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Primate Ayodele enriches libraries with compendium of fulfilled prophecies

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University, public and private and other libraries all over the world have further been enriched by Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele’s new book, A Compendium of Ten Thousand & More Fulfilled prophecies” published  by the primate in his yearly book of prophecies, Warnings To the Nations (WTN) from 1994-2020.

Warnings to the Nations (WTN), a collection of divine signals, was first published in 1994 by Primate Elijah Ayodele, the Servant of the Most High God at INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Oke Afa, Isolo, Lagos, with the initial title, Present And Future Watch, from 1994-1996, as a yearly revelations of the mind of God, through the primate to all nations to warn, instruct and guide all nations into the future.  Since its debut in 1994 the book has impacted all nations across the globe.

Primate Ayodele, at the public presentation of the new book, A Compendium of Ten Thousand & More Fulfilled prophecies during the recent 26th anniversary celebration of the WTN book of prophecies, went down memory lane on how God inspired him to publish the book and the impact of the book across nations in 26 years. He said the compendium of his over ten thousand fulfilled prophecies across nations, which he described as first of its kind in the world, was a documentation and celebration of God’s faithfulness to the lofty book project over the years.

“We thank God for making the Warnings to the Nations project global news. This is our 26th year anniversary of the project and it is like a dream. I want to say the press has been advancing the work of God in their reports. I appreciate all of you for coming to this presentation of our yearly book of prophecies. The book contains messages on sports, politics, economy, health and other areas of human activities. When we started the project, only five pressmen were in attendance. We thank God that today things have changed. We thank all our friends from the soft sell magazines. We appreciate all of you for reporting the messages to the global world as contained in the book,” the primate appreciates the press for its support.

Besides the pressmen who have been reporting his prophecies over the years, and who he promised to empower with their wives, and also the families of the late ones when the WTN clocks 27 next year, 2021, Ayodele also paid recognition to some Nigerian pioneers and forerunners in the art or ministry of prophetic messages to the world.

“I want to place on record that some people in the Lord’s vineyard started this work before us. These people shook the whole world with their prophetic messages. During this era, we were still very young in the ministry and not as strong as them. We need to recognize these people of God; late Prof. Gabriel Okunzua, late Prophet Samuel Adewole, Late Primate Ositelu of the Church of the Lord Aladura and Primate Theophilous Olabayo. I want to say that Prophet Olabayo is God’s prophet known globally. Many people pay attention to his prophecies to the glory of God,” Ayodele, the amiable God’s servant remarked.

Primate Elijah Ayodele’s “A Compendium of Ten Thousand & More Fulfilled Prophecies” is very appealing. The 607 page voluminous book contains precisely 10,763 fulfilled prophecies in diverse areas that include politics, sports, economy, climate issues, agriculture, education, health, sociology, history and security etc.

The author, Ayodele,  orderly lists out his over 10,000 fulfilled prophecies in details, and with references of their publications in both local and international media organs including BBC and CNN among others. A flip through the 607-page book reveals  its relevance and significance as a study book, reference book, research book and a book that will be very useful in comparative study and analysis in universities, polytechnics, seminaries, theological institutions and other  higher institutions of learning; both secular and theological across the globe. The book will also serve private purposes like for spiritual meditation and edification.

According to a commentator on the book, Apostle (Pastor) Dapo Bamisaye, “the essence of this landmark compilation is to celebrate the work of God in the man of God, Babatunde Elijah Ayodele (J.P) and also an attempt to present to the world all that have been said prophetically by him. It is hope we shall learn lessons therein for the good of ours.”

Apostle Bamisaye added that in Nigeria today one cannot talk intelligently about prophecies without the name of the servant of God at INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church; “the indomitable Seer, Babatunde Elijah (JP); a highly visible Field Marshal in the Lord’s vineyard,” Bamisaye remarked.

# Members of the public who are interested in the book can visit INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church or call: 08033021220 or 08037118026 for copies of the book.





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