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The gospel was a taboo in my family until I accepted Christ- Prophet Moses Orogojimo

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Prophet Moses Orogojimo, General Overseer of Divine Call Power Bible Ministry is a silent achiever in ministry. In spite of the global impact of Divine Call Power Bible Ministry the prophet keeps a very low profile to allow his works to speak for him. In the below revealing interview with Christian BenefitsPeace James, the amiable and humble Prophet Moses Orogojimo shares his rebirth encounter.

Please can we meet you sir?

I’m Moses Orogojimo. I’m a child of God. I love God and everything about God.

Can we have a look at your background and upbringing?

I came from a pagan family that worshipped demons. My father was a powerful herbalist and native doctor. I’m the first born again and first pastor in my father’s house. Let me add my personal development apart from the story of my salvation. Sometime ago someone insulted me because I made a wrong spelling. Because of that I engaged a teacher to educate me. Thereafter, I sat for G.C.E and passed the examination. I went on and studied History/International Relations at Lagos State University (2016/2017) . I subsequently did my Master’s degree in London Business School in 2018/2019.

Share with us your rebirth encounter by which you became a believer?

The gospel was a taboo in my family until I accepted Christ. About my rebirth, I was at Akure learning furniture making when I had a very painful whitlow on my finger. I returned home to treat it because I feared how could a son of an herbalist die of whitlow in another land?  On April 16, 1993 I saw an old man stood before me and said, “My son, I am the Lord that your father said would take you to where you belong.” Before my father died he told my mother that I should not join cult; that someone would come to take me to where I belong. The old man further said to me, “I will heal you of the whitlow. You are the Moses of this generation.” My name was Ilesanmi Ojo Orogojimo before God renamed me Moses and said he was would use me like Moses to wrought miracles, signs &wonders in my generation.

Tell us how this prophecy eventually manifested to your call into ministry.

I was three years old when my father died. As a child I always saw visions and shared them with my father. He would consult his oracle and confirmed them. I have been seeing visions from when I was 2 years old even as a son of an herbalist. My first visions were to my immediate family members, especially women seeking for babies. I would dip my finger in water for them to drink and they would get pregnant even before I became a Christian. Shortly after my encounter on that April 16, 1993 when God told me to follow him and he would use me all over the world Prophet J. B Kumoluyi organized a crusade in our town. He is also from that town. If not for the whitlow on my finger I would have led people to scatter the crusade. Instead I attended the crusade because that old man instructed me go to a noisy place where he would prove himself to me. After his sermon at the crusade, the prophet said Jesus loves you. That is why you are here. Jesus is powerful. If you have any pain raise up your hand. I managed to raise my hand because the whitlow pain was severe. As the prophet shouted in Jesus name the whitlow burst, and I shouted I want to know that Jesus who healed me of whitlow without charms or herbs. When the prophet saw me at the attar call he laughed and said “Omo Orogojimo” (son of Orogojimo.) That was how I surrendered my life to Jesus, and the prophet tutored me in the Lord. Three days later I received the call of God into ministry. Immediately, I went into30 days fasting & prayer, which since then has been my annual exercise of waiting upon the Lord every January for 30 days.

How will you describe your kind of life before you surrendered to Christ?

I actually lived a simple lifestyle before I accepted Jesus Christ. I was calm and slow. I’m a genius but not educated then. I was an apprentice before I accepted Christ. Whenever I slept I always saw myself in dream learning carving.  As you sit here if I see tools and wood I will carve you exactly the way you are. I learned carving in my dream. I had traveled to Holland and other countries doing carving and God blessed me in that work. From childhood I don’t like cheating. While growing up I always fought for those who were cheated. That made me a sort of a trouble maker in the neighborhood. I’m still an advocate of fairness and social justice. Other than being a Christian and pastor now nothing has really changed about me. I will simply say the difference between then and now is Jesus Christ!

How will describe your walk with Jesus Christ since you accepted him?

My walk with Christ since I accepted him has been sweet and simple. I live Christ-like; simple, calm and unnoticed anywhere I am. I interact freely with people

What is the exact mandate of your commission by God into ministry?

The mandate of every genuine ministry is soul winning. God calls those he saved to save others. God won’t give you a gift if you won’t use it to save and prepare souls for heaven. Our mandate to rebuild destinies that have been destroyed by the devil. God told me I healed and repaired your destiny to heal and repair others.

Tell us some of the gifts God endowed you to run this mandate

I am a prophet by calling. I preach undiluted word of God. I pray for people with healing, deliverance and restoration regularly manifesting in their lives.















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