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Why on the queue to see the Prophet? By Wole Olarinde

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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God alone determines the person He will use to meet our needs or expectations. That prophet you queue to see may not be God’s vessel to solve your problem. When you seek His presence, definitely you’ll not miss His vessel for your life.

Bro. David was an ‘ordinary’ usher at a city wide crusade in Ibadan in the 80s. A mammoth crowd had attended the crusade to be imparted by the great man of God from overseas as the guest preacher. When the preacher called out the sick among the crowd for him to lay hand on them and be healed, hundreds of sick people surged before the altar for the great man of God to lay hand on them.

When the great man of God got tired (God is never tired) laying hand on just few people among the hundreds that surged before him to lay hand on them, he told the rest to return to their seats.

A terribly sick man was disappointed he was not among the few that the anointed preacher was able to lay hand on before he ordered the rest back to their seats. At the close of the crusade, the sick man was wobbling home sulking with tears in his eyes for ‘missing out’ in the laying of hand by the great preacher on the sick.

Bro. David, the young usher, saw the teary sick man as he wobbled his way out of the crusade ground. He took pity on the sick man and accosted him on the way.

‘Bro, hope all is well! Why are you crying? ‘ he quizzes the sick man

‘I missed out on the laying of hand on the sick by the great man of God, ‘ he replies.

‘Oh! Is that why you are crying?

‘Yes! I’m terribly sick. I wobbled to the crusade to get healing. But the man of God was already tired to get to my turn to lay hand on me,’ the man gushes.

‘Oh! It’s well brother. Can I pray with you for your healing,” Usher David offers.

The sick man looks at the usher. He sizes him up and concludes in his heart, “This boy doesn’t look like someone with anointing to heal the sick.” He ignores the poor usher and makes to walk away. But the usher quickly holds his hand back, and encourages him;

“Bro, please, let’s pray together! You missed the laying of hand of the great man of God, but God can still heal you now without that great man of God.”

The sick man laughs. He doubtfully looks at the teenage usher without the air of someone who can truly “heal”the sick. Nevertheless, as if to fulfill all righteousness, the sick man reluctantly accepts the offer of the young usher (not preacher o) to pray with him for the healing of his terrible sickness.

Bro. David, the seeming insignificant usher, joins hands with the sick man, who was far older than him, and utters a prayer of faith for the sick man. Instantly, the sick man feels some sensation in his body on that spot. And lo and behold he received his healing. He did not only receive divine healing of his sickness, that seeming insignificant teenage usher also led him to Jesus Christ on the same spot that evening.

That teenager usher in the 80s is now Archbishop David Olusegun Robert, the Cardinal of West African College of Missionary Bishops (WACOMBS).

LESSON: God chooses His vessel irrespective of status. Why queuing on a long line, and even buy card just to see that great prophet to solve your problem? All you need is faith. Instead of endless queuing, waiting or sitting so long to see the man of God, be sensitive. God can lead the junior pastor or even an ‘ordinary’ member in the church to pray with you, and your case will be settled. Shalom.

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