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God did not hide COVID-19 from his servants-Prophetess Janet Adeyela

by Dr. Wole Olarinde Editor-in-Chief
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Most Senior Ap. Mother/Pro Janet Omowora Adeyela has dismissed the impression from some quarters that no Nigerian minister of God foresaw in their prophecies the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that brought the entire world, including churches under lock down in the just concluded year 2020.

n an interview with Christian Benefits, Prophetess Adeyela, Shepherd-in charge of Cherubim & Seraphim Church (C&S Oke Ayo), Festac Town, Lagos, said God revealed ahead the COVID-19 pandemic to his servants including her. In her words: “God never hid the COVID-19 outbreak from his servants. God revealed COVID-19 pandemic to lots of his servants, including me before its outbreak.”

Prophetess Janet Adeyela is an amiable and humble servant of God with immense gifts of vision, deliverance, breakthrough, fruitfulness with profound testimonies in the lives of worshippers in her church. Born in Ile-Ife in present in Osun state to a Bini father from Edo State, the young Janet    Omowora started her education at SS Peter & Paul Primary School, Lagere, Ile-Ife. She furthered her education at Saint David Modern School, where she spent a year and completed her secondary school education at Olode Grammar School, Iwo Road, Ibadan.

“After I finished my secondary education, I came to Lagos to live with my elder brother. When I settled down in Lagos I briefly learned nursing, which I stopped when I heard that nurses are wayward. Instead, I learned typing and shorthand. I competed the learning successfully and became a professional stenographer.”

Janet Omowora began her work experience as a typist for Mr. Akintayo at Tinubu, Lagos. She subsequently worked as a stenographer at the Federal Government Press and a Law firm before she received and answered God’s call into ministry. Although Janet Omowora’s father was a staunch Baptist church member while her mother was devoted Christ Apostolic Church (C.A.C) member, she was called by God to serve him in a white garment Cherubim & Seraphim (C&S) Church.

“A prophet told my mother to sow a white cloth for me before birth.  My father was a staunch Baptist Church member while my mother was a devoted C.A.C member. God started using me since when I was eight years old by showing me visions of events that would happen. As a result of this I joined a C&S church. When we moved to Festac Town I joined a C&S church headed by Baba Aladura Ajakaiye. It was at this church I received God’s call into ministry in 1979.” Before she accepted the call, Prophetess Adeyela  had been a successful business woman in textiles and shoes after she resigned from her last company in 1983.

“Baba Ajakaiye gave us thorough discipline. In 1983 I found myself at a beach in a dream. Amid a noisy wind of rainfall I heard a voice said to me, “What is it that is in your hand. I saw a long rod in my hand. I replied it was rod and I woke up. At that time Baba Ajakaiye had not anointed me nor given me rod. I served under him for 15 years before the Lord established C&S Oke Ayo in my care in 1995.”

Today, C&S Oke Ayo is a front line prayerful church in Festac where God wrought salvation and deliverance in the lives of people from walks of life with prayer.  The church uses only oil and water with prayer to solve problems in the lives of people.  Beside the gift of prayer God also endowed Prophet Janet Adeyela with the gift of vision with precision. “We only use oil and water with prayer to solve problems at C&S Oke Ayo. As far as early 80s God showed me a vision that fuel would someday become scarce in Nigeria. God also revealed to me ahead the vision of the Ejigbo plane crash during the President Ibrahim Babangida administration.

“God also revealed to me ahead the arrest of Lt. Gen. Dipo Diya for coup plotting during the now late Gen. Sani Abacha military government. When he was arrested immediately I gathered prayer warriors to intercede for him otherwise he would have died in prison. God also revealed to me in a vision that Gen. Sani Abacha would die under a mysterious circumstance, and it came to pass.  In October 2019 God revealed to me a vision of strange disease that would restrict people all over the world to their houses. God said a name would be given to that strange disease.

“Immediately I rallied all C&S Ayo members to bring a new bucket of water each to the church for prayer and bath with the water for their protection against the imminent outbreak of a disease that would kill millions of people across the world. The following year (2020) the vision came to pass with the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. To the glory of God no member of C&S Oke Ayo has been killed by COVID-19 because God had protected us ahead of time before the pandemic. I disagree with people that said no servant of God saw the COVID-19 coming. God never hid the COVID-19 outbreak from his servants. God revealed the pandemic to lots of his servants, including me before its outbreak,” Prophetess Adeyela said.

At C&S Oke Ayo, Festac Town God regularly reveals visions to people with solutions through Most Senior Ap Mother/Pro Janet Omowora Adeyela. Testimonies abound of several people who have received visions and solutions to their problems at C&S Oke Ayo, especially at the weekly prayer, healing and deliverance service of the church every Wednesday.





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