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My husband lives an intensive Prayer Life-Prophetess Mercy Ayorinde

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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My husband lives an intensive Prayer Life-Prophetess Mercy AyorindeProphetess Mercy Ayorinde has showered encomium on her amiable husband, Prophet Dr. Samson Ayorinde, the General Overseer of World Evangelism Bible Church (WEBIC), Ogudu, Lagos, and equally paid glowing tributes to Pastor E.A Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo and Rev. Moses Omodanisi among other fathers in the faith for the success story of WEBIC in 25 years next November 2020. The lovely wife of the prophet also appreciated all the pioneer members, friends, and associates of the church as well as the Nigerian media for their prayers, support, encouragement and contributions to the growth and success of the church in the past 25 years.  Bareness Bulldozer, as Prophetess Mercy Ayorinde is fondly called for her gift of fruitfulness for waiting mothers, shared her profound appreciations to God and all sundries with Christian Benefits magazine on the forthcoming 25th anniversary celebrations of World Evangelism Bible Church( WEBIC).

 We appreciate God for his faithfulness right from the time when he called my darling husband Prophet Dr. Samson Ayorinde, into the ministry till now. My husband was called into the ministry by God right from his mother’s womb. He is a faithful, dedicated and committed servant of God who lives an intensive prayer life. My husband is a fasting machine. He scarcely eats. He prays and fasts all the time. He prayed and fasted for six hours daily consistently for several  years apart for his usual annual 40 days prayer and fasting, which is the bedrock of his ministry. We also appreciate our fathers in the Lord, particularly Pastor  E.A Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo and Rev. Moses Omodanisi and a host of other fathers and mothers in the faith, friends and associates of the church, the Nigerian media and more significantly all the foundation members of WEBIC and the existing members of the church for their prayers, support, encouragement and contributions to the growth and success story of WEBIC in these past 25 years existence of the church.

The very lively Prophetess Mercy Ayorinde who is well loved by several people for her affectionate smiles on and off television camera painted flowery pictures of how she met God’s servant, Prophet Ayorinde and eventually became the wife of the great servant of God. “I met daddy (Prophet Dr. Ayorinde) as a young man who always went to mountain to pray. Despite that I was from a Muslim background, I admired him. My aunt with whom I lived in Zaria got born again through him and attended his church. I was already a born again Christian and a worker in another church before  we met each other.

“Whenever I followed my aunt to their church and saw him I always appreciated the grace of God grace upon his life.  He was young, but the grace of God was mighty upon his life. The hand of God upon him was unique. He was very popular. Signs & wonders took place in his ministry. Right from when I knew him till now he is a fasting machine. He loves fasting always. He turns every challenge to positive. He doesn’t like food. God has been wonderful. He always supplies our needs,” she remarks.

Prophetess Ayorinde also shared the secret of their happy home despite their commitment to the ministry work. She explained how they strike a balance between the ministry work and the home front without one affecting the other. “We are grateful to God for helping us to be able to strike a balance between the ministry work and the home front.  His mother and my mother live with us in our home. My mother is our convert while his mother is already grounded in the Lord as a committed and dedicated believer. We pray together as one big family. Sometime ago someone told me that people are saying three powerful women are backing my husband as the power behind his ministry. I told the person that those who are saying that are right. I told him not to fight anyone for saying so because it is true that three powerful women are backing my husband, and they are my mother-in-law, my mother and me.”

The prophetess pointed that their mothers living with them is a huge blessing rather than problems as it would in many other families. She explained that their mothers assist her and her husband in taking care of the home front, particularly their children while they concentrate on God’s work. “We don’t have problems with his mother and my mother living under the same roof with us. They are a blessing to us. They assist us taking care of our children, especially when they were babies.”

Prophetess Ayorinde, who apart from being the Prophet’s wife, also serves as the Deputy General Overseer (DGO) of World Evangelism Bible Church (WEBIC) worldwide. The lovely woman of God noted that it is difficult to be married to a prophet without been patient. Her words: “It is a difficult thing being married to a prophet. It is tougher than being married to a pastor. One must be extremely careful and patient to be married to a prophet. As a wife of a prophet there are times you will want to question him, but you can’t. You have to intercede for him. There was a time I had issue with him. He did not talk, but I faced the dire consequences for confronting him until he interceded for me.”

“I have learned to be submissive to him. My background also helps me in that area of submission.  My parents trained us to always submit to the head. Whoever I am in the ministry it is my husband. He trained me how to preach. He assists me to interpret my dreams. He thought me from the scratch knowing that I didn’t know anything about Christianity that much until he married me. He is my father, my mentor, my coach and my trainer. I always inform him whenever I receive any revelation. He supports and encourages me in the areas of my gifts. If every pastor can support and encourage the gifts of their wife there won’t be competitions between them, and their family and the work of God in their hands will move forward,” Prophetess Mercy Ayorinde finally advised her fellow wives of ministers of God.

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