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Archbishop Mary Ajisafe Eulogies Deceased Father (By Akinyemi Alabi)  

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Archbishop Mary Ajisafe, Presiding Bishop of Peace of God Ministry, Lagos, has paid glowing tributes to her late father, Pastor Joseph Olagoke Ogundare (AGS) who recently passed on to glory at 77 years old. The Late Pastor Joseph Ogundare until his death few days ago served as Assistant General Superintendent (AGS) at Christ Apostolic Church (C.A.C), Oniyanrin, Ibadan, Oyo State.

The Late Pastor Ogundare was survived by many children and relatives who are also reputable ministers of God like him. Among them are Archbishop Prophetess Mary Oluwaseun Ajisafe, Presiding Bishop of Peace of God Ministry, Evang. Modupe Onasanwo and Pastor John Ogundare (the deceased’s younger brother).

Archbishop Mary Ajisafe described the passage of his father as a rude and painful shock that would be difficult for her to overcome. In a chat with Christian Benefits on the deceased, Prophetess Ajisafe paid glowing tributes to her late father.

“I received the news of the death of my father, Baba Seun; Pastor Joseph Ogundare (AGS) of Christ Apostolic Church (C.A.C) Oniyanrin, Ibadan, with a rude and painful shock that would be difficult for me to overcome. My father was a faithful servant of God till death. He was a loving and God-fearing father. He raised all of us his children in the way of God .This is why all of us his children are servants of God. Besides being a cleric, my father was a successful business man. He was the Patron of the Association of Electrical/Electronic traders in the entire Ibadan, Oyo State. My father was a kindhearted man of God. He was a great giver to the needy and the less privileged. We all cultivated the giving habit from my father.”

“My father was a prayer warrior. He was my prayer backbone. Till his death he prayed for me almost every day on phone. He regularly counseled and advised me on my private life and in my ministry. I will greatly miss Baba Seun. I have lost my prayer warrior. He was my counselor. He was my confidant, He was my caring father. He was my closest friend after God and my husband. We his children will greatly miss him. My father faithfully served God till he died at 77. We will always remember him for his favourite song, “Awa yin o, Olorun, wa, awa jewo repe iwo l’Oluwa (We praise thee our God. We confess that you are the Lord!)

Pastor John Ogundare, the deceased’s younger brother also shared his feelings on his deceased elder brother thus: “He has gone to meet Jesus, my immediate elder brother, AGS Pastor Joseph Olagoke Ogundare. He played a fatherly role in my life. He educated me up to university level. He was my spiritual adviser and role model. He taught me the importance of tithe payment as a good Christian. I so resemble him that people always mistake me for him. They would ask “Sir, are you Awa Yin O” (that is his appellation), I would just laugh and say I am his younger brother. I am so proud of you and your achievements.

Pastor John continues his tributes: “I am proud of your service to God your creator and service to humanity. My wife L/E Victoria Ogundare also mentioned your uncountable good deeds and advice that impacted on her life to make her what she is today. I am overwhelmed by calls and text messages by sympathizers, who similarly mentioned your various and numerous help, support and assistance to them. My condolence is that you are resting with Jesus Christ as attested to and revealed by one of your grandchildren who said and I quote, “I saw grandpa with Jesus.” Rest on until we meet again and part no more at the feet of Jesus Christ.”

Evang. Modupe Onasanwo, another of the deceased’s daughter waxed poetical and philosophical in her tribute to their late loving father and great servant of God, Pastor Joseph Olagoke Ogundare, who hailed from Efon Alaaye In Ekiti State. Evang. Mrs. Onasanwo shared thus: “Thank you Jesus! I woke up this morning to call you on phone daddy mi. I woke up to say how are you daddy mi! But no response, your phone didn’t ring again! My dear, my beloved daddy! God loves you. He took you away! No more Sunday- Sunday calling! No more omo- daddy daddy” ! No more “Eye aba mi”(my mother’s dad). Kato rerin odigbo, Kato re fon, odanda, Kato tun ri omo Kokoro Ojodi, omo Jesu Olugbala, baba mi Ogundare Joseph Olagoke Adeniyi, Ishola , Adeniyi  Oko Mosebolatan Florence! Odarinako, odoju ala o!Oda jinde kato tun rira! Good bye, good night my daddy,” Evang. Mrs. Onansanwo nee Ogundare eulogized her late father.

Meanwhile, hundreds of prominent ministers of God have commiserated with Archbishop Prophetess Dr. Mary Ajisafe with her entire siblings and relatives on the demise of their patriarch, the Late AGS Pastor Joseph Olagoke Ogundare. Among them are Lagos CAN President, Apostle Alexander Bamgbola, Lagos PFN President Bishop Olusola Ore, Bishop Theophilous Ugochukwu, Pastor Femi Asaju, Dr. Wole Olarinde, Archbishop David Roberts, Archbishop Yemi Fatade, Bishop Dr. Ben Obanor, Bishop Jeff Agboola, Bishop Dr. Idowu Adeleke, Bishop Akhiomen S. Paul, Archbishop Sam Akengbowa, Dr. Blessing Jibuike, Dr. Mrs, Shade Toyin-Kehinde, Rev. Dr. Mrs Phyllis Goodey, Prophetess Glory Akpabio, Rev, Mrs. Merrylyn Oluwatoyin Akinyoade, Bishop Rosecollet Hasstrup, Pastor Gloria Godwin-Nwachukwu and Pastor Lola George-Akoke among others.







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