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Nigeria will eventually break up- Prophet Akin Olugbade  

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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As the 40 days 2021 Bethel encounter of Christ Apostolic Church (Itedo Yiyanju) continues with miraculous testimonies from the participants, Prophet Samson Akin Olugbade, Senior Pastor of the church has assured that Nigeria would be a better nation after the Buhari administration but the nation will eventually break up.

In his comment on the state of the nation in his interview with Christian Benefits on the 2021 yearly Bethel Encounter, which will end on November 21, 2021 with a thanksgiving service at the church headquarters at Alagbado, Lagos, Prophet Akin Olugbade said the present challenges in Nigeria are steps towards her greatness. He however warned that except the self determination agitations from some parts of the country are resolved through an all inclusive dialogue Nigeria would eventfully break up.

Nigeria will soon become a great nation. God Himself will soon appoint a right person of His heart as leader of the nation. The present challenges in Nigeria are temporary. The economy of the nation will soon rise again. The challenges are like a pregnant woman travailing in labour. Nigeria will be great again. After the tenure of this present administration there will be lots of positive changes in Nigeria.

“At the end of the Buhari administration a lots corrupt politicians will run away from the nation. Many of them will disappear without traces. However, if the self-determination agitations from some ethnic groups in the nation are not properly resolved through an inclusive and sincere dialogue Nigeria may eventually break up. In fact even will such dialogue taking place Nigeria will eventually break up. There is nothing anyone one can do to stop Nigeria from eventfully disintegrating.”

Prophet Akin Olugbade hinged his conviction on the breaking up of Nigeria to a revelation that he said he saw in 1998 on the different regions that constituted Nigeria going their separate ways in the near future as independent nations “I saw the revelation of Nigeria disintegrating in 1998.when I was in the seminary. In that revelation I saw Nigeria’s flag in the cloud. Suddenly, I saw the flag cut into three pieces in the manner of the River Niger divides. Through this revelation God made me to understand that sooner or later Nigeria will eventually break up,” he shared.

The prophet explained that the eventual breaking up Nigeria would be as a result of imbalance and unjust distribution of powers and the nation’s resources among all the various ethnic regions that made up the nation. His words:  If one of three children of the same parents does not share equally what belong to all of them there are bound to be complaints from the siblings. The unjust distribution of powers and resources of the nation by one ethnic region is the problem of Nigeria and the main factor that will eventually lead to Nigeria breaking up,” the prophet explained.


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