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OBABASIRI 2023: Nigeria need God’s mercy over her challenges-Komolafe

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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Obabasiri, an annual prayer conference of Christ Apostolic Church (C.A.C Greater Light Assembly) Abaranje, Lagos, will commence on March 25-June 7 2023. Prophet Wale Komolafe, the senior pastor of the church in the below interview with Christian Benefits explains that this year’s 12 special Wednesdays of prayer conference is aimed at tackling the challenges in the lives of people with the mercy of God. He adds that Nigeria need God’s mercy to overcome her present challenges. Excerpts

What are the expectations from this year’s Obabasiri 12 special Wednesdays of prayer conference?

This year’s Obabasiri commences March 17-June 7, 2023. Our expectation is to tackle every bad situation in the lives of people with the mercy of God. We will call on the mercy of God to keep His people in every sphere of life. We are also looking up to the mercy of God to silent every foundational and evil curse in the lives of the sons and daughters of God and release them to fulfilling their destinies.

Share with us the vision behind this popular yearly Obabasiri prayer conference

When I attended C.A.C Theological Seminary Ilesa we had a slogan called Obabasiri. With this slogan even if you don’t have food you will definitely eat because God provides for His people. This covenant works for me in ministry. God impressed it on me to adapt Obabasiri as an annual programme of C.A.C Greater Light Assembly.

Tell us the impact of the programme in the lives of the participants since its inception 

Quite a lot of people have been blessed at this meeting with profound testimonies. Every year people from various denominations attend the programme. Obabasiri has become a registered name in the minds of the participants because it is a covenant name. We have testimonies of deliverance, huge debt cancellations, fruitfulness for the expectant mothers, pains disappearance, lives and marriage restorations, visas to overseas, breakthrough in careers and businesses and house ownership among other wonderful testimonies in the lives of the participants at the Obabasiri meeting.

What informed the topic of this year’s conference, Anu ma yanju e?

This year 2023 is our year of the mercy and goodness of God. In the course of a prayer on mercy and goodness, the spirit of God ministered to me “Anu ma yanju eas the topic for this year’s Obabasiri, the fourth edition. Anu ma yanju e; that is mercy will settle the problems, challenges, difficulties, mountains and expectations in the lives of the people. That is why we have invited some pastors and fathers in the faith to come and help us do justice to the topic. Anu ma yanju e (mercy will settle it) in the lives of the participants this year.

Who are the main targets of this year’s 2023 Obabasiri prayer conference?

The targets of this year’s Obabasiri are people that have mountains before them and those in critical situations. We also target people that have godly visions they want to accomplish this year 2023. We are also targeting people that have been praying for years and nothing positive is happening to their prayers. We are targeting people with destinies but are being tied down by barriers like bad systems and policies and evil foundations. We are targeting people that believe God’s mercy can settle their situations. God’s mercy is what our nation needs to overcome her present challenges. It is only the mercy of God that can bring a way of escape to the people fulfilling their destinies. All the sons and daughters of God are expected at this year’s Obabasiri. We expect as many sons and daughters of God as possible from all walks of life to come and receive their healing, deliverance, miracles, salvation, victory and breakthrough at this year’s meeting.

Tell us some of the features that will take place at this year’s conference?

Obabasiri is a prayer conference. We have invited some pastors that will pray with us and minister to the sons and daughters of God at the meeting. We also have some artists that would minister in songs during the programme. Then we have some support materials for widows that we can touch their lives. The programme is majorly for prayers, sharing of the word of God and touching the lives of widows.

How can the participants prepare themselves to be partakers of God’s blessings at the conference?

They should be sanctified; separate themselves from whatever that can shut the door of God’s mercy on them like sin and not showing mercy to fellow people.  They should have very high expectations. Expectations determine manifestations. They should come to God’s presence with their critical situations. They should come to God’s presence with the mountains and challenges they are facing in life.

Tell us about the guest ministers featuring at this year’s Obabasiri prayer conference

I have my father in the Lord, Pastor Francis Olaniyi from C.A.C Theological Seminary to give us the yearly blessings as usual. Also, one of our fathers in the Lord at C.AC Olusi headquarters and chairman of the church Pastor Femi Olajide. We also have Pastor Ige Shina from C.A.C Ejigbo area. Then we expect our mother in the Lord; an evangelist and prophetess, Evang. Tosin Ajayi from Ibadan. We have another father in the Lord, Pastor Tolade, the D/S C.A.C Ilupeju. We have gospel artists, Deborah Aaron and Sister Tope Folarin among other artists.

Aside this yearly programme, what are other programmes of C.A.C Greater Light Assembly at which God touches lives with awesome testimonies?

On Sunday we usually have praise and worship service every first Sunday. We have Destiny Sunday every last Sunday of the month.  We have Obabasiri Bible study every Tuesday. We also have our online Morning Prayer every day. It is a 30-minute morning prayer that we called morning of ten times better. We have our online vigil every Friday. These are the programmes we run for now.

How will you describe God’s move at C.A.C Greater Light Assembly in the just concluded year 2022?

I will describe God’s move at C.A.C Greater Light Assembly in 2022 as massive. We recorded no loss.  We had promotions, miracles, testimonies, preservation of lives and destinies. God has been faithful to the church over the years. Though there were many attacks, we triumphed by the mercy of God. There are enemies of the church but God never allowed them to prevail over the church. The people of God are responding to the word of God that we teach and share in the church. We so much believe in the word of God in this ministry. That is what we stand for.

What should people expect from the church this new year 2023?

People should expect the mercy and goodness of God; nothing less than that.


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