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The miraculous are regular testimonies at The Salvation Church of the Lord  

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Although the founder of The Salvation Church of the Lord, Archbishop Peter Fabusoro has transited to glory, God continues to wrath great miracles, signs and wonders in the lives of people at the Oke Afa Jakande Estate based-church as being witnessed at the ongoing 21 days Festival of Blessings of the spiritual church with awesome life-changing testimonies of healing, deliverance and breakthrough.

Primate Dr. Victoria Oluyomi Fabusoro, the wife of the late founder of the church and the incumbent shepherd of the white garment church said awesome testimonies are regular features at the yearly interdenominational prayer programme. “There have been several testimonies from our yearly Festival of Blessings to the glory of God with many testifiers of the great things God has done in their lives. In the past, there was a testimony of a woman who delivered her 3-year-old pregnancy during the programme. The Archbishop prayed for her and told her to roll on the mercy ground of the church, and shortly after she delivered the baby. A lot of people started trooping to the church for deliverance when they heard this testimony.

“There is another testimony of chap with insanity who had been abandoned by his family that God healed in this church. He developed insanity when he was in the secondary till he was in the university. His parents had taken him to several places for healing without results and then abandoned him. When the chap was brought to the Archbishop, we prayed and fasted for him, instructed him to roll on the mercy ground, gave him holy water to drink, and he was healed of the insanity. The chap graduated from the university and is gainfully employed. Now, he is happily married with four lovely children. Testimonies are regular feature in this church.

“People troop to this church from all walks of life for their healing. There was a man of blessed memory who was a former chairman of Oke Afa Jakande Estate. He fainted and his wife rushed him to this church. The wife had concluded he had passed on. The Lord ministered to the Archbishop to take him to a flowing river for bath. Around 5am the church took him to a flowing river and bathed him. And around 8am the Archbishop was called to come and see what happened to the man. When the Archbishop got there he saw a snake coming out from the anus of the man. That snake was killed and burnt, and instantly the man came back to life.”

“God has blessed many barren women with babies at this yearly 21 days Festival of Blessings of Salvation Church of the Lord. The Lord has delivered numerous people from spiritual battles at this meeting. There was a Baptist member who was against white garment churches. He told the Archbishop that an invisible hand always slapped him at night. The archbishop prayed for him and the invisible hand ceased slapping him at night, Primate Fabusoro shared with Christian Benefits.

This year 21 days Festival of Blessings programme of The Salvation Church of the Lord, which started from August 1st-21st, 2021 at the church premises features 3 hourly healing & deliverance prayer sessions from 5am-8am daily. It also features health talks by professionals, Widows & Orphans Night at which the church supports widows and orphans, daily morning cry, evening open air crusade, vigil Service throughout the 21 days, daily Street evangelism and daily personal prayer & counseling session with Primate Dr. Victoria Fabusoro all through the 21 days.

“Apart from our yearly 21 days Festival of Blessings programme we hold other regular programmes where God also wrought salvation, healing, deliverance and other wonders in the lives of people on a regular basis. We hold Bible Class every Monday from 5:00pm – 8:00pm. We hold Emileri kan (I am the next testifier) service every Tuesday 9:00am-11:00a.m. We hold Isoji Isegun (Victory Revival) early Morning Prayer meeting every Wednesday from 5:30am- 7:00am. On the same Wednesday in the evening we hold Asale Irapada (Redemption vigil prayer). We hold Hour of fulfillment every Thursday from 9:00am-11:00am. We hold Isin Iwosan (Healing service) for the sick every Friday from 5:30pm -7:00pm. We hold Sunday worship service from 9:00am 12:30pm,” Primate V.O Fabusoro shared.

The amiable primate further shared with the magazine the vision and also the humble beginning of The Salvation Church of the Lord thus: “Before the church was established, God gave the late Archbishop the ministry of Peter to be a fisher of men. We started the ministry in our house. When the ministry started increasing we got a piece of land and started the church on November 15, 1987. Less than a year at where we started the church some people lodged a complaint that we cannot use that site as a worship centre. The Archbishop told the person who sold the land to us about the complaint and we moved till we secured our present site.

“Although The Salvation Church of the Lord is a white garment church, we don’t use red candles. Even when there is a need to use candle for prayer we only use two or three white candles. The Archbishop received the doctrine of rolling on the floor while praying to deliver people from all spiritual battles. We pray and fast. We believe in rolling on the mercy ground for deliverance. We burn incense on Sunday before service to send evil spirits away and also on Wednesdays before Victory service commences. We use white candles only when God leads us to do.”#The Salvation Church of the Lord is located at Plot 1Isheri Osun Road, Jakande Estate, Oke Afa Isolo, Lagos. 08094132066, 0803862136

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