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The Church must align to advance the Gospel of the kingdom- Olayemi

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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Ever Increasing Anointing Ministries recently celebrated its 26th anniversary which featured a 4-day ministers’ conference. Pastor Taiye Olayemi, the General Overseer of the church, in the below interview with Christian Benefits, speaks on the significance of the conference titled Kingdom Alignment, that attracted huge participants, and on other issues in the body of Christ. Excerpts

Sir, congratulations on the 26th anniversary of Ever Increasing Anointing ministries. How does it feel seeing the church clocked 26 years old?

We give all glory to God for the church clocking 26 years. A 26-year-old is no longer a child. Of course, there have been some achievements these 26 years but we are still work in progress towards fulfilling the work the Lord sent us to do. We are pressing forward towards accessing the inaccessible. The work still requires of us more self-denial and perseverance to fully satisfy the Father in the work he sent us. Success is measured by the work that is assigned. In 26 years if God is not satisfied with the work he sent us, it means we have done nothing.

When you set out on the work 26 years ago did you envisage the high level of growth and accomplishments that the ministry has attained today?

I follow God’s plan only; not my plan. That is why I’m not under pressure. God is the owner of the work. He leads the work while I follow. I don’t measure the growth or whatever achievements of the church by my senses. I stay, and work within my ability, capacity and limitations. It is God who measures success. So, it is God who will measure my success according to my ability and capacity.

To what will you attribute the steady growth of the church these 26 years?

I attribute it to the Lord.  As much as possible, and by His grace and leading, I try to remove the burdens of the work off me. I don’t look at how the ministry is growing. All I do is hear, listen and obey the Lord. I depend totally on Him.

Share with us your sacrifices that ensure the steady growth of the church

The major sacrifice is the pleasure of life. You must sacrifice the pleasure of life for steady growth in life. You cannot be committed to ministry work and have passion for the things of the world. Most often you deny yourself sleep. Many times you deny yourself the comfort of your family. There are some necessities of life one cannot combine with ministry if one desires growth in ministry.

 How will you describe the move of God at Ever Increasing Anointing Ministries so far this year 2021?

God has done several great works at Ever Increasing Anointing Ministries so far this year. We believe Him for greater works in the ministry before the close of 2021.The greater works of Jesus Christ requires more sacrifices, self-denial and perseverance. This entails craving more for His Kingdom and denying oneself to get the greater works. We still need more of God’s presence in our ministry in order for Him to do greater works in our midst. We have not yet arrived. We are still in the process. But we are very confident we will get there! As long as we are on the earth, we will continue making progress with lots of sacrifices, self-denial, perseverance and commitment to advancing the kingdom of God.

Share with us how you avoid pressure in ministry?

I avoid pressure in ministry by been true and sincere to God, and to myself. For instance, you cannot sweet talk me to do what I don’t want to do. You cannot pressure me to give what I don’t have. So, as much as possible I tactically avoid whatever that puts pressure on me, including relationships. I’m true to myself. Pressure in ministry most often comes from people who are close to you. When I discover your closeness is bringing pressure on me, I will tactically avoid you.

What is your advice to ministers going through church growth pressure?

They should check their motives in ministry. If your motive in ministry is self you will be under pressure to grow the ministry. If your motive in ministry is wrong, your efforts in ministry will be in vain. Church growth is not measured by attendance. Church growth is measured by God’s presence in the ministry. If there is God’s presence in your ministry, God Himself will bring people to that ministry. So, they should stop looking for people by all means to come to their ministry. Instead, they should seek God’s presence in their ministry. God’s presence is my watchword. His presence is all I need to make the difference. In the Acts of the Apostles, the apostles never looked for people to join them. It was God’s presence among the apostles that attracted the people to join them. So, my advice is they should seek God’s presence instead of seeking people.

Going by the name, Ever Increasing Anointing Ministries, to what level has the anointing been increasing in your ministry these past 26 years?

What is anointing? Anointing is God’s empowerment. As long as you dwell in His presence you will daily receive His empowerment. I don’t look at the word “Increasing” in material term. I look at it as His presence. When you dwell in His presence, material things will flow to you effortlessly. Everything responds to His presence. It is His presence in your life and ministry that will bring the material things that you desire. You don’t look up to material things for His presence to show up. Rather, His presence brings forth material things.

How do you feel about the huge participants at the 4-day Ministers Conference of the 26th anniversary celebration of the church?

We appreciate God for the turnout. God gave us Supernatural Shift as our theme for 2021. The conference was in line with that theme. The conference discussed the need for a shift in our approach to ministry; aligning the gospel with the kingdom of God in the pattern of our Lord Jesus Christ as the only template.

In what specific areas does the body of Christ needs alignment?

When we are talking about kingdom alignment we are not talking about oneness in the body of Christ because it is impossible to align different doctrines as one. First, the body of Christ must align with the person of Jesus Christ. Second, as individual members in the body of Christ our individual attitudes and characters must also align with the Holy Spirit. With these two alignments we will be able to have the total package of the kingdom of God that we can present. Without alignment in these areas we cannot advance the gospel of the kingdom of God.

What should be the specific take away from the ministers’ conference?

The specific take away from the conference is that ministers of God should study the pattern of the kingdom of God and align both their lives and ministries with the kingdom pattern. They should introduce and follow that pattern for the advancement of the kingdom of God. They should look up to the Creator other than the creature in their individual life and ministry. They should look at the pattern of Jesus Christ and work towards the right motives in the ministry.

What are you most grateful to God for your ministry at 26 years old?

What I am most grateful to God for Ever Increasing Anointing ministries at 26 years is that His presence has not left me. I pray His presence continue to abide with me in Jesus name, amen!

If Christ tarries, what are your plans for the church in the next four years?

You may make your plans and God may not approve them. I will continue to follow God as He leads. I live for today and leave the future for God to decide.

On the state of the nation, do you still strongly believe that Nigeria will not break up despite the regional agitations from some parts of the country?

Some may have their opinion that Nigeria will break up, but I still stand by what God said that Nigeria will not break up. God has agenda for Nigeria. God has plans for each of the regions that made up the country. God expects all the regions to pool their resources together for the progress of the country.

As a prophet to the nations, what is the way forward for Nigeria from her present socio-economic challenges, particularly the insecurity, violent killings and poor economy problems in the country?

Let President Muhammadu Buhari first leave office as Nigeria’s president.  We called for him to lead us. God did not call for him to lead us. God is going to raise a David that will replace him, and bring a new dawn of progress, security and unity back to Nigeria.



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