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Understanding the essence and the power of separation of couples in crisis

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Separation of a couple in a troubled marriage does not mean parting of ways by the couple.

Separation of a couple in a sick marriage is a systematic, deliberate, planned and well executed process of rehabilitation, healing and restoration of the sick marriage through proper scriptural counseling by unbiased and well-  experienced parents, marriage counselors, clinical psychologists and deliverance prayers by deliverance ministers (because crisis is demonic).

When couples properly understand the essence and the power of separation therapy, they will realise the futility of choosing divorce as an option out of their troubled marriages.

For divorce, there is no guarantee that it will be greener at the other side and also be mindful of the condition attached to divorce, according to the scriptures, to remain single for life!

Our Lord Jesus Christ, who calmed a stormy sea that scared the disciples to their marrows, is still alive to calm every stormy marriage.

If you are going through one today, I assure you Jesus will calm that storm in your marriage, if only you can cry unto him like the disciples.

When the wind became contrary, the disciples did not jump into the sea for safety; not even Peter, a professional fisherman, who should be expected to be a good swimmer. The disciples did not jump the ship to their own peril.

Instead, they cried to Jesus in the face of the stormy sea that appeared ferociously to kill them, the same manner your stormy marriage appears.

They cried unto the Lord Jesus Christ for rescue from the threat of a stormy sea that dangerously appeared to consume them, and Jesus appeared and rescued them. Praise God!

Beloved, you can also cry to Jesus in the face of that stormy marriage appearing to consume you.Jesus who calmed the storm of the waves of the sea, is still alive to calm the storm in that your marriage, appearing to consume you.

DIVORCE is no, no option! Jesus is alive to calm every storm, including marital storms.

Separation is allowed for experienced marriage  counselors to attend to the couple in crisis separately for a period of time, and later bring them together in a joint counseling for their  proper reconciliation and restoration through the help and the power of the Holy Ghost.

Beloved, that your troubled marriage will work again but you must be ready, prepared and determined to make it work with the help of the Holy Ghost. Epon agbo nmi lasan ni, kole jabo.

If you are determined to make your troubled marriage work, it will work in Jesus name.

We are countering the devil’s device of using DIVORCE in destroying Christian marriages and homes  in this end time. So, say no to the DEVIL! Say no DIVORCE! Shalom.

For further counseling (for couples in crisis) I confidently recommend Rev. Mrs. Abiodun Sosanya (Jerusalem  Pastor, 080333332138), Pastor Bisi Adewale (08068312004), Pastor Olaniyan Johnson (08028293333) and Pastor Adedayo Fajimi (08025773900)

It is well with your marriage in Jesus name.

Dr. Wole Olarinde, Publisher, Christian Benefits (08180301631)

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