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The dying deserve comfort on death transition- Femi John Oyegunle

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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A U.S-based Nigerian shipping magnate, Mr. Femi John Oyegunle, has canvassed compassion, care and love for the dying in order to ensure they pass on peacefully. He said every dying person deserves to die joyfully in comfort and not in sorrow.

Oyegunle, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), JAFBIS Logistics Limited, Texas, USA, in an interview with Christian Benefits on the yearly humanitarian mission of his ministry to Nigeria, encouraged the living to always show the dying some comfort, care and love of Christ in order to ensure they die joyfully without pains, regrets or agony.

“The dying deserve to die in comfort regardless of the circumstances that brought them to the point of death. We need to assuage their pains, fears, regrets and agony with compassion, care and the love of Christ, particularly those dying of terminal diseases regardless of their age, status or the situations that brought them to that point. It is inhuman watching people dying in sorrow, pains, regrets and agony, without rendering them comfort,” he said.

Oyegunle specifically expressed that every dying person deserves to be shown the love of Christ, particularly the dying unbelievers as a last minute opportunity to give their lives to the Lord before giving up the ghost. He cited Jesus Christ as a case study, referring to how he evangelized a condemned criminal at the point of death.

“Jesus, our Saviour is a case study. Right on the cross he extended salvation to one of the condemned criminals that were hung on the trees along with him. “Those people dying at homes, hospitals, prisons or anywhere deserve the love of Christ. It may be a last minute opportunity for them to accept Christ in their lives and join him in paradise, like how one of the condemned criminals accepted Christ and the Lord gave him a clearance to meet him in paradise. So, we should always endeavor to extend the love of Christ to the dying too,” Oyegunle appealed.

The shipping magnate disclosed that his wife, Olabisi Oyegunle, a hospice nurse in the U.S, for several years has been reaching out to the dying with the love of Jesus Christ; and recording profound testimonies of some dying people across religions giving their lives to Christ before they eventually passed on.

“My wife is a trained hospice nurse in the U.S. For years she has been reaching out to the dying sick and the invalid, giving them comfort, care, the hope of eternal life with Christ, and the love of Christ. She preaches Jesus Christ to them and many of them hitherto in a pitiable state of regrets, dejection and despondency suddenly radiating joy and gladness. It is amazing many of them lived several years before they finally died.

“My wife and I over the years have been on this comfort to the dying mission as an integral part of our larger humanitarian ministry to the less privileged, the needy and the destitute. We visit Nigeria once yearly to give the love of Christ to the needy in the areas of free distribution of food items, beverages, toiletries and free medicare, and above all the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

“The free medicare of our mission involves free medical tests of diabetes, blood level, sugar level and eyes test etc. We also give free OTC drugs to those that prescriptively need them, while for severe medical cases or issues we refer them to hospitals or specialists and pick their medical bills. We usually take this mission to villages and other densely populated areas in Nigeria. Above all, we preach Jesus Christ the Saviour to the people and offer them the free gift of salvation,” he said.

Oyegunle disclosed that the mission works in partnership with some of its friends and associates in Nigeria in reaching out to the needy and the less privileged every year. He further disclosed the plans of the mission to expand its scope of activities in Nigeria to cater for poor widows, orphans, the homeless and the destitute.

“By God’s grace we are planning to expand the scope of our mission in Nigeria. We have plans for a residential structure to house widows, orphans, the homeless and the destitute. By God’s grace, our next mission visit to Nigeria is next month December 2021. Aside our usual activities, we shall visit the dying in homes, hospitals and prisons and share the comfort, the care and the love of Christ with them. We will pray and share the word of God with them, and make them joyful even if they will die the next minute. God may heal and avert the death of some of them because we believe that with God all things are possible,” Oyegunle assured.


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