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“The Blood of Jesus is to reconcile us with God” -Pastor Ekwueme

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The Senior Pastor of The Almighty God of Wonders Ministry, Ikotun, Lagos, Pastor Emmanuel Ekwueme has described the blood of Jesus as a mystery , which he said God revealed to him. While explaining to Christian Benefits how he arrived at the name of the ministry, the cleric said he derived the name from the significance of the blood of Jesus that God revealed to him during an encounter.

“I derived the name Almighty God of Wonders Ministry, from my encounter with God in my prayer and fasting while I was serving in another church. In that prayer and fasting, God spoke to me about this commission and he said to me that at the fullness of time he would tell me what to do. In that encounter, I saw blood on the palms of Jesus Christ, and the Lord said to me that the blood is not in vain. He explained to me that the blood is God’s heartbeat to draw His people back unto Himself with His mighty and outstretched hand to do wonders in their lives.”

Before this encounter, Pastor Ekwueme, whilst in his early 20s had given his life to Jesus Christ when he repented from youthful exuberances that are contrary to the will of God, and received the salvation of Christ in 1987 after his secondary school. He was subsequently called by God into ministry to ‘go and preach the gospel and make disciples of all nations’ according to the scripture in Mark 16:15.

To achieve the above mandate of his calling by God, Pastor Ekwueme’s Almighty God of Wonders Ministry runs series of salvation, healing and deliverance programmes with awesome testimonies of God’s mighty and outreached hand of wonders in the lives of lots of participants at the church programmes that include Solution Service every Wednesday from 9am, Healing Hand on the First Friday of every month and Sunday Service from 8am-11am besides special programmes.

“There are lots of testimonies of salvation, healing, deliverance, open doors, dead came back to life, and barren women became fruitful among other wonders in the lives of people in our programmes. God gives solution to problems in marriages, health, bareness, etc. For instances, we have testimonies of a couple that God blessed with a child after six years of marriage, and a 50 years old that happily got married. People have hope in our ministry,” Pastor Ekwueme finally assured. #Almighty God of Wonders Ministry is located at 65 Governor Road, Ikotun, Lagos.



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