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Oni duromi and issue of copy right

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Adeyinka Alaseyori is not the composer of oni duro mi, and so what! Mama Odun nlo sopin said she is not the composer of Odun lo sopin but God used her Good women choir to make the song popular.

Tope Alabi’s apologists who are rooting that the composer of Oni duro mi should sue Yinka for infringement of intellectual property under the copy right law have missed it. In the law of the kingdom of God, Paul plants, and Apollo waters.

The original owner of Oni duro mi should ignore those who are pushing that she should sue Yinka for copy right because nobody can stand against anyone God has chosen to announce. My friend and sister, Tope Alabi would have realized this by now that nobody can stand in the way of a moving train.

All of us act sometimes out of the flesh but that does not say we are no longer children of God. Tope Alabi still remains a precious child of God despite that she goofed. We should rather pray for her and encourage her to embrace the young sister God has chosen for this season.

Beloved, let us be careful in our comments in order to avoid creating unnecessary enemies for this rising young sister. Yinka still has a lot to learn from Tope Alabi. We should not build enmity with our comments between these two gifted daughters of Zion.

Aunty Tope Alabi, please reach out to your daughter, Yinka for a duet and put the enemies of the church to shame. Please, let us forgive her utterance made out of the spur of the moment. God is Oniduro Tope Alabi too, otherwise she wouldn’t have come this far.

E bami dari ji Aunty Tope. Eran Ara lo gbe won wo. ( Please let us forgive Aunty Tope. She was momentarily possessed by the flesh). It happens to you and me too occasionally. Rather than crucifying her, please, let’s pray for her. Oniduro ni Olorun fun gbogbo onigbagbo ninu Kristi. (God is a surety for all believers in Christ). Shalom.

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