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“You are the most valuable asset in your church,” Olumide Emmanuel told pastors  

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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Pastor Olumide Emmanuel, the Senior Pastor of The Truth of Calvary ministries (Cavalry Bible Church) Idimu, Lagos, has appealed to ministers of God to abstain from attitudes and practices that undermine their calling before their congregation.

Pastor Emmanuel made this appeal at the recent one-day ministers’ conference, tagged Kingdom Alignment held in his church when  he explained to the ministers at the conference “10M” of ministry; the man, the message, the ministry, the mandate, the marriage, the mantle, the money, the mistake, the moral and the motivation.

In his exposition on the man aspect of the ministry which he refers as the minister, Emmanuel said the minister behind the ministry is the most valuable human asset in the ministry. He therefore enjoined ministers not to undervalue themselves.

“You are the most valuable human asset in your ministry. Many of us don’t even value ourselves. We sell ourselves cheaply. We are the ones keeping the nation. Without the church the nation is finished! Many pastors are wrongly positioned. You are more valuable than your entire congregation,” the cleric firmly posited.

He further advised pastors to stop looking down on themselves by regarding the privileged members of their congregation as indispensable. “Stop looking down on yourself. Stop undermining yourself. Stop undermining what you carry. God has honoured you. Stop dishonoring yourself. Dishonoring yourself is not humility. You are the light of that church. You can have rich members in your congregation and be poor if you don’t organize yourself. So, pastors be organized,” he advised

Emmanuel also urged ministers to take heed of their wellness spiritually, mentally and physically to remain relevant in ministry and to also serve God in good health He advised ministers to build and fortify themselves. “Fortify yourself with daily prayer, worship and Bible study. Build and fortify yourself with regimented prayer and fasting. Educate and build yourself to have something to offer. Build yourself to know a bit of every vital aspect of life. You must know a bit of everything. Go for trainings and also attend relevant seminars, conferences and workshops. Build yourself to make holiness and purity non-negotiable. Take time to rest and relax. I tell my church members honor me now. If I die and you come to my grave and I say I was a great man, I will rise up from the grave and slap you” he said jocularly.

On the message aspect of the ministry, the Calvary pastor enjoined ministers to be careful of the messages they preach as well as the interpretation of the messages they hear. He said they should ensure the messages they preach are relevant. His words:  “Be careful of the interpretation of the messages you hear. Your messages must be relevant. Preach strategic messages. Teach biblical doctrines. Your messages must meet the needs of the people. Be yourself and use your brain. When Muslims want to enter a mosque they drop their shoes outside. But when Christians want to enter a church they drop their brain outside,” the cleric lamented.

On ministry aspect of the “10M of ministry” the General Overseer of The Truth of Calvary Ministries encouraged ministers to locate their unique ministry, know how to give, avoid distraction, pollution and delusion and stay within their calling. On money, Emmanuel advised ministers to pursue financial intelligence, draw financial plans, develop financial disciple, create a multiple streams of income and be an addicted covenant giver. “Have a clear financial structure. Don’t leave your family in pursuit of wealth. Wealth is all about assets. Be strategic in your prayer,” he added.

Pastor Olumide Emmanuel also explained extensively the remaining aspects of mandate, marriage, mantle, mistake, moral and motivation of the 10M of ministry at the one-day ministers’ conference that attracted huge participants from diverse denominations. Shortly before the conference, Pastor Olumide Emmanuel told Christian Benefits that the conference  was one of the lofty packages of  The Truth of Calvary Ministries ( Calvary Bible Church) in 2021.

“This year 2021 is our year of Kingdom Alignment. God spoke to me that the events of 2020 was a global shaking so that  people can realize that God is really the master of the universe, and he is calling us to return, rededicate and realign this year. As we realign with God and His purpose this year there shall be showers of blessing. This year we have specific programs that will minister to our immediate constituency which is Alimosho. We have the following already planned for this year. The Alimosho Agenda (T.A.P.A), 6pm on Wednesday 27th January 2021. Alimosho Prophetic & Apostolic Vigil, 10pm on Friday 12th February 2021. Alimosho Singles Dinner, 4 pm on Saturday 13th of January 2021. Alimosho Couples Dinner, 4pm on Sunday 14th February 2021. Alimosho Skills Acquisition Programme Monday 29th March to Sunday 4th April, 8 am to 2 pm daily.  We will be training 1000 delegates on 10 different skills free for one week, and also feed them and give grants to them. This is a major community outreach we have for 2021. These are just few of the many programmes for the year because the list is long all the way to December.” the entrepreneurial preacher disclosed

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