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When God rebuked me of leading sinners to hell fire – Bishop Benson Eze

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As Bible Faith Deliverance City Church celebrates 15th anniversary, its general overseer, Bishop B.C Benson shares with Christian Benefits his transition from Catholicism to Pentecostalism, his tutelage at the Foursquare Gospel Church, Victorious Army Church and Mountain of Fire & Miracles (MFM) and the Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa’s impart on his spiritual growth. He also reveals why God’s once rebuked him of leading sinners to hell until he repented and returned to the Lord to fully focus as the Senior Pastor of Bible Faith Deliverance City Church, Lagos. Excerpts below.

Please, can we meet you sir?

I’m Bishop Benson Chidiebere Eze from Enugu state.

Can we have a look at your spiritual background?

I gave my life to Jesus Christ in 1995. I served at the Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries (MFM) Zonal Headquarters, Orile, Lagos, before God gave me this present work as the Senior Pastor of Bible Faith Deliverance City Church Mazamaza, Mile 2, Lagos.

Please, share with us your rebirth encounter before your call into ministryI used to be a Roman Catholic before I gave my life to Christ. I was raised in a very religious Catholic family. I was a mass server at a tender age in the Catholic church . My father was also a catechist in the Catholic church. But around 1986/87, I didn’t find fulfillment any longer in the Catholic church when I realized that the Catholic youths were struggling with sin. And that started my turning away from the Catholic church.

 So, how did you eventually embrace the Pentecostal faith?

I saw a Foursquare Gospel Church at Ogba, Lagos in 1995. I entered the church, and prayed before the church altar. After I finished praying, one of the church pastors invited me to join the worship service the next Sunday. When I attended the worship, I was impressed with the service and I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

 How will you describe your walk with the Lord since then till date?

After I gave my life to Christ I developed a greater zeal for God’s work. I already had zeal for the Lord since when I was six years old albeit in the Catholic way. Then I used to cry to follow my father to early morning mass. After left the Foursquare Gospel Church, I moved to Victorious Army Ministries, Ogba, Lagos, where I joined the prayer warriors. Before a new member is admitted into the prayer warriors he has to observe 30 days prayer vigil. I observed that joyfully. In the my zeal for God’s work at Victorious Army Ministries I had a memorable encounter with now late Archbishop Benson Idahosa when he ministered at the church in 1996.

Tell us how your encounter with late Archbishop Idahosa imparted your life?

When the archbishop entered the church I touched his garment, and said, “Lord, I want to be like this man.” So, I started serving the Lord the more. I served in the prayer warriors until 1998 when the Lord led me to Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries (MFM) where I served for 10 years before this present work started.

What was your occupation before you came into ministry?

I was into a successful business selling motor bikes. I told God to allow me work to bring money to fund church activities. My business was moving on so well that I bought cars and built my own house. Gradually, my mind went off God’s work in spite of the ministerial training I had at MFM. At the age of 30 I started building a six-bedroom duplex. I felt I should venture into politics because I’m a graduate of public administration. But I became restless when God started reminding me of my promise to work for him if He makes me successful. I was busy motivating sinners through my seminars and books like “12 Principles of Success.” I heard a voice said to me: “You are leading sinners to hell through your motivational.” I became uncomfortable, how can I be motivating sinners? Finally, on November 22, 2007, I said, “Lord, I’m ready to work for you as a pastor.” And today I’m the Senior Pastor of Bible Faith Deliverance City Church, Mazamaza, Mile 2, Lagos.

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