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I saw people with Bible in their hands chained and crying – Gabriel Adelakun

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Pastor Gabriel Adelakun’s prophetic unction distinguishes his Power in the Word Prophetic & Deliverance Ministry with exceptional grace and awesome testimonies. With his very rich ministerial tutelage at the Deeper Life Bible Church, Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Christian Pentecostal Mission (CPM) and Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries (MFM), Adelakun runs with a clear mandate to reach souls for Christ worldwide.

“God gave us the mandate to reach souls for Christ worldwide; to lose souls from the kingdom of Satan, to release people from the oppression of darkness, to populate the kingdom of God and depopulate the kingdom of Satan. We preach messages that liberate people. It is a three-fold ministry; preaching the power in the word of God, preaching deliverance and preaching prophetic messages,” the cleric explained to Christian Benefits.

Pastor Gabriel Adelakun, who was formerly Ojo Zonal leader of Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries before he answered God’s calling upon his life to establish Power in the Word Prophetic & Deliverance Ministry, is endowed by God with the gifts of healing, deliverance and prophetic unction of working of miracles. “We believe in the apostolic doctrine because we are part of the apostolic church just like CAC and MFM. But we are distinct by the preaching of prophetic deliverance,” he said.

Adelakun profoundly manifests all these gifts in the lives of people in all Power in the Word Prophetic & Deliverance Ministry programmes like Prophetic Deliverance Service; an interdenominational service every Wednesday that attracts worshippers from far and near; 1st Thursday & Friday powerful prayer vigil, an annual 24 Hours With God programme on every Good Friday holiday and the church Sunday worship service.

The amiable cleric shares some of the testimonies that have been recorded in the various programmes thus: “There was a deliverance of a woman whose pregnancy was overdue for four years. She delivered the pregnancy in this church. There is another person who vomited lizard during our deliverance service. We tackle the problems of marine spirit, witchcraft and spiritual attacks, and also that of the fruit of the womb among other spiritual problems. Deliverance of the captives from demonic attacks is our major focus.”Pastor Gabriel Adelakun, General Overseer, Power in His Word Prophetic & Deliverance Ministry.

Pastor Gabriel Adelakun was born again on September 28, 1988 at Grace Fellowship Ministry in Oyo town, Oyo state. He was educated at Saint Andrew’s College of Education, Oyo. From Grace Fellowship Ministry, the humble preacher moved to the Deeper Life Bible Church. When he came to Lagos he joined Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), and later Christian Pentecostal Mission (CPM). He attended CPM Bible School,and worked at CPM from a church worker to an evangelist until 1997 when he joined Mountain of Fire &Miracles Ministries (MFM) where he became a deliverance pastor in 1999, and subsequently a senior pastor in the church in 2000.

Adelakun pastored about five MFM branches before he resigned from the church with the father’s blessings to go start his own ministry. “Our father in the Lord, Dr. D.K Olukoya blessed me before I left MFM. I handled Breakthrough Clinic in MFM Ojo Region. I was popularly known as Baba Breakthrough in MFM,” he disclosed.

On how he arrived at Power in the Word  Prophetic & Deliverance Ministry as the name of his ministry: “God gave me the name on November 27, 1991 in a revelation in which I saw people with Bible chained. They were crying, seeking who will lose them. I told the Lord, but these people are Christians. And the Lord said to me, “I’m sending you to go and lose them.” That was how the name came in that revelation. I wrote it down in my diary till the ministry started on November 17, 1998 with about 50 members. Today, we have branches and a campground on about 10 hectares. We affect lives because we preach deliverance. Some churches send people that have deliverance cases to us and God glorifies Himself,” the amiable Oyo-born cleric finally shared.

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