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SEXUAL SIN: It takes God’s grace for pastors to avoid its pitfalls- Akin-John

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Dr. Bola Akin-John, in a mind-blowing and no-hold-barred interview with Christian Benefits magazine on the rising cases of pastors falling into adultery, fornication and other forms of sexual sin, says it will take God’s grace with determination for most of today’s pastors not to get trapped into the pitfalls of adultery, fornication, masturbation, pornography, pedophilia, homosexual, incest, bestiality, lesbianism, gay relations and various other forms of sexual perversion. How can pastors guide themselves against falling into these dangerous pitfalls?

What should pastors do when they find themselves trapped in any of the above  pitfalls of sexual sin?  Should they confess the sin to God alone or to their spouses, pastors, trusted ministers or keep the act as a secret between themselves and their partners in the crime to their eternal condemnation?

Dr. Bola Akin-John John, a renowned Church Growth expert, addresses this dilemma in a lengthy interview with Christian Benefits on Sexuality and Sexual Perversion Behind the pulpit.  Below is a teaser from one of the interview questions on this serious issue to be exclusively published later in Christian Benefits magazine; Nigeria’s front line and most issue-oriented Christian news magazine.

How can a couple handle the case where shortly after their wedding the wife discovered that her husband is impotent and may never impregnate her?

This is a common case in marriage. I know a case of a sister who discovered after the solemnization of their marriage in church that her husband was impotent. She ran from pillars to posts visiting churches and other places including native doctors for solution to her husband’s impotence until he started having little erection six years after their marriage. Despite the eventual erection of her husband’s manhood, he was still unable to impregnate her for 11 years in marriage.  The woman is a general overseer of a church. During her attendance of one of our school sessions, I noticed she rarely participated in class discussions. I invited her to my office and asked her why she always kept silent during class discussions. She reluctantly shared her story with me, including how she gets sexual satisfaction outside her marriage due to her husband’s impotence. This is an unfortunate situation. What couples in this case can do is to absolutely trust God for solution to the problem. If one of the partners is one that is sexually active with high libido intensity he or she may resort to seeking sexual satisfaction outside their marriage. It will take the grace of God with the determination of the couple to keep their marriage oath. READ  LATER THE DETAILS OF MORE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS ON THIS SUBJECT MATTER.

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