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Search for the missing in your ministry, struggling pastors urged

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The absence of the Holy Spirit in their ministries has been identified as the cause of the struggling or fruitlessness of many ministers of God. Pastor Taiye Olayemi, General Overseer of Ever Increasing Anointing Ministries, Igando Lagos revealed this cause on the first day of the 4-day Prophetic Eagle Ministers Summit 2021 on Tuesday April 27, 2021 at the church headquarters.

In his exhortation on the theme of the summit, Hosting of the Holy Spirit, which was part of the Divine Release 2021 yearly programme of Ever Increasing Anointing Ministries, Pastor Olayemi advised ministers of God who are struggling in ministry to bring back the missing presence of God in their respective ministries.

He said many ministers of God facing challenges in ministry may have either left the essence of their calling into ministry or have abandoned the Holy Spirit in their ministry. Drawing reference from Luke 2:14 on how the mother of Jesus left him in the crowd and later searched for him, the cleric advised ministers that the Holy Spirit is missing in their ministry to go into their closets and pray for the return of the missing Holy Spirit, which he said is the presence of God, in their ministry.

Olayemi also likened the missing Holy Spirit in some ministries to the missing ax head of one of the sons of the prophet in 2 King 6:5. He said like the son of the prophet cried to his master, Elisha over his missing ax head “ministers who have lost the Holy Spirit or their ax head; the unique grace upon their ministry, should cry to God to bring the Holy Spirit back in their ministry or to recover their lost unique grace. He also warned pastors who head huge congregation but without the presence of the Holy Spirit in their midst not to be deceived by their massive congregation. He advised that they should also seek the face of God in prayer for His presence in their congregation.

“You should lock up yourself to seek the face of God to return the missing Holy Spirit in your ministry or the lost grace upon your ministry. Like the mother of Jesus went back and searched for him, you must go back to search and bring the missing Holy Spirit back in your ministry or the lost unique grace upon your ministry. Don’t seek a man of God. Seek what is missing in your ministry and bring it back. The Holy Spirit is the spearhead or the ax head of your ministry. Go back and bring back your missing ax head.

“Don’t die premature. Don’t think your ministry is working on the basis of the crowd you control when the Holy Spirit is missing in that crowd. Go back and pick up the Holy Spirit. God has not called us to be stagnated or frustrated. Search for the missing in your ministry and pick it. The Holy Spirit is not intimated by your challenge. Until you match the Holy Spirit with your work you can’t get results. If your life is stagnant, it means the Holy Spirit is absent in your life. God is calling us back to what matters; and that is hosting of the Holy Spirit in our ministries.”

The preacher also warned his colleagues not to run their ministries on assumption.  His words: “Ministry is not assumption. If you want to move right with God put aside your ideology. Inferior company cannot produce superior blessings. Our generation has left the Holy Spirit. When you are dealing with the Holy Spirit you don’t assume. Don’t run your ministry on assumption; doing so is dangerous. It is risky running ministry on assumption. Many ministries today are mere echoes and not voices. God has called us to be voices in our generation. If you want to be a voice in your generation you must live by the Holy Spirit and not by assumption.”

The amiable and gifted general overseer of Ever Increasing Anointing Ministries Int’l, Igando, Lagos, finally charged fellow ministers of God, particularly the younger ministers to submit themselves to good mentors to guide them in ministry. He said there are ministers of God that carry uncommon grace that some other ministers need to rub off on them to be fruitful and productive in their respective ministries. He advised ministers of God to accord due respect to superior grace.

His words: “Submitting to a superior grace opens the heavens faster than prayer and fasting.  The Holy Spirit came upon Jesus not because Jesus prayed and fasted. It was because Jesus submitted himself to the Holy Spirit. Look for someone who is superior to you by grace in ministry and submit yourself to that person as your mentor in ministry. We are not mates in grace. We are only mates in salvation. Submit to a superior grace as your mentor to guide and nurture you in ministry,” Pastor Olayemi finally counseled.

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