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Testimony of my eye surgery at John Hopkins in 2021-Oloye

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Pastor Joachim Oloye, the General Overseer of Eagles Assembly, Ejigbo, Lagos, acknowledges there is hardship in Nigeria but assures Nigerians of improvement in 2022 if they rightly position themselves for God’s move in their lives in the new year. Oloye, in the below interview with Christian Benefits reveals God’s assurances for Nigerians in 2022, particularly at Eagles Assembly, and also shares the testimony of his successful eye surgery at John Hopkins hospital, U.S and other awesome testimonies recorded at the church in the just concluded 2021. Excertps.

Sir, how will you describe the move of God at Eagles Assembly in 2021?

As the Lord told us at the beginning of the year, 2021 was indeed our year of total restoration. Our testimonies in 2021 were awesome beyond imaginations. God did creditable works at Eagles Assembly with miracles, signs and wonders following.

Please share with us some of the testimonies of the church in the year 2021

One major testimony of Eagles Assembly in 2021 was the successful celebration of its 20th anniversary. Aside this, we recorded numerous miraculous testimonies in the lives of the church members including a couple that delivered a set of twins after 21 years of marriage without a child. We recorded testimonies of lots of soul conversions, gainful employment of many of our church members, healing and restoration miracles and awesome manifestation of God’s presence in the church.  Personally, God gave me amazing and valuable testimonies in 2021 which include the successful surgery of my right eye in the U.S, and the glorious wedding of my daughter shortly after the 20th anniversary celebration of our church in the year.

Tell us more about the testimony of your eye surgery in the U.S in 2021

Early in the year 2021 I was in the U.S on preaching engagement. I had a challenge with my right eye that required surgery at John Hopkins hospital in the United States; the best hospital in the world. The surgery cost well over $100,000, and miraculously I didn’t pay a dime from my personal purse. I had the eye surgery in July 2021. The successful surgery enabled me to return home to participate in the 20th anniversary celebration of our church last year October 2021. I want to use this medium to appreciate my  good friend and brother, Apostle Akintunde Phillips and his wife, my son in the Lord Pastor Amos Olaosun and Pastor munir all of whom the Lord used to facilitate all that were required for the successful surgery. I also appreciate the management of John Hopkins hospital and the dedicated doctors who handled my case, God bless you all!

Back to the testimony of the 20th anniversary of Eagles Assembly, share with us your excitement about the huge success of the 20th anniversary celebration

Eagles Assembly’s 20th anniversary was indeed a testimony when we look from where the church started in my sitting room before moving to under a tree, a hotel hall, to where the church is now; our Rehoboth. We give all glory to God for His marvelous and gracious hand upon us; and also for our sustenance and progressive transformations. Eagles Assembly is a progressive and life-changing centre. It is a centre of salvation where people come in and testify that their lives have changed. 

What are your targets for the church in the next 10 years, when it will clock 30?

After the 20 years milestone, the major focus of the church is still soul winning, which is the heartbeat of God and the major reason Jesus Christ died for all.  So starting from this year 2022 we are going to be more radical in our evangelism; reaching out to more souls into God’s kingdom. We will organize more crusades for souls. We will organize series of revival programmes like in February, which is our annual fasting and prayer. We will hold our regular retreats to rejuvenate and rekindle the burning fire in the lives of the people. The Bible says give God no rest; concerning the works of my hand command ye me. So, we will keep knocking at the door of heavens until heavens fully opened unto us. We are resuscitating our Morning Dew programme; an early morning revival service that was suspended due to the COVID-19 restrictions. We are shifting the service from Thursday to Tuesday, which is victory day, called Ojo Isegun in Yoruba. It entails people coming to church for early morning prayers before going to their places of work.

What does God have in stock for people this year 2021 at Eagles Assembly?

Apart from God’s move and visitations, we are looking at giving more support to the needy in this year 2022. During the last Christmas/new year festivities, Eagles Assembly distributed food items and other provisions to the less privileged, which is actually the ministry of my wife, Pastor Mrs. Grace Oloye to the needy and the motherless. We acknowledge that situations are very tough for most Nigerians are the moment. So, we will continue supporting the needy every month this year with food items and other provisions, which is part of the responsibilities of churches to take care of their members and other people. Apart from soul winning, churches should also commit to welfare responsibility; touching lives and touching our immediate environments.

How can people be partakers of God’s all round blessings this year 2022?

Through the word of God we will bring people to the full knowledge of right positioning to be partakers of God’s numerous blessings in the new year 2022. God said explicitly in the Bible, “If they will obey and serve me, they will spend their days in prosperity and years in plenty.” God does not circumvent His word. God is God of order, structure and principle. That is why he put ‘if” as a condition. The altar is to bring people closer to God. God said in Isaiah 1:18, “Come now, and let us reason together…” So, we will bring people to that understanding that there is no other route to partaking in God’s blessings outside of Jesus. There is no palliative to Jesus. You just come and accept Him. He said in Mathew 11:28 “come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,” If you just accept Jesus you are positioned to partake of God’s blessings. Through the word of God we will open their eyes of understanding, draw them very close to God so that all God has promised and has in stock for them will be delivered to them. In John 9:31 he said, “But I know God heareth not sinners; but if anyone be a worshipper of God, he God will heareth”. That is the duty of churches to make people understand that it is not business as usual. You must come to the Lord. You must serve Him in spirit and in truth. You must give your life to Him. You must come unto Him and shed off the burden of sin. In Hebrew 12:1 says, “…lay aside every weight, and sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.” So, people must position themselves in line with the word of God. That is the only way they can partake of God’s blessings in this year 2022. Like in Mark 10:46 blind Bartimaeus positioned himself when he heard that Jesus would pass bye. And when he saw Him, he shouted Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me. So, every believer must rightly position himself or herself for the move of God this year 2022. We do say the blessings of God are free but they carry certain stringent conditions as specified in Deuteronomy 11:22-28.






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