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NIGERIA: A nation in dire need of FRESH Leadership

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Christian Benefits magazine was at the very fore-front of Rev. Chris Okotie’s presidential campaign in 2006-2007 for the 2007 Nigeria’s presidential election. The magazine mobilized churches, Christians and non-Christians, the Nigerian youths, market women, artisans, professionals and the media etc in pushing Rev. Okotie’s 2007 Presidential campaign on the platform of Fresh Democratic Party (FDP).

And as part of our efforts towards promoting his presidential campaign, a team of Christian Benefits’ senior editors and one of our Associate Directors, Apostle Dr. Elishama Ideh, had an exclusive interview with Rev. Chris Okotie, the General Overseer of the Household of God Ministries, Lagos, on his presidential ambition. In that interview, Rev. Okotie revealed that he had God’s prophetic mandate to rule Nigeria. Unfortunately, perhaps it was not yet the appointed time; our beloved Rev. Okotie didn’t win the election, though he performed brilliantly coming fourth in an election that paraded the “almighty” PDP, the ACN, the ANPP and the CPC among other top notch political parties in contest. That really was not a poor performance for Rev. Chris Okotie and us his foot soldiers in the foray who believe in his fresh vision for the success and progress of our great nation, Nigeria, from her bad leadership challenges.

Between 2007 and 2020 Nigeria has been witnessing a progressing decline with mounting rots in the system, maladministration, unabated corruption and stealing, worrisome insecurity, dilapidated infrastructures, gargantuan debts piling, lies and deceits, threatened peaceful co-existence, tribalism and nepotism and religious disharmony among other malaise that have admitted the nation prostate in the intensive care unit, and in dire need of a FRESH Leadership for its revival and survival.

In retrospect we exhumed the FRESH VISION of Rev. Chris Okotie, and realized that now is the time we push the man of God forward again to offer Nigeria a fresh air of leadership for her revival and survival from the prostate state that the PDP and the APC have collectively pushed her in from 1999 till now. And as Nigerian masses too we are collectively saying as a nation that “Otoge (enough is enough) to both the PDP and the APC; that Nigeria, our beloved country is in dire need of a FRESH air of leadership. Otoge!  Rev. Chris saw the FRESH vision long time ago, and we believe now is the appointed time Nigerian people bring up Rev. Okotie to inject a fresh lease of leadership to Nigeria on her sick bed. Ours is a nation in distress, and dire need of FRESH air of leadership! We are calling on Rev. Chris Okotie, the Apostle of Fresh to the rescue!

Therefore, Christian Benefits magazine is mobilizing a powerful delegates to pay a courtesy visit to Rev. Chris Okotie and appeal to him to come out again to contest the 2023 Nigeria’s presidential election. I Need Fresh Air! You Need Fresh! Everyone Needs Fresh Air! Nigeria Need Fresh! Therefore let us join hands together to invite and encourage Rev. Chris Okotie, the Apostle of Fresh Air to come out and offer us a FRESH air of leadership in 2023. Please, we you want to be part of the “appeal delegates to Rev. Chris Okotie for 2023 Nigeria’s presidential election.

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