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“Useful information vital to acceleration”-Makinwa  

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Dr. Samson Makinwa, Presiding Pastor of Kingdom of Light Ministries (KLM), Idimu, Lagos, says the word of God, prayers and information are keys to gaining speed in life. Therefore, in the  below interview with Christian Benefits on Kingdom week 2022 of the church, with theme, Accelerate, starting from June 3-5, 2022 at the church headquarters, Makinwa encourages those who are desiring speed in their endeavors to connect with the altars and the carriers of the word of God, prayers and information, Apostle Wole Oladiyun, Rev. Afolabi Coker, Pastor Ayo Fadumiye and Pastor Chris Makinwa, joining him the host, at the three-day programme Excerpts

Congratulations on kingdom week 2022. Sir, what is this yearly programme all about?

Kingdom week is the theme of the annual anniversary celebration of Kingdom of Light Ministries (KLM). Kingdom week is the brand of the ministry. It is a week-long celebration of the kingdom of God and its righteousness. Annually, it features teachings, conference, business empowerment, praise &worship and thanksgiving.

What are the expectations from kingdom week 2022 from June 3-5 2022?

This year’s kingdom week event marks the 19th anniversary of Kingdom of Light Ministries. It will serve as the template for the 20th anniversary of the ministry in 2023. Our guest ministers for Kingdom week 2022, Apostle Wole Oladiyun, Rev. Afolabi Cokers, Pastor Ayo Fadumiye and Pastor Chris Makinwa are preachers I will call  mobile altars and they are categorized  in two sets; mobile altars of light and mobile altars of fire.

 As mobile altars what will they be bringing to people at Kingdom week 2022?

Those among the guest ministers with information are mobile altars of light. They will shed the light of information to the problems of the people and the people will see the solutions. These mobile altars of light possess the word of God with useful information that will solve the problems of the people. The other set of ministers, who are mobile altars of fire are prayer bulldozers who will clear with prayers the obstacles hindering people from accelerating in their marriage, ministry, business, career and other endeavors of life. The mobile altars of light will touch the people with the light of useful information that will remove the darkness and ignorance in their lives for them to accelerate in life. The mobile altars of fire will clear the way for the people with powerful prayers for them to accelerate.  The mobile altars who are moving to us along with their respective church altars to bless the people with the speed of acceleration via God’s word, prayers and information are Apostle Wole Oladiyun, Rev. Afolabi Coker and Ayo Fadumiye. They will be joining us the altars in the house; my humble self and our resident pastor, Chris Makinwa to give the speed of acceleration to the people through the word, prayers and information.

Tell us about the theme of this year, Kingdom Week, Accelerate

Accelerate the theme of Kingdom week 2022 is aimed at increasing the pace of progress of the people. Maybe at the moment the pace of your progress is slow. God wants to increase the speed of that pace through this year’s kingdom week .

 Share with us some outstanding testimonies from the past Kingdom week?

I just returned recently from Benin City, Edo state where I ministered at a church dedication. After the dedication I commended the host pastor for the wonderful works that I saw in that church and he told me it was the result of the grace that he had received under our ministry. That is one testimony. Aside this, there are lots of waiting mothers God has blessed with babies at our kingdom week celebration in the past. There are other testimonies of all kinds of problems and challenges God proffered solutions at the Kingdom week celebration in the past. The testimonies from our yearly Kingdom week anniversary celebration are too numerous to list.

How can people key into the blessings of Kingdom week 2022?

All that the people need to do is to put the whole of their heart in the programme. There is a potential in this year’s kingdom week. The potential is very high. There are light and fire in this programme. There is no challenge in life that can survive light and fire. So, they must align with the potential of this programme. I am also aligning myself, my family, my ministry and my business with the potential of this programme. Some experts are coming to teach and show us how we can accelerate in business. They will share some business tips we can apply to our businesses to accelerate. Most of these business tips and useful information are around us but it is either we are blind to them, or we are in darkness about them. That is why I labeled some of the guest ministers altars of light who will shed light on some business tips and useful information that we are either blind to, or are in total darkness about them.  Psalms 119:105 says thy word is a light unto my feet and a lamp unto my path. Feet here stands for steps.  So, that scripture is saying the Lord will light each step you are taking in your endeavors. The path in that scripture is your destiny. So, that also means the Lord will shed light to your destiny. These are the two principles (light and fire) to business and other endeavours of life that we are coming to learn at this programme. This programme is highly potential. If we rightly aligned ourselves with it we will receive the potential in Jesus name.



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