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Dr. Solomon Offers to Restore Nigeria’s lost glory if Elected President – By Clem Emma

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 As Nigeria continues groping for a real change since the failure of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to deliver the change that the party promised Nigeria in 2015, Rt Hon. Dr. Winning Uchenna Solomon is set to change the narrative with his offer of justice, fairness and equity with quality living standard for Nigerians.

Hon. Dr. Solomon, who is reputed as a welfarist and philanthropist, has thrown his cap into the ring to contest the 2023 Nigeria’s Presidential election on the platform of Nigeria Restoration Party (NRP) with a mission to restore Nigeria’s lost glory.

In a media chat on his mission, the philanthropist who is also the General Overseer of Majesty Worship Embassy says Nigeria needs restoration. His words: “I have discovered that Nigeria needs restoration of her lost glory. On this basis, I decided to run for Nigeria’s presidency in the 2023 general elections in the country.”

The clergy politician, who has received massive backing and endorsements from various individuals, institutions, corporate bodies and religious bodies as well as traditional rulers and Nigerian students among others across the country in support of his presidential ambition decried the poor living standard of the Nigerian masses and offers to rescue them from poverty if he is elected Nigeria’s president in 2023.

“The stricken poor Nigerian masses are daily crying. Nigerian people generally are weeping for a sincere change. Whenever I reflect on the present parlous state of the country, it is sadly unfortunate that nobody among the present crop of Nigerian political leaders is ready to wipe off the tears of the poor Nigerian masses. I sought the face of God over Nigeria’s situation and had a strong leading in my heart to contest Nigeria’s presidency in 2023 to free Nigerians from oppressions, to free Nigerians from poor governance and insensitive leadership and to help restore true sanity in the Nigerian polity These are the reasons why I am coming out with my mind and heart that Nigeria will be free. I am coming out to bring a new Nigeria.”

Dr. Solomon dismissed as untrue the opinion that genuine Christians, including pastors, have no business contesting political elections or holding political offices. He said lots of the people that ruled in the Bible days are believers. “That’s untrue! You will discover in the scriptures that a lot of people that ruled in the Bible days were believers. The Bible states that when the righteous rule the people rejoice.”

The amiable NRP Presidential aspirant said the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) of administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has lost the fight against corruption in the country. He remarked that rather corruption has been on the rise in the country under the Buhari administration. “If we must tell ourselves the truth, corruption is on the rise in this present administration. Although President Buhari is trying his best to step down corruption in the country, it is increasing profusely.”

The presidential hopeful also spoke on his agenda if elected Nigeria’s president in 2023. “I have a list of agenda for the country. My first agenda for the country is infrastructures. I am going to ensure that all existing infrastructures in the country are improved, upgraded and properly maintained aside building new and more infrastructures across the country. Secondly, I will fight corruption to a standstill in Nigeria. The third is Poverty Alleviation programmes that will include subsidizing the costs of fuel and essentially commodities. Under infrastructures, I will ensure that good roads and highways are constructed all over the country. I will build hospitals of international standard across the country. I will revive our refineries.

“I will improve the educational standard of our children with building of modern schools and free education from primary level to secondary level. I will embark on a total war against corruption in Nigeria. I will take this war as a serious business. I will ensure that poverty is completely wiped out of Nigeria. Special funds will be allocated to taking care of the vulnerable and indigent citizens of Nigeria. A special allowance will also be allocated to education according to age. I will address the electricity promise and ensure 24 hours power supply in the country.”

“I will create living job opportunities, particularly for the Nigerian youth. I will channel funds to support Nigerian citizens from year one to 18. They will receive a monthly allowance. Other vulnerable and indigent Nigerian citizens will also receive monthly stipends according to their age. We will create a system at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to support the unemployed Nigerians with monthly stipends. I will attract several foreign investors and companies to Nigeria. I will improve our industries and refineries. I will make Nigeria a great nation again.”




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