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Preachers should crave for God’s presence in their works -Pastor Taye Olayemi  

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Pastor Taye Olayemi, General Overseer of Ever Increasing Anointing Ministries, Igando, Lagos, has laid emphasis on the need for preachers of the gospel to crave for God’s presence in their lives and ministries. In an interview with Christian Benefits, the cleric expressed that many preachers are too busy with God’s works and relishing on their anointing while the presence of God has unfortunately departed their lives.

“Many ministers of God are too busy with God’s work but without the presence of the owner of the work in them. God can anoint you but His presence is not in your life and work. You can be operating under a powerful anointing in error, thinking God’s presence is there. Anointing without God’s presence is inadequate,” he said. Pastor Olayemi disclosed to Christian Benefits that it was part of the mandate of his commission to return busy ministers of God back to God’s presence on the platform of a ministers’ network called Prophetic Eagles Gathering.

Prophetic Eagles Gathering is a ministers’ network aimed at bringing ministers of God together away from our busy church schedules. Anointing without God’s presence is an error. Personally, I project anointing, but I am more concerned about His presence than the anointing. We should not build ministry around anointing. We should rather build ministry around God’s presence. This is the knowledge and understanding that we share at Prophetic Eagles Gathering. We place more emphasis on God’s presence in our ministries than on the anointing upon our lives.

“One major programme in line with the mandate of my calling by God is Prophetic Eagles Gathering. It is part of my mandate to see ministers of God standing in the gap for their churches and ministries, families, members and nations. It is basically an interdenominational outreach network of ministers of God,” Pastor Olayemi explained.

The preacher also enjoined ministers of God, particularly the upcoming to depend on the Holy Spirit to choose their mentors. While quoting from the scriptures that as many as are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God to back his opinion, Olayemi noted that whoever mentors a person determines the end of that person. “I don’t approach people to mentor me. I don’t allow my selfish desire to lead me. I tell God to lead me to the person to father or mentor me instead of approaching the person myself to mentor me because of what I see around him. In the kingdom the Bible says as many as are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God and not those who are led by their close associate with men. Let God lead you to the person to mentor you. Who mentors you determines your end. You should be careful about the person you seek to mentor you. Go back to God to choose your mentor for you. Don’t define me by what you see around me. Define me by what I can I carry.

“It is not bad to appreciate the exploits of men, but it is improper to be swayed by the exploits of men to choose them as our mentors. Don’t decide by what you see in men. Decide by the inward leading of the Holy Spirit. If God is leading you to a person to mentor you, there are things God wants you to receive from that person. But if God is not leading you, you will not receive anything from that person,” the amiable cleric noted.

Pastor Taye Olayemi was born twins. Just like him his twin sister is also a Pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Akure, Ondo State. According to their mother, she carried them in her womb beyond the normal period that she should have delivered them. Due to her overdue pregnancy she left for her father’s house in Minna, Niger state. Her father who was an herbalist told her not to use any medicine, whether herbs or orthodox medicine for the delivery of the twins in her womb. He told her that the twin babies in her womb could only be delivered in a church, and therefore advised their mother to go to a church for the delivery of her pregnancy.

Pastor Olayemi continues the story of the mystery surrounding his birth, “On the basis of this advice, a woman in the neighborhood who attended C.A.C took our mother to that church. And the prophet in that church also warned our mother that she should not take any medicine for her delivery. He encouraged her to be taking only prayer water instead of medicine for her delivery.  When our mother eventually delivered us it was only my cry that was heard. My twin sister did not cry. They said I cried for hours while my twin sister remained inactive. And the prophet said until I stop crying my twin sister would not come alive. Immediately I stopped crying my twin sister sneezed and she came alive.  It was when they were about packing up her as a dead child that I stopped crying. That is a sort of mystery about our birth.”

#Read the full length of this interview with Pastor Taye Olayemi, General Overseer of Ever Increasing Anointing Ministries, Igando, Lagos, in the regular (hard copy) of Christian Benefits magazine for the details on the mystery surrounding his birth, why he has never taken drugs since he was born, his calling into ministry, awesome exploits in ministry and lots more. Shalom! 


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