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Rev. Sunday Godwin Ashe: From Traditional Religion to Spiritual Activism

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief

From Traditional Religion to Spiritual Activism: The Inspiring Journey of Rev. Sunday Godwin Ashe

Alimosho, Lagos, Nigeria – In a rare interview with Rev.  Sunday Godwin Ashe, the Zonal Superintendent of Foursquare Alimosho Zone, the media team had the privilege of delving into the life of a man who has not only undergone a remarkable transformation but also dedicated his life to ministry with a mission to rescue souls.

Rev. Ashe’s journey of faith began at the tender age of 15 when he made a life-altering decision to embrace Christianity, leaving behind the world of African traditional religion that had been a significant part of his family’s heritage. His father, an herbalist, was well-known for providing spiritual consultation and assistance, and it seemed natural for young Ashe to follow in his footsteps.

However, a sermon on a Sunday marked a turning point that led him down a different path. “It was a remarkable experience in my life,”Ashe recalled. “It’s been thirty-seven years since I gave my life to Christ. I came from a home where the African traditional religion was the order of the day. My father was an herbalist. Each and every day, I saw people visiting my father seeking spiritual consultation and assistance. This further drew my attention to the profession. Probably because my brother was not interested in the occupation, I became interested and had in mind to follow my father’s footsteps.  In contrast to my own plan, I heard a sermon on a particular Sunday that marked a turning point in my life. Everyone around me noticed a different person from the person who was once notorious.”Rev.  Sunday Godwin Ashe, Zonal Superintendent, Foursquare Gospel Church, Alimosho Zone

Rev. Sunday Godwin Ashe’s journey into ministry was motivated by a deep sense of duty to protect people from the plights of the devil. He describes himself as a “spiritual activist,” and if he hadn’t become a pastor, he says he would have pursued a career in law, driven by a desire to see justice served and prevent people from being cheated. When asked about the changes in Christianity over the years, Ashe acknowledged a significant difference in the level of commitment.

“The commitment of then was better than today’s own. People stuck to their religious values and beliefs all through. There was also a way of identifying one another in the midst of the crowd. We addressed ourselves with the term ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ within and outside the Christian fellowship.”

Aside from his pastoral duties, Reverend Ashe is also known for his authorship of several books, which he emphasizes are not profit-oriented but serve to spread the gospel and educate readers. “To the surprise of many, I am camera shy. Hence, the need to opt for writing books to make my messages viral. Most times, when people read my books, they reach out to me via my phone number and social media handles. As of yesterday, someone called me commending my books, and this gladdens my heart.”

Rev.  Ashe’s three new book titles for launch on Saturday September 30, 2023, in Lagos

His wife, who plays a pivotal role in his writing endeavors, encourages him to put his messages into writing and helps with grammatical corrections. With thirty years of experience in ministry, Ashe acknowledges that challenges were part of his journey, and there were moments when he questioned his path. However, he remains grateful for the privilege of serving in the ministry.

As a piece of advice to young ministers, he emphasizes the importance of developing a close relationship with God, embracing humility, and treating people right. “Your asset as a minister is the number of lives you are able to be a part of, the souls you are able to rescue and direct.”

Rev. Sunday Godwin Ashe’s story is one of transformation, faith, and dedication to a higher purpose, serving as an inspiration to many who seek a meaningful and purposeful life in the ministry. This news story incorporates all the points from the interview while providing a comprehensive overview of Reverend Ashe’s life, ministry, and his dedication to spreading the gospel.

On Saturday 30th September 2023, Rev. S.G Ashe would be launching three books titled “Needed in the City, Tied in the village”, “Reversing the Irreversible” and “Breaking the Curse in the blood”. The proceeds for this book launch would be used for Church Planting and the event which is open to the public would be holding at Foursquare Gospel Church, Alimosho Zonal Headquarters, 11a Kokumo Road beside Chicken Republic, Alimosho, Lagos.Rev.  Sunday Godwin Ashe fielding questions from a team of reporters in his office

Rev.  Ashe poses with the reporters with the copies of his three new books

Story  by Olawale Perfect ( a broadcaster/media consultant



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