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How God barbed my perm hairs as a covenant with me –Dorcas Adewole

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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Evang. Mrs. Dorcas Iyabode Nihinlola Adewole, in this interview with Christian Benefits magazine on her Rebirth Encounter, shares her victory over anger, bitterness, unforgiving spirit, and why God, according to her, mysteriously barbed her perm hairs when she came into ministry. Excerpts

Please, can we meet you ma?

I’m Evang. Mrs. Dorcas Iyabode Nihinlola Adewole. I’m from Ilesa, Osun state, Nigeria. My parents are late Mr. Oladimeji Adedeji Odeyemi Oyeleye and Mrs. Alice Olabisi Oyeleye.  They are Ijesa.

Please, share with us your rebirth encounter by which you became a believer?

I had my rebirth encounter in 1994 at Deeper Life retreat at Badagry Grammar School. When it was time for the Holy Communion service for the first time in the history of Deeper Life, the then coordinator, Pastor Adu, read out from the Books of Corinthians and Thessalonians the why & why not of eating the Holy Communion, and then asked every unworthy brethren at the meeting to leave the hall. I was one of the unworthy of partaking of the Holy Communion, so, I left the hall for our car. While in the car, as the worthy brethren were taking the Holy Communion in the hall, a thought came to my mind: “Whatsoever deprives you of taking it (the Holy Communion) can stop you from entering the kingdom of God.” There and then I pleaded with God for mercy and forgiveness of the sins of anger, bitterness and unforgiving spirit in my life then. When the next session started with the hymn “when we get to the other side of the river, we will understand the love of Jesus better,” I broke down completely; weeping and telling Jesus I want to enjoy all that He stands for here and in eternity. I got up from this unique experience with a great relief in my heart and peace of mind, and went home sure of making eternity henceforth.

After this encounter what happened to you next to boost your new life in Christ Jesus?

Apart from being a Deeper Life member where my husband, two children and I worshiped then, a matured Christian women coordinator in the church; now late, Sister Grace Olaniyan began visiting me two or three times weekly for my spiritual growth and establishment.


Share with us how you eventually received the call to the ministry?

Before the call to ministry, in the course of my spiritual growth studying, understanding and praying  the scriptures, on October 1, 1996, our branch pastor, Pastor Sewanu Dansu, preached on: “Have You received the Holy Ghost Since Ye Believed?” from Acts 10:15. That day I received the physical evidence of the Holy Ghost baptismal and registered for 12 weeks workers training at Dokoh church.

Was there any prophecy or incident that suggested that you will serve God?

Actually some unknown people foretold me:“Ise Oluwa lo ma se (You will do God’s work). Baba Oladapo of Christ Apostolic Church told me; “You are looking for job; whosoever tries it will have issue with God.” My husband, a minister then at Deeper Life and a poultry farmer began having issues of dead fowls. While praying over this, a message came forth: “God wants use of your wife.” My elder brother confirmed this and asked me to share with him my experiences with God.

Had you some experiences with God that you shared with your elder bother?

First, I shared an experience with him how I woke up at night to go ease myself. Then, I had two children and pregnant of the third while my husband had traveled to Akure. While returning to bed after easing myself I saw a torch light reflection. I turned to see the light but amazingly it changed direction. I climbed back on bed; thinking thieves had broken into the house. The light kept changing direction.  I dashed to the sitting room for the rest of the night. Second, I had a dream in which I saw lots of people in chains with different degrees of wounds. As I passed bye, they cried in agony: “We are waiting for her to release us from the bondage Satan, sin and enemies have kept us.” I asked them who they were waiting for, so I can fetch the person for them.” I drew closer to see how I could loose the thick chains with which they were tied together with blood oozing out from different parts of their bodies. As I struggled to loose the chains I heard a voice: “You mean you will loose them. You mean you want to put your head in such a great danger?” I looked up to see who was speaking. I had never seen such an ugly person before. He threw the arrow in his right hand at me and it entered my left breast. I woke up shouting Jesus! For months I had issues with that breast that I couldn’t wear bra on it.

How will you describe your kind of lifestyle before you encountered Christ?

I came into marriage wearing Jerry curls, and later perm hairs. But in the process of my regeneration with various encounters, I woke up one day and saw my head completely bald with no single strand of hair left on it. The perm hairs I wore to bed had been barbed mysteriously. I saw the barbed hairs right on my bed. In my awe of what could have happened, I heard the Lord said to me: “This is my covenant of calling you.” For a very long time my hairs didn’t grow. After this particular encounter, I began praying about other further revelations thereafter. I shared the revelations with Mummy Grace Olaniyan and Baba Oladapo of C.A.C Oke Ayo, Ibereko, Badagry. And the message I received was to start either morning cry or evening evangelism. I started both, and later added hospital evangelism to both private and general hospitals.

 Share with us some testimonies from your hospital evangelism

One unique testimony happened when God sent me specifically to the women ward of Badagry General Hospital to pray for a dying woman on BED 5, who was eventually healed of HIV complications in the 1990s. From this level, we started Wednesday prayer meeting in our little parlour in 1999. It became a full-fledged ministry in April 2003 and a church on September 5, 2005 at Seje Ajara, Badagry. While all these developments were going on, the Lord instructed us to come out of Deeper Life and move to Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries (MFM), Torikoh, Badagry. It was here (MFM) in 2002 that the Lord instructed us to elevate our prayer ministry to a church, and we eventually birthed the church on September 5, 2005 at Seje Ajara, Badagry.

What are the gifts God endowed you for the ministry?

I’m endowed by the Lord with the gifts of teaching, evangelism and missions.

Tell us the church programmes and some testimonies from the programmes

Our weekly programmes are Bible study on Tuesday, non-denominational service on Wednesday and Sunday worship service. Our monthly programmes are a vigil meeting twice monthly and 3 days monthly programme. Our yearly programmes are 3 days crusade every November and Cross over night every December 31. The testimonies of our programmes range from salvation of souls to children for the barren like the testimonies of Sister Charity Etim and Sister Isaiah of The Gospel Faith Mission, Ajara after 18 years of childlessness. We have testimonies of healing of mental illness include one person at Abuja roundabout and a young man from Oshodi, Lagos. We have testimonies of gainful employment of many jobless people and international traveling of several people in our ministry.

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Nwonu Roseline October 19, 2022 - 8:09 am

Maami…… God bless U….may God continue to empower you more…..may God’s annointing over ur life not dry…… U have been a source of blessing to many….. U have taught me how to stand to life’s battles and make me realize with Christ beside me…. Victory is assured…. U make me know my stand in Christ…. I can’t forget how God used U for me…. I share the testimony everywhere and anywhere….. I that bcos of complications of abortion….. I couldn’t give birth again according to Doctor”s judgement….but I remember coming to u that very day looking dejected and sad….when I told you….the first question U asked me that day was “whose report do you believe?…. God or man?…. If it’s God then that’s a small thing”…. Here I am that I had to go for family planning last 2 years bcos I don born full house…..which one do I talk about…. Is it going to St Luc private hospital…. Republic of Benin….over a severe waist pain that I could sit down….only lying down…. sitting down was with intense pain…..spent hundreds of thousands….yet after Scan…. nothing was detected…..but U prayed on only pure water during November crusade…..and here I am to the glory of God….what hundreds of thousands and drugs couldn’t solve…. Ur prayer on pure water stopped it…. My soul and all within me bless the day U crossed my path…. I don’t regret knowing you ma…. anything I become spiritually and physically today…. I owe it to God and you ma…..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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