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WACOMBS aims at dignity and unity in the body of Christ  

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West African College for Missionary Bishops (WACOMBS) is set to host a pre-conference gathering that will promote unity in the kingdom. Archbishop David Robert, the President/Cardinal of the intercontinental college of missionary bishops, shares with Christian Benefits the expectations from the pre-conference holding  March 18, 2024 online as a prelude to the national conference of the college on March 30, 2024.

Please, I may I introduce you sir?

I am David Irreayo Olusegun Robert, President/Cardinal WACOMBS. I am privileged to head the largest college of bishops in Africa, Middle East and Asia otherwise known as WACOMBS (West African College of Missionary Bishops.

Congratulations on your recent award on Christian leadership. What does the award mean to you?

The award bestowed upon me is a rare honor. I am personally proud and excited for the award. It shows some persons are watching us with keen eyes and interest. I am of the opinion that any award is an endorsement and an encouragement to the recipient or the honoree to do more in the kingdom

WACOMBS is one of the trail blazers in the post-COVID-19 online programmes. How will you describe the impacts of WACOMBS various online programmes since after the COVID-19 pandemic lock down?

Post COVID -19 was a big challenge to everyone. Blessed be Jesus we survived it. Through our various online classes and programmes, we were able to manage it, running all our classes and programmes on line since after COVID-19 till date.

WACOMBS regularly organizes series of different platforms for its online programmes across boards. Tell us some of these platforms.

Among the many online classes organized by WACOMBS are conferences, seminars, ordinations and awards etc. And coming next is WACOMBS’ Pre-Conference gathering 2024 on the 18th of March 2024 in preparation for our annual national conference coming up on the 30th of March 2024 .

From your experience, what are the advantages and the disadvantages of online programmes compared to the conventional physical programmes?

Our online programmes are flexible and less stressful. Their impacts are un-quantifiable. I haven’t seen much difference except for other factors

What is WACOMBS Pre-conference gathering holding this month March 18 2024 all about?

The pre conference is aimed at restoring confidence and dignity among the players in the kingdom through the theme and to foster unity in the body of Christ.



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