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Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi warned to beware of sycophants  

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The Acting Spiritual Head of the Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim (ESOCS), Elder/Apostle/Prophet Michael Lebile has accused some people of misleading a renowned philanthropist, Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi for their selfish purposes. In an interview with Christian Benefits Apostle Apostle Lebile commended Mother Esther Ajayi for her efforts in uplifting the Holy Order to a reputable Church organization. He however advised the philanthropist woman of God to be wary of those he said are misleading her by singing her praises. “Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi has put in a lot as her contribution towards the development of the Holy Order. I commend her efforts,” Lebile commended her.

However, despite Mother Ajayi’s efforts at repositioning white garment churches to a reputable Church denomination, Apostle Lebile said it is beyond the capacity of Mother Ajayi to reposition white garment churches. “She cannot reposition what God has positioned. She has done a lot but few are seen because she did not go through the right channel. She is building individuals. Cherubim and Seraphim have structures. She met the wrong people who are too selfish and do not want her to succeed in her calling as one of the four women whom God used for the Holy Band from inception. They made her see herself as the saviour. That is why they deceitfully worship her in order to get money from her. And she accepts their worship,” the acting spiritual head pointed.

Apostle Lebile then advised the famous woman of God to retrace her steps by seeking the right channel which he said is the Office of Alagba and Supreme Authority of the Holy Band, to be briefed about the true situations of things in the Holy Order

“When she gets to the Office of the Alagba and Supreme Authority she will be thoroughly briefed. She should pray to meet the remaining three women whom God has chosen to make up a team of builders with one common goal. She should not see herself as a primate and founder as some others see them.. She should have it at the back of her mind that there is no competition in the Cherubim and Seraphim Band. She should not give chance to people to sing-praise her.  It could cost her a lot of distractions. Whatever you do for the development of the Holy Order is for God and humanity,” Apostle Michael Lebile advised the philanthropist woman of God.






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