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Let’s talk about Prayer By Barr. Halliday George (Bayelsa)

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In our last article, we talked of going into a deeper dimension of prayer this time, but we really cannot do that without a recap. We established the need for prayer, explaining how visions and missions will fail without prayers.

Many things that God said will happen in people’s lives never happened because they didn’t pray. Beautiful marriages failed, homes scattered, promising kids went wild, and loved ones, especially kind-hearted ones, died because men failed to pray.

We established the need for consistency in prayer, and having a reliable time for morning, afternoon and evening, which is better than praying all night, and skipping day times.

We also established the need to pray in tongues, stating that circumstances beyond our understanding cannot be addressed in weak, filthy, and corrupt human languages, and that God has given us angelic, spiritual language to deal with spiritual matters beyond our understanding. And that rather than continue with “vain repetitions”, which Jesus forbids, it’s better we speak in tongues.

We also established that the great Apostle Paul boasted about it and stated categorically that he spoke in tongues more than them all.

It’s only important to point out further that leadership is bound to fail without prayers, and that the mystery of prayer is deep.Many at times I’ve heard Christians say things like, “why do we need to fast and pray to get what we want when unbelievers get these things with ease and in abundance?

ANSWER: Will Christians agree to spend their moneys at the night clubs?

Will Christians agree to promote evils with their resources?

Will unbelievers promote the gospel of Jesus with their wealth? Will they look at their wealth in the face, pause, and still fast and pray to God? They understand perfectly that their hard-working has earned them their wealth, while Christians wouldn’t think so but give all glory to God for all goodness that comes their way.

But because we lack understanding of these things and how they work in the realm of the spirit and the contentions that exist thereof, we bring motivational speaking into our Christian faith profession.

Paul, asking for prayers, said, “a great door of opportunity is opened unto me, but there are too many adversaries””.

In another scripture, the Bible says, “but Satan hindered us, (including Paul)”.

No unbeliever has any problem with Satan. And as far as Satan is concerned, he owns all the unbelievers, and he’s not at war with is own. Remember that Jesus said, “a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand”.

Are we saying that Satan is so powerful and capable of stopping Christians from achieving their goals? Absolutely no, except they don’t pray consistently.

Notice I technically did not say, “Absolutely yes, except they pray consistently”. This is because our lifestyle ought to be a prayerful one. It is abnormal for a Christian not to pray always.

If Satan could hinder Paul and his crew as stated in the Book of Acts, which I quoted above, then it can happen to anyone who is not prayerful.

Remember the Bible says our body is God’s temple (house of God), and Jesus said that it is written that “my house shall be called the house of prayer”.

So our bodies as Christians are primarily, intercessory bodies, especially as priests that God has made us to be for Himself, as it is written.

We are not ordinary. Apart from the prayers that we pray with our mouths, prayers actually are suppose to take place in our bodies too, being houses of prayers, which we can not really talk about in this Article because of the deeper version we are working on.

But understand that the highest kinds of prayers, are the ones that take place in our bodies:: the Bible says, “with groaning that cannot be uttered”, in articulate language.

The Holy Spirit uses these groaning and tears to solve deep issues in our lives and the lives of others who are in serious trouble and in need of help.

Remember the Bible says, “As soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her child”.

Certain things in our lives just can’t happen without us travailing in the place of prayers. This is the kind of prayers that must take place within us. It’s deeper than the utterances of our mouth, even though you will still hear sounds of deep sighs which cannot be expressed in articulate language.

But bottom line is that prayers must take place within and outside you as a Christian, if u must manifest your lordship over Satan and his little demons.

Lastly on this recap, we must understand our automation as Christians. Jesus said, “as the father has life in himself, so also he has given unto me to have life in myself,” Inherent life.

The same principle applies to all Christians; there’s a life inside you that must be stirred out by prayers, especially the groaning prayers.

When Moses stayed in the presence of the Lord for long, the Bible says his face glowed to the point that children if Israel couldn’t look at him.

The same thing happened to Jesus when he prayed at the mount of transfiguration; his face glowed.

Now the Bible says, “That glory that always came upon them when they prayed, now lives inside of us.”

So whenever we pray, especially spiritually, we actually shake the glory inside to manifest outside. That glory, manifesting on our faces from our inside is what gives us special aura of grace and uncommon favor wherever we go.

It’s the only reason no spell or curse can alight on you as Christian, no matter your mistakes.

Because by the spiritual automation system programmed by God himself, you can always dig out life from your inside to replace unpleasant circumstances.

Otherwise, there will be no difference between you and the unbelievers, with regards to misfortunes. Because as humans, we are bound to make mistakes and step on people’s toes innocently, but those people can turn out to be evil in nature and may go some spiritual extent to undo us. The only solution is digging out the life that exists inside us, to envelop us again with glory as experienced by Moses and Jesus.

Remember that when the children of Israel left Egypt, the Holy Spirit was their covering as a pillar of fire by night to give them heat in that cold desert, and as a pillar cloud by day time to cover them from the hot sun of the desert. In other words, the children of Israel journeyed with their own atmosphere

That’s what we all need as Christians: bearing our own atmosphere to anywhere on earth, making a difference in the midst of a corrupt and wicked society.

But if you fail to stir up your own atmosphere, you may be shocked by the level of disappointments and failures you will experience from people. People you love so much will break your heart and disappoint you, and you will think its their faults, and be blaming them until you blame almost everyone around you; with quarrel and misunderstanding with well-meaning people. (Continues). Shalom!



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