet of God, how can you identify a true man of God?

The word ‘Man of God’ is because you are in alignment with God. If you are to identify who a real man of God is, first you must understand the Bible. Jesus said by their fruits you shall know them. After identifying them, you have to search for the fruit. Fruit reveals what you are made of. If Jesus is the tree and we are the branches, we will have no reason not bear good fruits. Satan can mimic the acts of the Holy Spirit but he cannot mimic the fruit of the Spirit of God. Basically, you have to observe, know your bible and look out for the fruit around the individual.

What actually informed your residing in the

When I was in Nigeria, I was traveling to other parts of the world in the course of the ministry. In one of my international trip, I met my wife. She was already an America citizen. She came on a vacation and attended the programme I was invited. During the programme, I was prophesying, and funny enough she was the first person I prophesied to at the programme. I gave her a prophecy, though she was not a saved Christian then. She was from a Muslim background. I never knew while I was prophesying that she was going to be my wife. After the programme, the host pastor connected us and we talked. Today, we are married and have three children. She was the one who filed for me and brought me to the United States.

What makes the difference between Nigeria and the U.S in lifestyle?

There is so much to compare, especially in economy. People here in the States love their country more than their leaders. When you are very loyal to the cause of a thing you will make sacrifices for it. Majority of Nigerian leaders are only loyal to their pockets and to their immediate families. Their loyalty to the nation is really low. Americans are taught, trained, grown and taught to be loyal to the cause of their nation. Their commitment to their nation is better than what obtains in Nigeria. In Nigeria, people get into politics to enrich themselves. In the U.S people get into politics with the goal of making the country a better place for everybody. There is transparency and honesty in the U.S, which is not in Nigeria. No greed in the U.S. You live for others to make the country a better place for everybody.

How will you describe the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the world?

As a matter of fact, churches are doing well here compare to how it was mostly in Africa in the 90s. Thank God for the benefits of the Internet, Christian TV, etc. The Gospel of Christ has gone far and wide. The impact of Christianity is being felt all over the world. By the grace of God, I have traveled to almost all the continents. There is no continent where you will not feel the impact of Christ apart from some few countries that are still growing. Christianity has affected the world positively.

How is the response to the COVID-19 pandemic where you reside in the U.S?

It’s really bad in the New York City where I reside. Personally, I lost people in my church. It is more intense than what we read and watch in the media. I know a lot of people, including Nigerians who died from the COVID-19. It got to a point that nothing could be found in New York City. Fear was everywhere. No one was sure of life and tomorrow. Covid-19 is really a bad virus. It is a dangerous disease everyone must take precaution about. It got to a time that parents were separated from children. Funny enough once the members of a family get infected with the virus you may not have to see those family members again. Some corpses from the virus could not be found. It was a wild sickness. We have not fully recovered. So, I wouldn’t really tell much, but the situation is fair now. It’s improving. For the first time Americans depended on the grace of God for survival. It was so intense.

Will you say the pandemic is an indication of the End time age in prophecy?

I don’t believe so. Pandemic comes in every 100 years by history though we are already in the End time. I believe this might be a warning to the world for us to sit tight. The coming of the Lord is very near. What better way to prepare than men to live right with God. This is the time to reassess our lives personally on how to treat people and how committed we are to God on earth. For the first time since I have been here, I have seen people value lives and safety more than money. It has been a wake up call to the world.

What should be the attitude of Christians in a time like this?

Hebrew says: “Looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith.”In time like this, we have to stay in the faith of Jesus Christ. We must stay focused, reassess our lives; a time of proper prayer. Proper prayer must return to the church. This trying period has really given pastors enough time to rest. A lot of pastors are tired in the ministry. Like in America, I know over 20 pastors and bishops who are no more. They are dead from the COVID-19. A lot of ministries have been short down.  Several members of many churches are scattered or dead. This is the time where we must return to God fully. It’s a time to return to a place of glory.





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