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With prayers, there is hope for Nigeria- Apostle Edith Grace

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The convener of national prayer conference, Apostle Edith Grace believes there is hope for Nigeria despite her challenges. In her address at the March 2022 edition of the conference with theme “Forsaking the vices Plaguing Nigeria” at Oriental Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos, she expressed sadness over the happenings in Nigeria, but believed there is hope for the nation if Nigerians can intercede for her, stressing that God is counting on Nigerians for a positive turnaround in the nation.

Apostle Edith., Convener/Host, National Prayer Conference

“I feel like crying because of the things happening in this nation. God is counting on us (Nigerians) to intercede for our nation. I believe God is doing a new thing in Nigeria. The purpose of our gathering is to intercede for our great nation, Nigeria.”

The apostle enjoined Nigerians to be proud of the country despite her challenges, saying they have no other country apart from Nigeria as their home. “I am proud to be a Nigerian. You have no other country apart from Nigeria as your home. If you are angry with your parents you cannot chase them out to go look for other parents. Forget about the citizenship of other nations Nigeria is your country and home.”

Grace further encouraged Nigerians to toll the path of Esther in the Bible, whom she recalled interceded for the freedom of her nation, Israel. “Prepare yourself like Esther. If you don’t cry in intercession for Nigeria, God will raise another person. It took Modeccai to open the eyes of Esther to see that there were troubles in the land before Esther could stand up and I said if I perish, I perish. I’m that Esther God has raised for my nation Nigeria to stand in the place of prayer for her. Even when Nigeria turns around for good we will keep praying for her,” she assured.

Apostle Edith Grace (Host) and some of the speakers at the conference

The fondly called Woman of Great Grace described Nigeria as a beautiful, fruitful, blessed and great nation. She said the regular national prayer conference on the platform of Apostle Edith Grace Ministry is not for the carnally-minded but the spiritually-minded who she said are the only people that can stop with prayers the spate of kidnappings, violent killings, banditry and other vices plaguing Nigeria.

“I have assurance that my nation Nigeria is very wealthy. If you have traveled round Nigeria you will see that Nigeria is a fruitful and blessed nation. Nigeria is too great. As far as God is still on the throne there is going to be salvation for this nation. This prayer conference is not for people who are carnal. It is for people who are spiritual. To be spiritually-minded is life. To be carnally-minded is death. Insecurity, kidnappings, violent killings, banditry and other vices plaguing our nation Nigeria can only be stopped by the prayers of the spiritually-minded.

“For the sake of our country, if we don’t pray, our children will pray. I know with God on our side Nigeria will survive. With God on our sides other nations from the north, east, west, and south will come and see Nigeria as a great nation. When you talk of the most anointed people in the world they are from this country. The best singers and entertainers in the world are from Nigeria. The most intelligent people in the world are from Nigeria,” the powerful prayer intercessor assessed.Dr. Femi Richard Bolaji ministering at the conference

Bishop Oscar Ossai, one the speakers at the conference

The Convener, Apostle Edith Grace with Dr. Ngozi Edemba (Extreme right) and two other guests at the conference

With all these glowing attributes she painted about Nigeria, the lovely and spirit-filled convener of national prayer conference advised Nigerians to stop speaking bad things about the country, explaining that the colours of Nigeria’s map stand for fruitfulness, purity and peace. “So, why do you what to give up on this nation. Why do you keep saying bad things about this nation? The colours of Nigeria’s map; the green stands fruitfulness and the whites stand for purity and peace. Nigeria land is still green. This conference is a great spiritual meeting. Whatever is going to happen in 2023 elections in this nation we are going to decide it now.

“I believe in power. I believe in receiving from the spirit and see its manifestation. By the spoken word the heavens and the earth were created. I want all of us to activate our power because we are here to take decisions concerning our nation.  How this country will look like in 2023 is in our mouths. God said let there be light, and there was light. Jesus called forth Lazarus from the grave. It is our duty to call forth what we want concerning our nation. Complaints will not solve the problems of our nation. Our leaders need God more than ever. At the same time we are here to hear what God is saying concerning our nation at this second edition of national prayer conference in 2022 tagged “Forsaking the vices plaguing Nigeria.” We are here to put our hands together in intercession to stop the vices plaguing our dear nation,” the apostle remarked as she formally declared the conference open.

Apart from the chains of different powerful prayer declaration sessions over the affairs of Nigeria by some anointed men and women of God at the conference, the major speakers at the meeting on various situations in Nigeria are Prophet Eja Ndifon, (made the prophetic declaration) Apostle James Okocha, Bishop Ugo Wems, Dr. Christian Nwanne, Bishop Oscar Ossai and Dr. Richard Bolaji.

The national prayer conference is a faith-based organization inspired by God for men and women of God from all walks of life in Nigeria to pray together for the peace of Nigeria, for the restoration of Nigeria against potential crisis and for an end to all forms of societal injustices and insecurities such as ethnic disturbances, killings, kidnapping armed robbery and all forms of terrorism; and also pray together for progressive government leadership of the people and to silent the chants and drums of war from various ethnic groups across the  nation.






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