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The Blessing of Resurrection By Bishop Patrick Utulu

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READ: Numbers: 21:1-10

TEXT: “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life,” (John 3:14-15).


Before you start reading this devotional today, please make out time to read our text. The wilderness journey was a journey of a great supernatural encounter.

The adventure was designed to continue as long as God provided guidance and leadership; the people were in obedience and in compliance to instruction.

Disobedience will bring infirmities, stagnation and oppression.

The journey to the Promised Land would be characterized with ups and down but they must be disciplined and be in absolute obedience.

God’s presence was the promised visa to Promised Land. Unfortunately, they disobeyed God, doubted God and subsequently lost His presence.

They began to complain and blame their leader, saying: the journey is rough; you should have left us alone in Egypt.

In the course of their complaints, God became angry and withdrew His presence and then serpents/snakes were released to attack them. The place was called wilderness of snakes.

When God’s presence was in their midst, nothing, including snakes could hurt them.  Similarly, when we are in obedience, God will bless us with His presence, joy, peace and prosperity.

They turned over to their leader, Moses, and he in turned, turn the matter over to God. He said to him make a brazen serpent and hang it on the pole as a supernatural solution to the wilderness attacks.

Who was sending those serpents? It was the Egyptians. They were throwing the demonic serpents on their highway to force them to return to Egypt.

Any man expecting you to return to what you have been redeemed from, and to what God has delivered you from shall bear their evil plans, in Jesus name. Peace.


The brazen serpent was made by inspiration of God through Moses. It was designed to bring about supernatural healing. Anything from the hand of the anointed becomes anointed and it can provide immediate divine solution.


  1. O Lord my God, by the spirit of resurrection, I decree that my hand, mouth, ear are anointed; from today, everywhere I have failed as human, I shall manifest success by God’s special grace, in Jesus name.
  2. DECREE: My God, by Your eternal mercy, arise, forgive my sins of complaining and heal me of every manner of infirmities, in Jesus name.
  3. DECREE: Almighty God, by resurrection anointing, redeem me from every oppression, yoke and power of the enemy, in Jesus name.



 Evening: Mathew 27:1-End

NOTE: Please be careful today and this week. If you drive, check your engine oil. water, gauge, tyre and tight your wheels. You will not have accident and no evil shall befall you in Jesus name, amen.



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